5 Vibrators For Beginners

If you are looking for your first vibrator, you need something that is easy to use, non-intimidating, and satisfying! You can make your first vibrator experience a good one with the perfect beginner sex toy! Here are 5 vibrators recommended for newbies! 

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1. Shimmers


This basic vibe is sure to please without being overwhelming for the beginner user! Shimmers is a multi-speed vibrator that can be used for clitoral stimulation or internally! Its simple yet versatile design makes it easy for you to start exploring! The variable speed means you can find the perfect strength to start off with and make adjustments as you go along! The smooth, tapered tip is ideal for pinpoint stimulation and easy penetration. It's even waterproof for fun in the shower!

2. My First Silver Bullet

This vibrator is easy to use and non-intimidating for the beginner. The My First Silver Bullet is very small and discreet, so it is easily stowed away in a drawer or purse! It has strong, multi-speed vibrations and is totally waterproof for wet and wild play! This is a great vibe to use alone or even with a partner for the first time!

3. Grace's G-Spot Stimulator

Simple, compact, and easy to use, Grace's G-Spot Stimulator is a great option for women looking for their first sex toy. It is firm, with a uniquely angled tip to help you find and stimulate your G-spot! The angled tip is also perfect for spot-on clitoral stimulation. It has one speed, but it is all you need! Plus, this vibe is waterproof, making it very easy to clean and fun to play with!

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4. Sorority Party Vibe

Made of smooth, hypoallergenic plastic, the Sorority Party Vibe is a great option for women with sensitive skin or allergies to other toy materials. It has 3 strong vibration speeds and is quiet for discreet use. It is a smaller size to make it easier for newbies, but satisfying enough for even experienced users!

5. Fifi's Bumpy Vibe


This is a great vibe for women looking for a nice, easy first vibrator but still want something exciting! The Fifi's Bumpy Vibe is small and has multi-speed vibrations so you can find the perfect strength for you. This sex toy is also waterproof! But the best part of this vibe is that it has a uniquely nubby texture that will blow you away! This is ideal for women who want a uniquely satisfying toy with the simplicity of a beginner stimulator!

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