Vibrating Panties: How to Spice Things Up for Sexy, Discreet Fun

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Vibrating panties are all the buzz today. Try adding vibrating panties to turn up the volume on your sex life. Hopefully you already own a pair but if not, you’re missing out on one of the most erotic and discreet ways to have fun, with yourself or a partner in either public or private.

They are just what they sound like, a pair of sexy underwear holding a small vibrator. Once switched on, the vibe will give you hands-free clit stimulating pleasure with just the touch of a dial. Who controls the pleasure? You can control your own experience or for even more saucy fun, allow a partner to dial it up, whenever and wherever they want.

Imagine having waves of clit stimulating pleasure running through you while doing something as simple and boring as grocery shopping or watching a movie. Having a conversation with anyone in public while the vibrations are buzzing your clit will be extra challenging and add a little smile and kink to your day.

Vibrating panties have actually come a long, long way since they were created. They used to be sewn into the panties, which was not always very convenient depending on your personal size. You also couldn’t control exactly where the vibrations would hit, because it depended on where the vibe sat in the underwear.

Nowadays, panty vibes are more of an elite item, as opposed to the novelty items they once were. Some sets come with their own panties that have a pocket for the vibe. Others include just the vibrators that are designed to fit into whatever sexy panties you already own. Use them in your home or take them public for a little bit of naughty fun.

Meant to be used either alone while masturbating or as a couple’s toy, both ways feel delightful. Why do you need to try a pair of vibe panties? Keep reading for the latest buzz on how they will spice up your game.

Discreet, Naughty Pleasure

Vibrating panties are so discreet, only you and/or your partner will know you are wearing them. You can control where and when the good vibes hit. Want to help yourself ride to an orgasm? Wear the panties alone and let your hands be busy elsewhere. Or share with a partner and let them control your pleasure.

Either way, it means hands-free play, leaving your hands able to do some nipple stimulation or touching yourself elsewhere. And if you’re in public, maybe you need those hands to cover up the moans you’ll be making.

Some vibrators are controlled by either a smartphone connected to the vibe via Bluetooth with a vibrating panties app. Others come with an electronic and discreet controller that fits easily into a hand or pocket.

Giving a partner the controls means surrendering to the experience and seeing just how naughty you can be. See how long it will take you to cum when someone else controls the vibrations.  

Imagine sitting at a dinner with friends. Your partner sits next to you and rather innocently takes out their phone to send a text. Only it’s not a text, but the remote code to the vibrator in your panties! Oh yeah! Nothing says here comes dessert like being playfully buzzed in public.

Use the panties on a walk, running errands or at home while doing household chores. They’re also great for foreplay with a partner. The vibrations tease and please while getting you wet and ready for an intense experience. Ride the waves and make every day a sexually exciting one.

Part of the fun is never knowing when the next wave of pleasure is coming or what level of intensity it will be when it comes. Only the person controlling the vibe knows where, when and what level of delicious, naughty pleasure you will receive. How long will you be able to hold out before the orgasm hits?

Submissive Vibrations

I am a HUGE fan of being out of control when it comes to my sexual stimulation. This means, I find it an extreme turn on to be tied up or otherwise restrained and have my partner play with me. Vibrating panties are ideal for this because once you put them on, neither of you will have to touch or adjust them much!

So, you could be deliciously tied to the bed, spread eagle and unable to move while your partner turns the vibrations on and off as they please. This keeps their hands free for other activities, like nipple stimulation. Imagine the possibilities! It is almost like your partner has an imaginary helper who is stimulating you while they attend to other things. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Personal Panty Pleasure

No one said you had to have a partner to enjoy the beautiful buzzing of vibrating panties! Vibrating panties are perfect for masturbation too. Imagine having a lot of laundry to fold, how boring, right? 

It won’t be quite so boring if you have your vibrating panties on and running! Or maybe you want to have a slow masturbation session and want to give yourself delicious pleasure all over your body – let the panty vibe take care of the nether region while you stimulate the upper.

Or have you ever tried to watch porn on your phone, while stimulating your clit and your nipples at the same time? It’s almost impossible! Unless you have the panty vibe buzzing by itself down below, freeing you up to hold your phone and play with other body parts if you like. No matter how you use them, vibrating panties are seriously a win-win-win accessory!

The Vow Of Orgasm

This idea may be a little far-fetched for some of you, but I had a good friend who got married and wore a pair of vibrating panties the entire time. She gave her “soon to be” husband the remote before the ceremony and as soon as they said, “I do” and the party started she began having a personal party in her panties!

Her husband walked around turning that remote on and off as she talked to her family members. She enjoyed their first dance a little bit more than usual and by the time they got to the hotel room she was more than raring to go! Now that is the way to start a marriage!

Our Top 3 Selling Vibrating Panties

1. Remote Control Vibrating Panty
Image of mannequin wearing black lace vibrating panty set
Enjoy these sexy, bikini-cut panties day-to-day without the bullet. Whenever you want, nestle the bullet in these Remote Control Vibrating Panties and allow your partner to take control of the remote for a thrilling experience! This discreet, multi-function panty comes with a wireless remote control that you or your partner can control. The simple design makes it easy to get the hands-free clit stimulation you crave. Use for masturbation or foreplay or spice up your routine with some secret stimulation! 

This extremely powerful bullet has 20 different vibrating functions to tease you! It slides inside the pocket of the panties and gets situated perfectly against your clit so you can enjoy the variety of vibrations and get excited. This is a one-size fits most item. It’s USB rechargeable and comes with its own charging cable.
2. Be My Crush Panty Vibe with Remote

Play discreetly at home or on the go with this sensual panty vibe! The magnetic heart will clip this vibrator to your panties for 9 functions of vibration stimulation. Your partner will love the added feature of the remote! They will be able to control your squirming from up to 20 feet away!
3. Remote Petite Panty Teaser
Image of black Calexotics panty vibrator and remote control
This Remote Petite Panty Teaser uses magnetic wings to fit in almost any pair of panties, allowing you to wear whatever panty you want. It is completely rechargeable and equipped with 12 powerful vibration functions that can be controlled from the stimulator or the wireless remote! It is super discreet and ideal for a kinky night out.

So what are you waiting for? See what all the buzz is about and give vibrating panties a try. Wear your vibe alone when you want to be teased or help bring yourself to orgasm. Allowing a partner to control when and where your clit gets buzzed will bring some extra spice to your sex life.

Not knowing when and where you are going to orgasm is half the fun. Let your partner in on the secret and they’ll get you to orgasm without even touching you. Vibrating panties will definitely bring some extra kink to your sexy time together. 

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  • Cynthia

    I just purchased the nipple twister, my first
    Purchase from your company. Very upsetting since with shipping the cost was $31 and they did nothing! A total waste of money. I am now an ex customer.

    I did not expect you to publish my last name. Your company doesn’t seem to be very responsible.

  • Cynthia Murphy

    I just purchased the nipple twister, my first
    Purchase from your company. Very upsetting since with shipping the cost was $31 and they did nothing! A total waste of money. I am now an ex customer.

  • Mandy

    I have tried vibrating panties but they have never been strong enough to really stimulate me. Mostly just some buzzing that never quite hits the spot or hits it hard enough. But that could just be me.

  • Linda Saunders

    no I really never tired virbrating panties in my life. But just wandering what ones are the best to buy and last?

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