10 Things To Do Together On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day for lovers. Restaurants and movie theaters are packed, hotel rooms are sold out and flower shops require advance notice. Yep, of all the days of the year, Valentine's Day brings more couples out and about than any other day of the year. If you are looking something to do with your love on Valentine's Day, here are just a few suggestions that may be a little different than the usual.

EVERYONE goes out on Valentine's Day for dinner. Even White Castle is packed full of romantic couples. While there is certainly nothing wrong with going out to dinner with your love, why not stay in instead. No, I am not suggesting either of you cook (although, cooking together could be fun and romantic!) I am suggesting you get all your favorite take-out items and have a little carpet picnic. One of you likes Chines and the other Mexican? Then get both! Make it all about a casual night in front of the fireplace or television, in your comfy jammies, being together.

Massages in and of themselves are wonderful experiences, but a couple's massage brings something extra. Laying on massage tables side by side with your lover, each getting rubbed down by your own masseuse, the sensual smell of scented oils tickling your noses. Then, after the massage, showering together to get all the oil off your skin and then sinking into bed, relaxed and tension free. Ahhhh, now that is a great Valentine's Day gift for each other.

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Hotel excursions are a great, romantic way to spend Valentine's Night. If you are gonna do it, why not do it FUN! Find a quaint B & B, a theme hotel, one of those pool suite hotels and do it up right! Maybe you are into hotels that are said to be haunted, or ones that are historical for some reason. The idea here is to not pick the normal Hilton hotel, do something that is an experience.

Brewery or wine tours are really fun experiences. You often get to try different wines or beers, see how they are made and tour the property, and have dinner at the brewery or winery with beers that are made to go with the food. Groupon often has specials for these excursions that can make them super affordable.

It really doesn't matter where you live, larger cities have city tours of all different types. There are ghost tours, prohibition tours, architecture tours and even sex tours. Usually this includes a ride on a bus, a knowledgeable tour guide and dinner or drinks. This is a fun and informative way to spend Valentine's Day with your partner getting to see a new side of the city where you live.

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Do you think that ladies are the only ones interested in shopping sprees? While men may not do cartwheels at the idea of going to the mall, the idea of having a couple's shopping spree is a bit different. Pick out clothes for your significant other and have them model them for you. See what your lover imagines you wearing. Allow her to pick out an outfit for you. Then, but them and wear them out to dinner together. How fun is that? Wanna up it a notch? Go LINGERIE shopping together! Try on different things for your lover and then buy the one that makes you both the hottest!

You didn't think I was going to leave out the sexy stuff, did you? Going to a sex shop is a really exciting thing for couple's to do together. Perusing the toys, looking at the fun and naughty products, thinking about how to use them together. Maybe you don't want to go to an actual store, so you can shop online! TooTimid has extensive products available online and it can be just as fun, if not maybe MORE to shop from the privacy of your own home.

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Naked day or naked night is something every couple should do! Here are the rules: be naked. From the moment you commence a naked night, you are both to be naked. Everything you do, you do naked. You cook naked, drink naked, watch TV naked, play naked scrabble. Everything you do, you do naked. Imagine how fun that could be! Hopefully all that nakedness will entice you to have some fun naked activities too.

The fantasy box is, well, a box where you and your lover write down some sexual fantasies that you would like to try. You can put 2-3 in the box each and then you pick them out and discuss them and, hopefully, do them! Since talking about fantasies can be a difficult thing for some couples, the fantasy box allows you to express them openly by first writing them down. This is a great way to spend Valentine's Day and hopefully you will have some sexy fun too.

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If you are someone who doesn't really like all the hoopla attached to V-Day then try a pot luck Valentine's Day. This is where both of you split the planning of your Valentine's Day. For example, she may cook / order something for dinner and he will pick up the dessert. You each get to pick a movie to watch. The idea is you have a night that both of you have planned with surprises for each of you. This is a great way to have a day and night that both of you plan for the other, but yet is also low stress.

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