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Vibrators For Oral Sex

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info

Do you know that oral sex doesn’t have to be a tongue / fingers only event? You can increase the stimulation by adding in a vibrator or bullet to the action. Vibrators can be used in many ways during foreplay and should be considered as an important part of oral sex as well. If you want to know how oral + vibrators = intense orgasm then read on!

The sky is the limit with those wonderful little vibrators called bullets! Bullets are small (usually less than 4 inches in length) and provide very direct stimulation to whatever they come in contact with (nipples, clitoris, balls). The beauty of a bullet is that you can easily use it during oral sex without much intrusion on the area. Combining tongue stimulation with direct clitoral stimulation via a bullet can be a super charged way to amp up arousal and speed up climax.

There are mini-vibrators designed specifically for oral sex. They go on the tongue via a stretchy ring and provide a little extra buzz for oral sex. There are a few designs to choose from, but the most important factor is the ability for the ring to stay ON the tongue during oral sex.

A standard vibrator offers two options for oral sex: increased clitoral stimulation and insertion. For some women, adding in insertion through a vibrator can up the ante considerably with arousal and climax. The best option for additional vibrator play is a non-dual action vibrator. Dual actions combine insertion with clitoral stimulation and the clitoral stimulation can interfere with the tongue action during oral sex. Therefore, a standard slim line vibrator of average size works beautifully for insertion and clitoral stimulation during oral.

There are a variety of vibrators designed to fit on fingertips. These are absolutely ideal for use with oral sex because they are small and will add to the sensations of oral sex without being intrusive. The finger vibe can be positioned right on the clitoris, slid inside the vagina or even just used to tease the outer vaginal lips. In either case the ease of these little vibes makes adding to oral easy and exciting.

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For his or her stimulation the Turbo Accelerator Bullet is a classic bullet vibrator that will spice up the way you play. It has eight intense modes of vibration and the bullet itself has a uniquely textured nubby sleeve to give you all new sensations! Slip off the sleeve for a decadently smooth feel. This bullet is great for adding vibrations to oral sex or enhancing solo pleasure!

Smooth, simple, and versatile, Ryder's Sleek Vibe makes the perfect addition to any sex life. Use it to stimulate her vaginal walls and clit or his shaft and balls during oral sex! It is very easy to use with a multi-speed dial for controlling the intense vibrations and a basic, beginner-friendly design.

This wearable finger vibe makes adding vibrations to oral sex easier than ever! The Frisky Finger is a mini stimulator with three exhilarating speeds of vibration! It slips right over your finger for optimal control and convenience. This sex toy is textured with arousing nubs and is gently curved for spot-on stimulation.

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Date 6/30/2016
Gloria S.
I like oral sex, but it's always better when my partner is doing other things too like grabbing my breasts or fingering me :)
Date 6/30/2016
69 is the best because we get to do eachother at the same time and no one misses out!
Date 8/1/2016
A finger or two in the butt works wonders during oral!
Date 10/18/2016
Inlove a fingervin my butt and one in my pussy as he licks and sucks my clit. I have the best o ever !!
Date 2/16/2018
wow id never think to use a vibrator during oral sex but uhhh im gonna tell my bf to try it now hehe
Date 4/5/2019
ashley lee
Finger vibrators are fun when used properly sometimes if there isn't enough pressure its kind of a waste, I recommend getting the kind that has a more flat base but idk thats just me

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