How To Use a Stroker on Him

Did you know that sex toys can really amp up your sex life? Of course you did! That’s why you’re surfing around But more often than not, when we mention sex toys, you’re thinking of vibrators for women. Don’t get me wrong, we are SO happy about that! We love that women are tapping into the wonders of masturbation and doing so with some battery operated assistance. But the truth of the matter is, there are more toys out there that you can even imagine!

Sex toys are designed for women - like g-spot vibrators, clit stimulators, dual-action rabbit vibrators. They’re designed for men - like cock rings, prostate massagers, and masturbation sleeves. AND They’re designed for couples - like restraints, blindfolds, and sex enhancers! Even better yet, there are more ways to use the toys you’ve already got on each other! Have you ever thought of grabbing his masturbator sleeve and using it during a handjob?! Here's why you should give him a new kind of handjob, and my tips and tricks on How To Use a Stroker on Him!

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Certainly the name masturbation sleeve drums up visuals of men using sex toys for solo pleasure, but it can be amazing when you step out of the box and use them during a handjob! If your man is shying away from bringing sex toys into the mix, trying a simple stroker on him during a hand job may sway him from timidness to being turned on! It can really feel incredible surrounding and sliding on his manhood, so much so that he may be surprised!


Handjobs aren’t the easiest move in the female on male repertoire. Even though some women shy away from oral sex, it is actually much easier to give a blowjob and add in the extra sensation of warm a mouth and tongue than to simply offer him hand! It can be particularly tiring if he isn’t very sensitive or responsive to that kind of touch. There are a ton of techniques to learn if you want to get good at it. It’s not impossible, ladies! But, save some effort, just use a stroker!

1. Using any kind of toy, but especially a male stroker sleeve, will make the process much simpler for you, the “giver.” Say goodbye to unnecessary strain on your hands, wrists, and arms!

2. When you use a sleeve, there are a couple techniques that work, but really, the ribbing, beading, or other texture in the mastubator’s tunnel is going to do most of the work for you!

3. With added sensation, and even added squeeze of a tight sleeve, he will be able to climax quicker than if you were simply giving a handjob.


First and foremost, men want pleasure. They want that sensation of your hand going up and down their shaft, squeezing with the perfect grip, and feeling every inch of their manhood being satisfied. Secondly, they want to see you doing it, and they want to see you enjoying giving them a handjob. BUT, when your hands are tired, and you’re looking a little spent he’s not going to be feeling those sensations or getting hot by watching you! So, including a masturbation sleeve adds extra sensations and allows you to really enjoy giving him handjobs!

1. The plush, stretchy material of a stroker feels incredible, especially when paired with a slick and long-lasting lubricant.

2. Lots of male masturbator sleeves - whether realistic or not - have textured tunnels or chambers inside, so they add even more pleasurable sensations with each movement you make.

3. It’s the perfect option for those who are new to giving hand jobs! You can build up your stroking strength, and save a LOT of time. It’s quick, sexy pleasure for him, and skill-building for you!

4. If you’re more advanced, using these kinds of sex toys will make you want to give him handjobs all the time!


If your stroker of choice isn’t made with silicone, take that baby in the shower with a super thick, extra waterproofed, silicone-based lubricant and give him a wet and wild handjob! If his masturbator is made of silicone, there are even some thicker water-based lubes that would work great with all stroker materials!

Try your hands at mutual masturbation and please each other simultaneously! Enjoy the ride while you use a masturbation sleeve on him and he touches you. He can even take a tip from his sex toy enjoyment, and use a vibrator on you while you stroke him!

You can even masturbate solo, but while watching each other! Become voyeurs and exhibitionists while you feel your climax building, all while seeing your love each other wriggling in pleasure, touching themselves.  


Super Head Honcho

With three distinct textured chambers, the extra-long and satisfying Super Head Honcho stroker will give her hands a break, and give him incredibly orgasmic sensations with every thrust!

The Tube

Simple in its design the discreet, soft, and ribbed pleasure tool, The Tube is ready and willing to satisfy your man's needs while you stroke him to climax!

College Tease

This stretchy, plush stroker grips him tight inside a ribbed tunnel. The Shane's World Strokers - College Tease lets you watch the action as you use his masturbator in a whole new way!

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