Picking The Perfect Vibrator

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When we are looking for a sexual partner we often have a list of “desires” or criteria that would make this person a good match for us. We may think about their personality, their appearance, how intelligent or funny they are and even how they make us feel. Well, why don’t we have the same criteria for picking out our buzzing buddies? We should and we DO! It is just as important to know what you are looking for in a sex toy as it is in finding a real-life lover. OK, maybe not AS important, but it IS important. So, here are some tips to help you find the perfect B.O.B. for you.

How It Fits Into Your Life

Are you looking for a toy to spend A LOT of time with? Does it have to pleasure you every day – or multiple times a day? Or, is this going to be an occasionally used item that may sit in a drawer for months on end (what a shame!)? Perhaps you are going to want to bring B.O.B. into the bedroom with your live partner. All of these things are important to evaluate before searching out a toy. Why?

• Toys that are used very regularly should be sturdier, made of a higher quality material (like Silicone or Glass) In short – invest more to get more life out of the toy
• Toys that are not going to be used regularly, or if this is a try out, can be less of a financial investment until you are sure of what you want
• Toys that are used with a partner need to fit the purpose – Clitoral Stimulators, for use during sex need to be smaller, like a bullet. (Items used during sex are often called couple's Intercourse Stimulators.)  
Recommended Clit Stimulator: Pink B.O.B. Paris Nubby
Paris Nubby Vibrator

How Comfortable You Are With It

When I write about comfort I refer to how comfortable you are with toy play in general – is this new to you or are you an advanced player? What types of stimulation do you enjoy? Do you want to be penetrated or simply have something external for clitoral play? Are you nervous about using a toy?

• If you are new to toy play you will likely not want to invest in a super powerful toy or large dildo or vibrator. You want to start slowly and see what you prefer.
• However, if you are an advanced player you have a better understanding of what you like, how large or how powerful of a toy suits you. You can start your search with criteria you are aware of.
• Are you uncomfortable or timid when it comes to toys that penetrate you? Would you prefer external stimulation only? You can narrow your search by thinking along these lines.
• If you are nervous, in general, about toy play, pick something small and standard (a basic vibrator for example) without bells and whistles to try out.
Recommended Basic Vibe: Sorority Party Vibe - Nooner
Sorority Vibe

Does Appearance Matter?

Do you only want a colored toy (pink, purple, blue) or doesn’t it matter? Do you want a realistic looking item that makes you feel like you are playing with a real person? Do toys that are strangely shaped intimidate you or are you up for a challenge figuring out how to make it work?

• Toys are available in nearly every color and some even glow in the dark! You want to a find a color that stimulates you and turns you on, not one that you hate.
• Realistic vibes can seem weird to some players, and they may prefer something less truly phallic. While others want to engage in a complete fantasy and enjoy a toy that looks and feels authentic.
• Some toys are, well, odd. They may look nothing like a sex toy, but their design is for your pleasure so they work. If you are curious about them, try them out. If they worry you, steer clear.
Recommended Realistic Vibe: Best Selling #1 8.5" Suction Cup Dildo
All American Dildo

Health/Financial Restraints

Not every vibrator owner is built the same. Some people have allergies to certain materials like rubber or latex. Furthermore, not every person has a disposable “sex toy income” although I am sure we all wish we did! It is always necessary for you to think about everything important when buying a toy.

• Obviously, if you know you are allergic to latex do not buy a latex or rubber toy.
• Hypoallergenic materials like Silicone and Glass are available for those who are sensitive, yet not truly allergic.
• Don’t spend money you do not have! Being financially responsible and finding items in your budget will make you happier than springing for something you can’t afford.

How Do You Pick Out New Toys?
Let Us Know!

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  • Carol

    Do you have any male vibrators or dildos that are not circumsized? A girlfriend of mine told me I should try and get one because they are better than circumsized ones. Thanks.

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