Our 15 Best G-Spot Vibrators For a Strong Internal Orgasm

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Ah, the elusive Gräfenberg spot, more commonly known as – The G-Spot. What? Don’t be silly, of course it exists (if you have the right tools, education and willingness to find it.) You don’t have to be an archaeologist, OR a doctor to find yours. The truth is, if you have a vagina – you have a G-Spot and possess the ability to have a G-Spot orgasm. It’s magical, it’s mystical and when you locate it, you’ll know. In fact, the more often you look, the easier it is to find! Learning how to have an internal orgasm is an amazing sexual revelation.

But First, How Do You Find the G-Spot?

Since the g-spot rests inside and just above the vagina, penetration is necessary to find it. By inserting your index finger into your vagina with your palm facing upward, you will be able to feel your vaginal walls and ceiling. Curl your finger upward and stroke the top of your vagina until you find a small area with a different texture. Remember, the g-spot isn’t too far in! The flesh that rests just beneath the g-spot on the top of your vagina will feel like it’s bumpy, or ruffled. When you press upward on that area, you should feel a new, stimulating sensation!

What Kinds of Toys Will Work Best?

The g-spot desires firm, steady stimulation. You can do this with your or your partner's fingers, but sometimes hands get tired! With G-Spot vibrators, they have focused tips or bulb-shaped stimulators that are positioned right where you need it to achieve a g-spot orgasm. The g-spot toys tend to curve, making your massage much easier. Plus, with the added vibrations, the sensations you’ll feel will be like nothing you’ve experienced before! Below are our 15 best g-spot vibrators hand picked by adult novelty experts here at TooTimid.

1. Rose G-Spot Vibrator

Rose G-Spot Vibrator

With a long, firm handle and a curved neck, this vibe is made to fit all of the sensual nooks and crannies of your body body while providing the ultimate in G-Spot stimulation.

The Rose G-Spot Vibrator curves perfectly to hit your sweet spot, and it has a multi-speed dial so you can find the perfect vibration intensity. The simple yet innovative design makes it easier than ever to achieve an explosive G-spot orgasm. It's also waterproof for easy clean-up and fun anywhere.

2. The First Timer G-Curve

Purple g spot vibrator with rechargeable vibrator

The very unique First Timer G-Curve toy comes with two parts: a realistic silicone sleeve and a vibrating silver bullet. You can use them separately or together. The realistic penis-shaped tip will give you a lifelike penetration feel, while the powerful vibration mode will excite and tease all your sweet spots!

You will love the velvety-soft feel of the premium non-porous silicone material which is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Use the slim silver bullet by itself for pinpoint clit stimulation or with the phallic silicone g-spot sleeve for multiple types of sensations!

3. G-Form Deluxe Vibrator

Hot pink gspot vibrator curved

The G-Form Deluxe was created with a curved angle so that you can ease the bulbous tip into your G-spot and explore the 8 functions of powerful vibration to build an intense internal orgasm. Find your favorite pattern and then press the lightning bolt "boost" button when you want to increase the strength. 

This flexible vibe is made with premium hypoallergenic silicone that feels luxuriously soft on your skin! You will love the thrilling sensations from the soft ridges on the tip and pulsating vibration patterns that will help you quickly reach an incredible climax.

4. Rippled Silicone G-Spot Toy

Bright pink rippled g-spot toy

This Rippled Vibrator has a phallic tip that is perfectly angled to rub your g-spot over and over to build to an intense climax and get you dripping wet! Thick ripples down the shaft deliver thrilling sensations as you thrust this toy in and out to heighten your arousal.

This rechargeable G-spot vibrator is also designed with a comfortable, ergonomic handle that makes it incredibly easy for you to thrust and rotate this toy on your G-spot for maximum pleasure! You will love the 7 different vibration functions that you can explore with the user-friendly LED controls!

5. Double Love Climaxer

Purple curved g-spot sex toy for her

Not only is the Double Love Climaxer an amazing toy for massaging your g-spot but it gives you double the pleasure with it's clit sucker. 

This dual stimulating g-spot and clitoral toy makes us say, “WOW!” The contoured design allows you to rock yourself to orgasm, giving your hands and fingers a break! The 8 vibrating functions of this toy, combined with the bonus clit stimulating piece are powerful pleasers.

6. Rippled Silicone G-Spot Lover

Purple rippled silicone gspot sex toy

Whether you are a beginner sex toy user or just looking for an easy to use g-spot toy, this Rippled Silicone Toy will help you achieve the gushing g-spot orgasms you've been craving! The shaft is perfectly curved with an angled, tapered tip that will give you an erotic fingering sensation as you rub your G-spot and build to an intense climax! Soft ridges on the top side massage your vaginal walls as you thrust this toy in and out for even more exciting sensations.

Easily explore all 7 vibration settings with the push of a button. You will love the feel of the velvety silicone material and the stimulating textures of this curved vibrator designed to help you have bigger orgasms!

7. Silicone G-Spot Massager

Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Toy

This gently curved vibrator targets your G-Spot to help send you over the edge quickly! The Silicone G-Spot Massager thick, rounded tip provides erotic fingering sensations on your G-Spot as you thrust this toy in and out so you can build an intense, powerful orgasm you've been craving!

The long, ergonomic, wand-like shape of this massager makes it ideal for massaging your clit or nipples and is easy to maneuver so you can reach your erogenous zones with ease! This premium G-Spot vibrator is enveloped with silky smooth silicone material that is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!

8. Lucid Dream #14

Clear and purple gspot massager

The oh so fantastic Lucid Dream G-Spot Stimulator is one of our top sellers here at TooTimid.com! The silky smooth toy is completely waterproof and compatible with any kind of sexual lubricant, so you can enjoy a slick and wild ride whenever you play! The tapered tip and swelled G-Spot stimulating bulb house the powerful bullet motor, and perfectly massages your inner walls for incredible, gushing, toe-curling orgasms that just won't quit!

9. Eli G-Spot Personal Massager

Bright purple silicone gspot massager

The Eli Personal Massager is an incredible vibrator specifically designed to rub your G-spot over and over again. Featuring a thick, bulbous tip for precise stimulations, this personal massager will deliver intense vibrations in all the right places for a mind-blowing experience!

Uniquely shaped to contour to your body, this silicone massager has a flexible yet firm neck with raised textures for added sensations with every thrust! Cycle through the 5 powerful speeds of vibration until you find your favorite setting. You can even start slow and work your way to the highest speed for a wet and wild orgasm!

10. Multi-Function G-Spot Toy

teal gspot toy with rechargeable usb chord

Experience mind-blowing orgasms with this Multi-Function G-Spot Toy! This vibrator features a sleek shape with a subtle curve to intimately massage your G-Spot until you reach climax. Indulge in an effortless solo play session as the firm, smooth neck leads to a looped handle, making it easier to navigate your sweet spots!

Cycle through the 9 powerful vibrations that will escalate and (potentially) pulsate you to a squirting orgasm! This sexy vibrator is enveloped in body-safe silicone; enjoy the silky soft silicone that feels luxurious on your skin and vaginal walls!

11. Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

Pink Rechargeable Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

Looking for something with strong vibrations? This Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator boasts 8 functions of pulsation and escalation and features a thick, bulbed tip that will massage your G-Spot and vaginal walls over and over for a wet and wild climax!

It's firm, curvy shape contours to your body and provides pinpoint stimulations on your erogenous zones so you can have a quick and powerful orgasm! Pair it with your favorite water-based lubricant and enjoy the incredible sensations this vibe provides.

12. Dual-Ended G-Spot Massager


You'll get double the fun and pleasure with this Dual Ended Massager! One end of the shaft is smooth for deeper penetration while the other end is bulbed and nubbed for tantalizing g-spot stimulation! This vibrator has two motors that can be controlled independently or used simultaneously for a massaging effect!

Each motor boasts 12 different vibrational functions that mirror each other in their escalation and pulsation modes. This vibe is USB rechargeable, so you can take this pleasure stick wherever you want for a sexy experience.

13. Realistic G-Spot Dildo with Balls

Blue dildo with balls waterproof sex toy

If you're looking for a g-spot vibrator that has a more realistic look and feel...this is the toy for you. This Realistic G Spot Dildo has a curved head that is perfect for hitting that special spot. This dildo also has the capability to bend, so you can manipulate it to find the best angle that will please you until you can't possibly take anymore!

There's just the right amount of flexibility to it, but at the same time it is firm which makes it feel like the real thing. It has a multi-speed dial that provides powerful vibrations that will resonate in you until you orgasm!

14. G-Spot Finder

Hand holding purple gspot wavy toy

Smooth, slender but not too small, and a penetrating length of over 7”? Yes please! The G Spot Finder has varying speeds of strong vibrations radiating from its tip. If that wasn’t enough, this curvy vibe is ready to dive into your bathtub with its superior waterproofing!

15. The Ultimate G-Spot Vibrator

Purple dildo gspot sex toy vibrating

We saved one of the best for last, the curve of this Ultimate G Spot Vibrator is designed to give you intense vibes in all the right places. Use the multi-speed dial to find the perfect intensity level, or build your orgasm slowly by edging yourself closer and closer to climax.

The finger-like shape of this thick toy is flexible to conform to your body's natural contours. You can also use the fine-point tip to provide incredible clitoral stimulation during sex, something most people need to have truly satisfying orgasms! This toy is 100% waterproof, which means you can bring it into the bath or shower to enjoy powerful stimulation while you get wet and wild.

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  • Irene

    I have different g- spot vibrators, but none hasn’t work for me. I don’t know what else would work for me, cause I would like to squirt, but I haven’t been able to. Do have sugestión! What kind? I already spend to much money trying different G- Spot Vibratos, and it hasn’t work for me.

  • KD

    I do have more than one- firm feel & one softer. Definitely makes it easier to squirt/hit the g-spot especially if I’m alone.

  • KD

    I do have more than one- firm feel & one softer. Definitely makes it easier to squirt/hit the g-spot especially if I’m alone.

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