4 Reasons Why He Needs A Masturbator

Men masturbate. Whether single or in a monogamous relationship – men masturbate. It is a very important and healthy part of sexual life. While many women understand that their man enjoys masturbation, not too many will help provide them with the masturbatory aids that can bring their solo play to a whole, new level. Not to mention using a stroker in bed as a couple is super-hot as well! So, here are 4 reasons why your man NEEDS a penis stroker.

Don’t we want our men to have as much pleasure as possible whether with us or without us? While using their hands is perfectly acceptable, using a penis stroker takes the pleasure up a few notches! Personal masturbators offer a variety of sensations and tightnesses that create a different experience each playtime.

Personal pussies are masturbators that look like realistic vaginas. So, not only does the actual sensation rival the hand-only method, but the visual stimulation provided can really bring up the sexual fantasy. Many of the personal pussies available are replicated after famous porn actresses – which for the porn connoisseur can be amazingly hot! Plus, since he will never be with the actual porn star, you remain his main “vagina.”

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We all want our men to last as long as possible during sex, right? Most men would admit that they would love to last longer in bed as well and what more fun way to gain that endurance than to masturbate more! Since masturbators create a more intense sensation that resembles actual intercourse, using a masturbator can help a man learn to desensitize a bit so he can last longer during the real thing. Especially utilizing the start-stop method during play can drastically increase length of time he can be stimulated before climax.

In a happy sexual relationship there should be times when foreplay includes hand jobs and oral sex. While I’m confident that your man loves what you do with just your hand or mouth, imagine his joy if you also incorporate a masturbator! You could surprise him in the moment by using it in the midst of play – or, if you know he has one – you can add it in as desired. Since the idea is to always pleasure each other to the highest potential, personal strokers make fantastic additions to couple play. Plus, if you are using one only as foreplay imagine how ready he will be to jump on you!


Recommended Masturbator: Original Fleshlight

You just can't go wrong with this classic Fleshlight stroker! It is soft to the touch, made of realistic material, and textured to give you the most intense sexual pleasure! The sleeve comes out of its hard case for easy cleaning. It has a simple and discreet design. This all-time popular masturbator for men is perfect for enhancing solo play! Learn how to use a Fleshlight and be ready for a whirl wind of pleasure!

Recommended Masturbator: Risque Rae

This soft, real-feel masturbation sleeve for men is erotically textured to give you the ultimate sexual pleasure. It has an easy-grip sleeve and is made of realistic material. It comes with a 10-function vibrating bullet to heighten sexual stimulation for powerful orgasms. It is best with lube and will satisfy your every intimate desire!

Recommended Masturbator: Shane's World College Tease

This masturbator for men is designed to give you incredible stimulation! The soft, stretchy sleeve delivers comfortably tight sensations to your member during use. The inner chambers are ribbed tease and please your cock to an explosive orgasm.

Recommended Masturbator: Glow-In-The-Dark Super Head Honcho

This soft, textured masturbator has amazing glow-in-the-dark material so you can get a glimpse of the sexy action even in the dark! It has a textured love tunnel to give you intense stimulation. It comes with a remote multi-speed bullet that slips inside the sleeve to turn it into a fantastic vibrating pussy you won't want to put down.

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Joe - January 20, 2020

A number of surgeries in a short period of time have left me with terrible ED. I’ve gotten to the point of penile injections. I hate it. Worse yet my partner has lost interest in making love to me much less just fun sex. So I’ve got a refrigerator full of injections expiring as time passes and I just can’t get what I need anymore with just my hand. I have a great six and a half X two inch cock that any woman would love to have but I’m also devoted. Help.

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