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Not all sex toys are the same, but some toys have truly unique designs that will truly impress you! These creative conceptions are not just for show – they are designed to pleasure you in ways your typical toy can’t! What are some of the most innovative stimulators out there? Here are 6 unique sex toys that are sure to satisfy you and your partner!

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Commotion Rhumba Rabbit


Enjoy the intense dual stimulation you crave with this stimulating rabbit vibe! The Commotion Rhumba Rabbit has internal beads to stimulate your vaginal walls, but they move vertically opposed to in a rotation for extremely unique pleasure! It has 7 functions for the internal stimulator and 7 function vibrations for the rabbit ears so you can tease your clit to an explosive climax. It is completely rechargeable, waterproof, and made of hypoallergenic silicone!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Rechargeable Clit Stimulator

Experience explosive sucking sensations with this clitoral stimulator! The Rechargeable Clit Stimulator has 11 intense functions to satisfy your desires. The stimulation is pinpoint so you can have more powerful orgasms during masturbation or foreplay. It is totally rechargeable and waterproof. The tip is made of velvety-soft silicone that is body-safe and easy to clean.

Too Cute Mini Vibe

This vibrator is super tiny for travel and discreet use, with vibrations that are sure to please! The Too Cute Mini Vibe has a smooth, silicone head that offers pinpoint stimulation to all your favorite hotspots! It is USB rechargeable, so it has intense, electric vibes you will love! The super small size and non-intimidating design makes this a great choice for beginners and experienced sex toy users!

Fukuoku Vibrating Massage Glove

This is no ordinary glove! The Fukuoku Vibrating Massage Glove is a wearable hand vibrator with explosive multi-speed vibes! It is a great stimulator to use during foreplay and sex as you can give your partner the ultimate sexual massage! It is even waterproof for more exciting ways to play! It is unique, versatile, and pleasurable.

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Disco Triple Play Vibe

For the ultimate pleasure, you need the Disco Triple Play Vibe! This vibrator offers extreme triple stimulation. It has 3 motors and 8 different settings of vibration, pulsation, and rotation, so you will never get bored trying them out! The clitoral teaser and anal tickler will enhance your pleasure to a level you have never known! The handle lights up for fun in the dark! Finally, it is waterproof for wet and wild play!

Chili Pepper Glass Dildo

Is it kitchen decorum or a dildo? Both! The Chili Pepper Dildo is a beautiful, hand-blown glass that is fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic. Its unique and playful design isn't just for show, but for pleasure! The shaft is curvy to maximize your internal stimulation, and the toy is disguised as a pepper to confuse any snoopers!

Sexy Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Release your inner kink with this Bunny Tail Butt Plug! Enjoy a smooth, metal, body-safe butt plug with a long and kinky animal tail! The plug is a good size for beginners and intermediate anal toy users and it has a tapered tip for easier insertion. The faux animal fur is perfect for erotic foreplay and fulfilling your naughtiest fantasies, fetishes, and roleplay desires.

Turbo Accelerator Double Bullets

This vibrator may not be as extravagant as the other toys mentioned so far, but it is far from plain! The Turbo Accelerator Double Bullets are dual bullets with independent vibration functions! There are 8 modes of vibration for you to explore! The bullets are small and come with removable nubby sleeves that enhance stimulation. Because there are two bullets, this is a great vibrator to use with a partner!

Double D Tit Stroker

Love soft, bouncy boobs? This unique masturbator for men is perfect for men who love a good titty fuck. The Double D Tit Stroker has real-feel material that is soft and comfortable. You can see all the sexy action going on in the tight, textured love tunnel. It is open-ended making it easy to clean and great for enjoying strong, sucking sensations.

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