10 Expert Tips to Give the Best Blowjob of Your Life


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Okay, we know that giving a blowjob, head, whatever you like to call it may not be the crowning jewel in your sexual adventures. But, the appreciation that your partner will show you when you do this for them is HUGE. Plus, if you enjoy when they give you oral sex, returning the favor can be just as fun!

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel proud of the way you make your partner moan, and beg, and...well, you get the idea. In order to make the experience more pleasurable for both involved, here are 10 expert BJ tips.

1. Remember You're In Charge

First and foremost, people get turned on to oral sex because you have all the power. Don’t think of giving head as submissive - it isn’t! You control your speed, your suction, little tricks with your tongue. When you let them know that this is really going to happen, your partner will be so incredibly turned on and YOU will be in control. You’re in charge of when and how hard they orgasm.  

2. Tease Him & Make Him Wait

Going along with #1, you’re in control of the tease, too! You have the ability to extend foreplay and make them beg. Most people will typically seek at least 15-20 minutes of foreplay to make it worth it. Foreplay is how you discover what you and your partner like and dislike, and connect on a more intimate level. Plus, your partner won’t soon forget how incredible you made them feel BEFORE they were able to enter your mouth when you rub their thighs, grind against them and make out with some wet kisses.

3. Try To Relax

This should probably be number one. In fact, it’s usually the number one issue for people in a lot of aspects of our lives. Listen. He has his member in your mouth, he will be grateful. As long as you aren’t giving him a death grip or using too much teeth, you’re in great shape.

4. Avoid Gagging

Unless you’re playing rough, gagging on your partner has the potential to take you both out of the moment. All the power to you if this turns you on, but for some people - especially those who aren’t already psyched to offer fellatio in the first place - gagging isn't fun. Ease your partner into your mouth one inch at a time, take your time. Don’t be nervous to tell your partner that their hands on the back of your head, or any deep thrusting on their part, is not welcomed!

5. Lend a Helping Hand

The best way to ease into a pattern of superior BJs is to use your hands. Now, I know I'm not discussing how to give a hand job, but sometimes you’ve got to give your lips and mouth a little break. So, maintain a nice grip on the bottom of their shaft, keeping your lips around the head of their penis. Move your hand up the shaft so your hand meets your lips, and suck while moving your hand. You’ll develop your own rhythm - and maybe slide your partner into your mouth deeper with each motion - that will keep up your stamina and your partner's arousal.

6. Switch It Up

Of course giving your partner head will be unexciting if you get into a routine where it's the same every single time. Do your best to avoid oral boredom. Switch it up with a few moments with just your hands, a flick of your tongue on the sensitive frenulum (the bundle of nerves underneath the penis, connecting the head to the shaft), or maybe even give a little tug on the ever-so-sensitive testicles. Hum while your partner is inside your mouth to create exciting vibrating sensations. Whatever you do, when they really start enjoying it, don’t stop whatever you’re doing!

7. Oral Sex Assistance

Perhaps the reason why you are apprehensive to offer oral sex is your concern for the taste. First of all, I want to put it out there that you should never feel embarrassed to have your partner shower before the momentous occasion. Second, indulge in some flavored oral sex gels to sweeten the taste. Utilize some nice deep throat sprays to ease your mouth and throat by numbing them. Maybe even try throwing an ice cube in there!

8. Keep Him Wet

One issue that comes up during a blowjob is dry mouth. The penis doesn't produce any real natural lubricant to help our sliding lips and stroking hands. So, if you want to have a good oral experience, you’ve got to keep the penis wet. Your saliva is a great lubricant but it can dry up pretty fast. Another option you can try is a flavored lubricant to make the penis slide a little easier on your taste buds and keep the motion going.

9. Show Him You're Having a Good Time

Moan. Look up at your partner. Grab their arms. Grab their bum with both hands and use just your mouth for a few moments. Just like you’re questioning whether they are enjoying what you’re doing, your partner is hoping that you are having fun too! After a few convincing moans, squeezes, and licks, you’ll witness your partner's incredibly hot reactions, and you’ll get to like what you’re doing to them even more.

10. Join In On The Fun!

Who said your partner gets to have all the action? Yes, you’re giving some superior oral sex, but that doesn’t mean you are just left on the bed, or floor, or in the tub doing nothing. Go ahead and touch yourself. Try a little voyeuristic masturbation for your partner to watch while they are inside you. The head you give will be so much better for both of you when you are both playing in the game. It’s incredible when you’re both aroused, feeding off each other’s moans!

How Do You Spice Up a BJ? Share in the Comments!


  • Ness

    I always make sure that he should see my boobs and the regions below !

  • Lisa

    My guy loves for me to suck on the head for a bit with my tongue flicking over the head, then I slide my tongue down the shaft, then while doing a twisting motion with hands with his dick I suck on his balls for a bit. Then work my way back up the shaft and deep throat him, by this time he’s so turned on!

  • Phyllis

    Be sure to give his balls some attention. Licking and sucking adds to my guys enjoyment. If. you can you might want to lick behind his balls on the taint area.

  • Gdd

    No tips on how to swallow? My lady can’t swallow

  • Sadie

    Always make eye contact and moan with him in your mouth/throat.

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