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Masturbation. Entertaining men all over the world on a daily (or more than once daily) basis! Masturbation is such an important part of life and offers not only a really good feeling but also aids in stress reduction and helps you fall asleep faster. Men having been using their hands as their primary masturbation method since masturbation began, but do you know there are actually many items that can make masturbation feel more like actual sex? Over the years products have reached a new level of realism. Here are just a few masturbators that feel more like the real deal. 

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Men love a good blowjob. Despite their best masturbatory efforts, no man can make his hand feel like a wet, warm mouth. What a shame, right? Well, what if there were items that could somewhat replicate that feeling? While nothing can beat a real mouth, these toys come fairly close. Just remember, lube (preferably warmed up) can make it feel even more lifelike. Some of these wonderful replicas can be placed in such a way as to provide hands-free playtime. Imagine the possibilities! Getting even better, many are molded from real porn stars mouths which can even heighten the sensation! What’s even better is that you can’t gag this “girl” so go to town as deep as you want.

Recommended Product: Blowjob And Pussy Dual Ended Stroker


For an investment in your oral masturbation fantasies, try this unique whole-head replica that provides a strong suction cup for hands-free play:

Recommended Product: Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator


Look how far the world has evolved with masturbation aids! These realistic vaginas not only FEEL like the real thing but they also LOOK like the real thing. The basic model, level 1, has realistic looking vaginal openings and a textured masturbation sleeve that adds to the overall masturbatory feel. Available in a variety of styles and colors and at a varied price point, these masturbators really bring it up a notch.

Recommended Product: Pink Lady Original Fleshlight


A step above the vagina-only masturbators are the vaginal area masturbators which have more than just the vaginal lips, but also may have the entire vaginal mound, the torso (including breasts) or even a rear view where the entry options are vaginal AND anal. These masturbators can be based on replicas of famous porn actresses and even come in a “male” version, if that is what floats your boat!

Recommended Product: X5 Realistic Vibrating Ass


If you are super serious about your masturbation time and want to make an investment, you can look at a high quality sex doll. Now, if you are imagining those blow up dolls that people blow up for bachelor parties rest assured, this is not what I am referring to. I am referring to an affordable option that will give you more than just the vaginal entrance, but also some of the other desirable female parts such as the breasts. While these are not sex dolls in full, meaning they are not the entire body (which would run you over $4000), they are viable options within a normal price range.

Recommended Product: Double D Masturbator
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