5 Types of Vibrators to Spice-Up Oral Sex


Image of various types of vibrators and dildos

Do you know that oral sex doesn’t have to be a tongue and fingers only event? You can always increase the stimulation and mix things up by adding in a vibrator or bullet to the action!

Vibrators can be used in many ways during foreplay and should be considered as an important part of oral sex as well. Below we have listed the 5 types of vibrators that are best to use during oral, read on to find out!

1. Bullet Vibrators

The sky is the limit with these wonderful little vibrators called bullets! Bullet vibrators are small (usually less than 4 inches in length) and provide very direct stimulation to whatever they come in contact with (nipples, clitoris, balls). The beauty of a bullet is that you can easily use it during oral sex without much intrusion on the area. Combining tongue stimulation with direct clitoral stimulation via a bullet can be a super charged way to amp up arousal and speed up climax.

Recommended Bullet: My First Silver Bullet

2. Tongue Vibrators

These vibrators are designed specifically for oral sex. There are actually a few types, there are tongue vibrators that go on the tongue via a stretchy ring and provide a little extra buzz for oral sex. There are a few designs to choose from, but the most important factor is the ability for the ring to stay steady in the mouth during oral sex.

There are also tongue vibes, like the one below, that are made to replicate oral sex for females where the toy has a tongue that literally goes up and down in a licking motion.

Recommended Tongue Toy: Gyrating Tongue Vibe
Gyrating tongue vibrator in pink.

3. Standard Vibrators

Bringing in a standard vibrator during oral sex is an easy way to spice things up without getting too overwhelmed. You can use a standard vibrator really to stimulate any area you'd like. It can best used to increase clitoral stimulation, it can be used for insertion while you lick the clitoris, it can be used to lightly stimulate the anal opening or to lightly stimulate the balls. The sky really is the limit with a basic vibe like the one below!

Recommended Vibe: Beginner's Silicone Vibrator
Hand holding basic silicone purple vibrator

4. Finger Vibrators

There are a variety of vibrators designed to fit on fingertips. Finger vibrators are absolutely ideal for use with oral sex because they are small and will add to the sensations of oral sex without being intrusive. The finger vibe can be positioned right on the clitoris, slid inside the vagina, lightly run over the nipples or lightly played with on the balls. No matter how it is used, the ease of these little vibes makes adding them to oral easy and exciting.

Recommended Finger Vibe: The Frisky Finger Vibrator
Photo of purple finger vibrator on a person's pointer finger

5. Vibrating Butt Plugs

Alright, I know technically this doesn't fall under the "vibrator" category, but I still wanted to include it because adding a small vibrating butt plug is an amazing way to spice up your oral game. Slowly insert the butt plug and leave it in while you give your partner pleasure with your mouth. Of course, you must remember to always use an anal lubricant when inserting any toy or finger anally so make sure you have that on hand as well.

Recommended Butt Plug Vibe: The Cherry's Vibrating Butt Plug
Hands holding purple vibrating anal plug with remote control connected

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  • ivan maddox

    the cherrys vibrating butt plug stopped working after 1 week

  • Ladell Johnson

    I have a 78 yr old man that I am trying to please with oral sex .Sometimes it seems like he has no feelings.

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