7 Things They Don't Tell You About Anal Sex


Ah, anal sex. Even though anal sex has become quite less “taboo” than it used to be, it is still an activity that is seen to be out of the “normal” realm of sex play. While, personally, I find anal sex to be a healthy and natural part of a well-rounded sexual repertoire, not all feel the same way.

However, if you are still curious about anal sex – and I know you are – then read this article for the truthful (and perhaps entertaining) facts about anal sex.

1. It DOES Feel Good

Why do people HAVE anal sex if it is disgusting or painful? We have enough activities in life that we could skip the bad ones, right? People do it because it does feel really, really, really good…eventually. Why do I say “eventually?” Well, because anal sex is not an activity that feels good the moment you start it, but it does feel fantastic after you get going. Listen, the cold truth is that the anal canal is meant for one thing, and anal sex was not in the original design. With the proper amount of lubricant and a partner willing to go slow – once the object being inserted (finger, penis, toy) is all the way in it will feel amazing! This is why people do it – the pleasure!

2. Shit Happens, Literally. 

We are all adults here, right? So, let’s get the truth out there: if you have anal sex there is a great chance you will get some poop on yourself, your penis, the sheets, the toy. Yup. Poop happens. Listen, the anal canal is meant for, well, pushing out the poop so it stands to reason that there is a chance that some of the residue from your last bowel movement may attach itself to whatever foreign object is intruding upon it. If you are going to have anal sex both of you have to accept that poop happens!

3. Enemas Help

If the aforementioned entry made you cringe at the idea of getting poop anywhere during sex, never fear, the ENEMA is here! Yes, I know the idea of doing an enema VOLUNTARILY is sort of odd, but, if you want to have super clean anal then an enema is the only way to go! Enemas will clean out your rectal canal and also help you to further eliminate waste that may be making its exit soon. If you want to have clean anal, this is the way to go!

4. Lube Is Necessary

I do not care what porn video you have seen where the actress (or actor) uses just spit for anal sex. This is a NO NO NO! Repeat after me: lube is a friend, not a foe! Seriously, you need lubricant for anal sex. The anal canal does not lubricate itself, so if you do not use lubricant you are in for a very tough ride – literally! No matter what anyone else has or has not told you about anal, you NEED lubricant for a pleasing anal experience!

5. Hemorrhoids

Remember a moment ago when you repeated: Lube is a friend not a foe? Well, the reason is without lube bad things can happen to your rectum. Bad, bad, painful things. I told you I would tell you the truth, right? Here is the truth: when you have anal sex and you do not have something to smooth the way, your canal can become irritated, sore and even get tiny little cuts in it – these are called Fissures. Or, you can also get hemorrhoids (swollen and inflamed veins in the rectal area). Both of these conditions are reversible and, most importantly, PREVENTABLE! If you use lubricant when you have anal sex, then you are sure to not get fissures or roids. So, did you learn your lube lesson?

6. Things Can Go Missing Up In There

No, it is not a joke like you may have seen on television, it is possible for toys or other objects to get “lost” in the anal canal. This is why anal toys have a special wide base that prevents the object from going too far up into the rectal canal. The rectum has two sphincters – tiny muscles that help keep the poop inside you. The first one is the external one, the one you call your “asshole.” Then there is an inner one, a few inches in, that helps to keep all the bodily waste from the external exit. When you put an object up there and it goes past the second sphincter (the gatekeeper of your upper rectal canal) it can get sucked up there. No, really. Sucked right up there. So, the lesson is to NEVER put any object up there that is not meant for anal play (i.e. mini vibrators not made for anal). I will refrain from listing items that have been lost up in there, but you get the gist!

7. The Anal Queef, Yes, It's Real

I know you will laugh – it is funny, really – but, when you have anal sex it is entirely possible, if not likely, that you will excrete some air either during or after anal sex. Yes, this means an anal queef, or for you requiring a more simple definition: farting. When we have sex – either anal or vaginal – the air gets pushed up into the canal by the penis. This can sometimes lead to that release of air called a “queef.” Anal queefing is more common as is the total release of, well, all the lube and other stuff that is up there. This may happen during anal sex, but more than likely it will happen after. So, the rule of thumb is to go to the bathroom immediately following anal sex and sit on the toilet for a good 5 minutes, allowing all that has gone UP to now come back DOWN. We are all able to handle this, right? Pleasure sometimes comes at a cost – and queefing could be it!

What other tips do you have?
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  • Kevin

    It is important to know that enemas especially enema bags can remove important electrolytes and bacteria. Tap water should also never be used. Using this and using it frequently can lead to cardiac failure and imbalance of bacteria (dystopias.) you can also get parasites. People have died from enemas and I almost died myself when my heart stopped for 5 seconds.

  • Scott Newton

    Thank you for the insight. I’m Injoying all of this.

  • BObby lIcks

    Some positions hurt when I lay on my back it hurts. But when I Put my head down and ass in the air it feels good.and when I get on top and sit on it I love it feels very very good mmmm. Cum a lot and can ride for a long time.

  • CB

    Upon insertion, push out and he slides in. Helps to get past the sphincter.

  • Tiphani

    Do not tense up… You want to be fully relaxed

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