Spice Things Up With Vibrating Panties

Have you ever heard of a “vibrating panties” – or, better yet, used a pair? Well, if you haven’t, you definitely should! Vibrating panties are, well, just as they sound – a small vibe that is designed to go underneath your panties. These have actually come a long, long way since I first tried a pair nearly 23 years ago! I got my first pair at my bachelorette party – and it was more for a joke than a real purpose. They used to be sewn into the panties, which was not always very convenient depending on your personal size or where you wanted the vibrations to hit. Nowadays, panty vibes are more of an elite item, as opposed to the novelty items they once were. So, if you are asking the question, “Why do I need to try a pair of vibrating panties?” Let me answer that right now.

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Discreet, Naughty Pleasure

The wonderful thing about vibrating panties is, well, they ARE your panties so only you (and maybe your partner) knows that it is in there. These lovely and powerful little vibes will spice up anything from a dinner out, to a movie, to even just walking around town. Many vibrating panties come with wireless remotes or are activated via Bluetooth (yes, you read that right!) and this means that you can turn in on or off at your leisure (or your partner can!) So, set the scene: you are sitting at a dinner with friends. Your partner sits next to you and seemingly innocently takes out his phone to send a text. Only it is not a text, but the remote code to the vibrator in your panties! Oh yeah! Nothing says here comes dessert like being playfully buzzed in public.

Submissive Vibrations

I am a HUGE fan of being out of control when it comes to my sexual stimulation. This means, I find it an extreme turn on to be tied up or otherwise restrained and have my partner play with me. Vibrating panties are ideal for this because once you place them, neither of you will have to touch or adjust them much! So, you could be deliciously tied to the bed, spread eagle and unable to move while your partner turns the vibrations on and off as he pleases! This keeps his hands free for other activities, like nipple stimulation. Imagine the possibilities! It is almost like your partner has an imaginary helper who is stimulating you while he attends to other things. Yeah, you are getting the picture now, huh?

Personal Panty Pleasure

No one said you had to have a partner to enjoy the beautiful buzzings of vibrating panties! No, vibrating panties are good for single gals too. Imagine that you have a lot of laundry to fold, how boring, right? Well, it won’t be quite so boring if you have your vibrating panties on and running! Or, maybe you want to have a slow masturbation session and want to give yourself pleasure all over your body – let the panty vibe take care of the nether region while you stimulate the upper. Or, and this is a personal favorite of mine, have you ever tried to watch porn on your phone, while stimulating your clit and your nipples at the same time? No, because it is almost impossible! Unless you have the panty vibe buzzing by itself down below freeing you up to hold your phone and play with some other body part if you like. Yep, these seriously are a win-win-win accessory!

The Vow Of Orgasm

This idea may be a little far-fetched for some of you, but, I had a good friend who got married and wore a pair of vibrating panties the entire time. She gave her “soon to be” husband the remote before the ceremony and as soon as they said, “I do” and the party started she began having a party in her panties! Oh yeah. He would walk around turning that remote on and off as she talked to her aunts and uncles, she enjoyed their first dance a little bit more than usual and by the time they got to the hotel room she was more than raring to go! Now that is the way to start a marriage!


10X Remote Control Panty

This discreet, multi-function panty vibe is perfect for enjoying secret pleasure. It comes with a wireless remote control that you or your partner can control! The removable bullet is quiet waterproof.
Naughty Panty Vibrator

This panty vibe is controlled from a small circular remote for the most discreet play possible! It has 7 powerful vibration functions. The smooth, rechargeable panty liner easily fits in the pocket of the provided lace panty.
Remote Petite Panty Teaser

This panty teaser has magnetic wings to fit in most any pair of panties. It is completely rechargeable and equipped with 10 functions that can be controlled from the stimulator or the wireless remote! It is super discreet and ideal for a kinky night out.
Vibrating Lace Panty

This sexy, stretch lace panty comes with a waterproof bullet vibe for private play! The simple design makes it easy to get the hands-free clit stimulation you crave. Use for masturbation or foreplay, or spice up your routine with some secret stimulation!

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