15 Reasons Why You Need a Rabbit Vibrator

Why is this a "must have" item? Simply, it offers you the most important stimulation options for masturbation. A "dual action" vibrator, the Rabbit is inserted vaginally for the internal stimulation you desire, while also offering fluttering "bunny ears" that will give you the clitoral stimulation you need. Also, depending on the model, the shaft rotates or has pleasure beads that will offer you even MORE stimulation while inserted. Add to that a wild range of vibration strengths and patterns and you have found a toy that can do it all in the way you want it to! It is easy to see why this is a sexual enhancement item that all women, single or coupled, should invest in! Plus, there are many options to choose from - smaller, larger, wider, faster, cordless, waterproof - whatever you crave, there is a Rabbit that will fit the bill in almost any price range you could imagine!

If you haven't ever used a Rabbit Vibrator let me first enlighten you with a little Rabbit lesson. As mentioned, a Rabbit is a "dual action" vibrator. This means, it is used internally but it also has external clitoral stimulation as well - dual actions. It is one of the most popular types of vibrators because 85% of all women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. The addition of internal stimulation also increases the strength of the orgasm while giving you the feeling of having sex (as opposed to an external only option). Using a Rabbit is easy to do once you get familiar with the controls. There are usually 2 sets of control buttons - one for the strength and speed of the shaft (internal) vibrator / rotating pearls - and one for the clitoral stimulator. Some women do not want the internal vibrator on at all, others like it going full blast. Some need just a little clitoral stimulation - while others really want those ears buzzing! It is all trial and error until you figure out which combination you like!

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 How To Use a Rabbit - Step by Step

Step one is to prepare your toy (batteries in, cleaned with warm, soapy water) and then familiarize yourself with the options and find out which buttons do what.

Step two is to use an appropriate lube and gently insert the Rabbit- I suggest WITHOUT the vibrations.

Step three is experimentation time! Once you have the toy inserted comfortably, start experimenting with the different vibration / movement options. Find that "sweet spot" that gives you the right clitoral attention and internal stimulation. Some women like it DEEP, others like it shallow. Every woman needs something different so find what gets you the most aroused.

Step four you may want to move the toy in and out or, you may want to hold it still. You may want to tease yourself, delaying orgasm or, you may want to go for multiples! However you want to play, the Rabbit will be an eager partner! Also, never forget how visual men are - so invite your lover to help or watch you play! It will be an arousing experience for you both!

15 Benefits of Rabbit Vibrators

1. The G-Spot & Clit Stimulation

The Queen of all dual actions, the Rabbit offers the most bang for your buck with a multitude of vibratory option and settings, clitoral stimulation, and a wide range of combination options.

2. Easy To Use

Instead of using 2 toys (1 for insertion and 1 for clitoral stimulation) the Rabbit offers both in one easy to use toy with its simple controls for vibrations and array of sensational options.
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3. They Can Increase Your Chance Of Orgasm

Because 85% of all women NEED clitoral stimulation to orgasm, and because having insertion AND clitoral stimulation makes an orgasm that much better - the Rabbit increases your chances of achieving an orgasm. Nothing is a guarantee, but this comes close!

4. Visual Fun For Partner Play

Men love to watch their women being pleasured, and the Rabbit offers them a chance to watch insertion and clitoral stimulation with one toy. It is easy to use from the partner side as well if you want to lay back and let him take control.

5. Sooo Many Options For Your Body & Preference

There are so many different Rabbit vibes now - waterproof, smaller, shorter, longer, powerful, rechargeable, shaft thrusting - you name it, you can get it in a Rabbit!
See ALL Rabbit Vibrators - Click Here

6. They Can Be Cost Effective

You can purchase a basic rabbit for under $30! For all the options you get on even the most standard option, you get BANG for your buck!
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7. Proven Effective Clitoral Stimulation

So many women over the years have praised the wonderful clitoral stimulation offered by a Rabbit vibe! There is something about the delicate flutter of these two rabbit ears that really sends most women into orgasmic bliss!

8. Can Elicit A Quick Orgasm

As mentioned, no toy can "guarantee" an orgasm, BUT, the combined insertion with clitoral stimulation often brings a quick and powerful orgasm on! Come on, try it and see!

9. A Luxury Rabbit Is More Sturdy

Rabbit vibes are sturdy toys and can stand up to "rougher" play! So, if you like to really get it on with your vibrator, a Rabbit is a great option for you (especially one of the more industrial models)!

10. A Size Option For Everyone

Rabbits are definitely not a one-size-fits-all toy! There are so many lengths, widths, powers to choose from! Newbies may want one of the shorter options to begin while an experienced player may crave a longer, thicker item!

11. Hard to Orgasm Women Have Reported: SUCCESS!

Over the years this toy has brought even the hardest to climax women to bliss! Again, nothing is guaranteed, but there is just something about that Rabbit that pleases in all the right ways!

12. Waterproof Options For Bath Bunnies

It is always nice to have waterproof options for both bath time fun AND ease of cleaning. Many Rabbits are waterproof now, which just adds to the scenarios you have to play with!

13. Can Induce Vaginal Orgasm

You do know that there are different types of orgasms, right? Clitoral (most common), vaginal, anal, and G-Spot. The Rabbit can induce a VAGINAL orgasm because of the rotating pleasure beads inside the shaft!

14. Can Induce A G-Spot Orgasm

The key to having a G-Spot orgasm is continued arousal and stimulation of the G-Spot. Not all women can have a G-spot orgasm, but because this particular product offers continual internal massage and clitoral attentions, the chances are good that you could experience a G-Spot orgasm with a Rabbit on your side!

15. Can Help You Have Multiple Orgasms

Because of the unique dual action nature of this toy and the fairly intense stimulation that it offers, many women can bring themselves to orgasm for a second, third (or more) times easily with continued play!

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housewife - February 3, 2020

I used to have an old rabbit for years and then upgraded recently – I love love love mine! I even have my fiance use it on me…

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