5 Types of Sex Toys That Will Help You Last Longer in Bed

 Do you think that sex toys are just for women? Do you think that there are no products available that can help you with your low sexual stamina? Guess what? You are wrong on both accounts!

There are a variety of sexual enhancement products for men AND many of them can help you to increase your stamina in bed! So what is stopping you? Look at these 5 toys that you can use for fun and for increasing your sexual stamina!

1. Cock Rings

Cock rings are really not a novelty item like many people think – they have a legitimate purpose and they are a very effective and inexpensive way to increase sexual stamina. The trick is learning how to use a cock ring the correct way! Many depictions of cock rings simply show it slid down onto the shaft of the penis. Nope. This will do, well, nothing in the way of increasing sexual stamina. In order for a cock ring to work as intended it needs to go UNDER the balls in order to place the pressure on the spot which controls the flow of blood into the penis.

When placed properly, in a semi-flaccid state, the penis will become erect and the blood will remain in the penis longer! In fact, if you have mild ED (erectile dysfunction) a cock ring can help you last longer as well. Cock rings are available in a variety of sizes and styles, but for your inaugural use, simply buy a pack that has 3 sizes and is a standard ring. Find the size that works for you and give it a go!

Recommended Cock Ring: Double Trouble Enhancer
Double Trouble Enhancer

2. Masturbation Sleeves

Male masturbators are great toys for men in general because it puts some variety into their masturbation time (hey, it is different and more fun than your hand!) They can also help with sexual stamina because many masturbator sleeves and faux vaginas will feel better and more real than standard hand play – this means you can practice getting a little more desensitized to sexual stimulation!

Furthermore, when masturbating with a sleeve you can practice the start/stop method. This is when you bring yourself close to orgasm – and stop! Then build back up again – and stop! This training of staving off orgasm is extremely effective in increasing sexual stamina but it is not always easy to do with a live moaning and wiggling partner! With a masturbation sleeve you can control everything without worrying about pleasing your partner.

Recommended Penis Sleeve: Super Head Honcho
Super Head Honcho

3. Penis Pumps

OK, so yes, penis pumps are used to make stronger and larger erections (and what is possibly bad with that?) but they are also used for increasing blood flow and making an overall longer-lasting erection. Many men who are avid pumpers will tell you that when they utilize a pumping schedule their erections in general are longer lasting.

This can help with sexual stamina issues that are ED related especially. Penis pumps are like masturbators as well, so it will also help with the aforementioned sensation issues. Whether you pump before sex, or as private practice, penis pumps are great ways to increase the strength of your erection.

Recommended Penis Pump: Titan Vibrating Penis Pump

4. Erection Prolonging Cream

Yes, these are real. Yes, they work. There are two different kinds: erection enhancing creams and desensitizing creams. The enhancement creams offer a formula that stimulates blood flow to the penis, helping with stronger and longer lasting erections. The desensitizing creams act as a lubricant that also mildly desensitizes the penis by creating a mildly numb sensation. This, in turn, lets you have sexual stimulation without the intense sensations of sex and therefore makes it harder to reach orgasm! Many men report an additional 10-25 minutes of sexual play! It may take a little bit of time to adjust to the numb sensation, but once you do, you can keep going and going and going!
Recommended Prolonging Cream: Body Action Prolonging Lubricant
Body Action Prolonging Lubricant

5. Hollow Strap Ons

OK, so this one may confuse you a bit, but follow my logic here. A hollow strap on fits OVER the penis (whether limp or erect) and allows the man to continue stimulating his partner despite the state of his erection. Now, if you are nearing your orgasm, and want to continue to stimulate your partner, but know you will climax if you do – put on the hollow strap on!

Firstly, you still get the visual pleasure of pleasing your partner while you give your penis a little chance to come down from impending orgasm. Secondly, some hollow straps ons vibrate, so you can still get some stimulation while you are taking your break. Men who use hollow strap ons report that while they do not feel the same direct stimulation, they definitely still enjoy the act of sex and do feel some semblance of friction and sensation. Definitely a win-win for both of you! Then, when you are ready to climax, remove the toy and resume as normal. Think of it as tagging out for a round!

Recommended Hollow Strap On: Silicone Hollow Strap-On
Hollow Strap On

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