Learn How to Perform a Sensual Strip Tease

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Yes, I am gonna say it: you can spice up your sex life by learning to strip! I have to admit, I personally have NO ability to dance – I literally have negative rhythm. However, I can strip. Sometimes you need a little special way to start a night of lovin’ – and stripping is the way to go. Or, maybe you want to surprise your lover with an anniversary present – think of stripping.

There are many different levels of stripping, and it is up to you to decide how far you want to go. You can do an ‘underwear’ strip (basically, go down to your skivvies), you can do a fully nude strip (nekkid), or you can find an in-between level – wherever your comfort lies, that's what you should do. You can have music or do it in silence. There are many ways to do this, and each one is sure to give your lover a charge and much inspiration for the night. Below are some my tips to help you out.

Set the Scene

The first thing you need to do is set up the room appropriately. I have found that candlelight is the way to go. It is soft, subtle, erotic and offers a little bit of cover for those ‘less than’ areas you might have. Think about strip clubs – they are never fully lit are they? Even professional strippers want things a little dark to make things more erotic.

Pick the Tunes

I have found that stripping is much easier to some kinds of music. Dance beats work better than Beethoven – but go with your gut. Pretty much any song with a decent beat will work. My suggestion is that you make a playlist with the songs you want to use, that way you aren't in the moment and something like "Firework" by Katy Perry comes on. Nothing against the song or Katy, but that isn't exactly a sensual song to rock your body to. Anyways, the important thing is to sort of ‘move to the beat’ and try to choreograph your performance to sync it to the music.

Dress the Part

That means hair done, make-up on, perhaps some glittery lotion so you sparkle under the candlelight. Spritz some nice perfume (or cologne) on to tempt your lover when you come in close. Pick lingerie that accentuates your best assets (push up bras for gals with nice breasts, thongs for the nice-butt girls, or corsets and garters) whatever you choose, feel sexy in it. If you feel sexy, you will act sexy.

For the men out there, you've got it a lot easier when it comes to dressing the part. Seriously, you can just throw on a pair of grey sweatpants and pull of the Channing Tatum look. Or, if you want to get really into it, you can buy yourself a roleplay costume. Dress up as a sexy fireman or policeman and rock your inner Magic Mike.

Use Props

Using some props can really bring some extra fun to the strip show. Use a feather duster and ‘dust’ your audience. Use a cane to walk around or grind against. If you are really feeling that stripping could be your thing, invest in a portable stripper pole. These are collapsible poles that you can put up in any room of the house and use like a traditional stripper pole (no upside down antics though). If you are really ambitious, you can put together a whole show with costumes (minimal clothing is best), props, the stripper pole. I have even gone so far as to give my partner some dollar bills to put in my garter belt. You can take this to so many levels.

Have Fun

For many people, the idea of stripping sends cold chills of hesitation down their backs. Thoughts of ‘no way in hell’ run rampant through their minds. I am gonna tell you, that you CAN do it and it will be more fun than you know. You can strip at any age, any weight, with any level of dance ability. Your partner will love to watch you no matter what the situation.

Be creative. Pick cool music, laugh, enjoy yourself. Do not get caught up in it as if it were your ‘job.’ If you have ever gone to a strip club you will notice that the strippers are not frown-faced but instead they are smiling, laughing, interacting. Do the same with your partner. Just because it is a show for one doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time doing it. Forget about your insecurities – just enjoy your performance and the reactions you get.

Think Sexy, Be Sexy

It really is that simple. You can put the negative thoughts out of your mind and just be sexy. Think of yourself as the hottest ticket in town. Know that you are desired by your partner. Know that you can seduce them through your performance. Think about yourself as a sexy, desirable person and then BE that person.

The clothes, the actions, the responses, the performance as a whole is an ‘act’ of sorts. You have to portray yourself as sex Goddess (or God) and seduce the pants right off your partner. Know that you are making them hot – and then use that as fuel for your flame.

Move to the Music

Along with the ‘act sexy’ is ‘move sexy.’ While you have to have fun with it, you also have to seduce with it. This means, learning how to move sexily. I have found that taking off my clothes slowly and leaving the lingerie on is a way to go. I find a nice, slow – yet seductive – song to move to and I just move around using my clothes to help me.

For example, when you get to the bra (if you are going that far), take it off slowly by un-hooking the back, then crossing your arms in front of you so the bra is held on by your arms. Then shake and bend down, but look up at your partner and let it fall down to the floor. Then, pick it up in one quick motion and throw it on their head. They will not know what to do – look at you or grab the bra. It is fun and erotic at the same time.

Grind on your lover's lap (this is allowed in your own private strip club), put your butt up in the air, hump the floor. Do and go as far as you feel comfortable – and use the beat of the music as your muse. Use the beat to dictate how fast you strip, how quickly you grind or how much you shake. It is all about the beat baby!

Get Tipped

You can take this to mean anything you want. For me, getting tipped means my lover gets so turned on by my little show that he grabs me and throws me to the floor! It is the greatest compliment to know that he wants me so badly! You both should enjoy it and have a good time; otherwise, there is no point.

Being a private stripper for your partner can be a wonderful way to spice things up. Men can strip for their ladies as easily as women can strip for their men. The most important thing to remember is to not take things too seriously. Have fun, be sexy, seduce and treat your partner to a wonderful night of dancing – by you – and then see where the night ends up. Happy stripping everyone!

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