7 Tips To Prep For Anal Sex and 10 Pro Products We Recommend

How to prep for anal sex. Read our article with easy step-by-step guide and tips

Anal sex is quickly becoming a more regular part of many couples’ sex lives. For those who choose to explore the anal arena, it can be a very enjoyable part of their sexual experiences. Have you ever thought about trying anal sex but weren’t quite sure how to start? Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation and negative stigma surrounding anal sex that may deter some people from adding anal into their repertoire. The key to enjoying safe and pleasurable anal play is this: it simply comes down to preparation! Read ahead for our best easy steps you can follow to achieve some mind-blowing anal pleasure!

  1. Educate yourself on anal
  2. Stock up on lube
  3. Try anal play on your own
  4. Go slow
  5. Keep it hygienic
  6. Talk with your partner
  7. Don't forget protection
Peach emoji. Read our top anal sex hygiene tips

1. Educate Yourself On Anal

What will it feel like? Will it hurt? Can you orgasm from anal sex? It’s normal to have a lot of questions about anal, especially if you’ve been exposed to the countless myths and taboos out there about anal sex experiences.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, 26% of heterosexuals that engaged in anal sex found it to be taboo.

One of the most important steps in being able to enjoy anal play is educating yourself on what to expect, so take some time to read up on any aspect that might make you nervous about trying anal! We’ve put together a list of our top articles to answer all your questions. GUIDE: List of Articles Read our ultimate anal sex guide and FAQs here: Everything You Need To Know About Anal Sex!

2. Stock Up On Lube

Our motto for anal is ALWAYS use lube and LOTS of it! Because the anus isn’t naturally lubricated like the vagina, you’re going to want to apply plenty of lubricant whether you’re experimenting with anal sex toys, a finger, or full penetration with your partner.

#1 Best-Selling TooTimid Water-Based Lube

Best-rated water-based anal lubricant

These are some of our top-rated lubes for anal sex:

3. Try Anal Play On Your Own

If you’ve never tried anal play, starting off with small toys and anal fingering by yourself is a great way to prepare your body for anal sex and get comfortable with different sensations.

Silicone Anal Beads

Black silicone tapered anal beads

Anal beads like these Silicone Tapered Heart Beads are a good toy to start with since you can insert just the smallest bead to start and go at your own pace. Remember to always use lube and work your way up slowly as you start to feel comfortable with the sensations!

Cherry's Vibrating Twister Butt Plug

Purple jelly butt plug with remote control

Once you’ve mastered anal beads or inserting a finger, try a small toy like a slim dildo or vibrating butt plug. The beginner-friendly Cherry's Vibrating Twister Butt Plug has a slender, flexible shape that is tapered at the tip for easy insertion. You might be surprised at the intense pleasure you feel from the added textures and pulsing vibrations!

Silicone Anal Plug With Easy Pull Loop

Flexible silicone butt plug

Anal toys with a bulbous tip like this Silicone Anal Plug With Easy Pull Loop can be moved in and out once inserted to simulate the feeling of anal penetration so you can start to get used to the sensations.

4. Go Slow

One of the best ways to ease yourself into anal sex is to use an anal training kit, a set of butt plugs designed to stretch the anal sphincter muscles so you can work your way up to penetration with a penis or dildo.

Silicone Anal Plug Kit

Set of three silicone anal plugs

The 5 star rated Silicone Anal Plug Kit includes three tapered butt plugs in graduated sizes to help prepare your body for anal sex. Always start with the smallest toy and only move up to the next larger size after using each size with ease. Remember, it should not feel painful! If you feel any pain during anal sex or while using anal toys, you should stop. Take a break if needed and apply more lube if you want to try again.

5. Keep It Hygienic

Thinking that it will be messy is one of the most common concerns that people have about anal sex. While there is always a potential for accidents, you can reduce the likelihood of any unwanted mess by emptying your bowels and cleaning the anal area beforehand. For most people, washing with regular soap and warm water or using unscented baby wipes is enough.

Anal Douche Enema Bulb

Anal douche kit enema bulb for anal sex

For those who may want a deeper clean before engaging in anal sex, this Anal Douche Enema Bulb is simple and easy to use. If you choose to use an anal douche or enema, make sure to do so 1 to 2 hours before anal play. Fill the bulb with warm water and don’t forget to lube up the nozzle as well!

Image of faucet. Read our top anal sex hygiene dos and don'ts

Anal Hygiene Top Tips:

  • DO clean the anal area before any anal play!
  • DO keep a towel nearby or put a towel on the bed, just in case!
  • DO stay calm and positive if things do get messy!
    • DON’T forget to always use lube!
    • DON’T go from anal play to vaginal play without cleaning up first!
    • DON’T skip cleaning your toys before AND after anal play!

      6. Talk With Your Partner

      When you’re ready to try anal sex, communicating with your partner is the next step. Consent is vital in ALL types of play, so it’s crucial to discuss your desires with your partner and establish your comfort levels before trying anal. Knowing what to expect and letting your partner know that you’ve been doing your research (and possibly trying out some anal sex toys!) can help reassure them if they do not have experience with anal play.

      If your partner is not interested in trying anal play, it’s important to try to communicate honestly about it without putting pressure on them to change their mind. Feeling comfortable and ready will help you both have the most enjoyable experience, and if they’re not into anal play, there are lots of other ways to enjoy sex together!

      7. Don’t Forget Protection

      Using a condom during anal sex is essential for preventing the spread of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and reducing the transmission of bacteria. If you’re on the receiving end, make sure your partner wears a condom, and put on a new one if you transition to vaginal play.

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      • KB

        Anal is a regular part of our love life. My husband and I have been doing anal for a long time. We’ve got the preparation part down to a science. Even though we’ve been doing anal for a long time, it still feels so good and pushes me over the edge. Highly recommend to spice up your love making.

      • Chris

        Been into anal now a couple years. I consider myself heterosexual but been thinking of experimenting with the opposite sex as for quite some time. I’ve found that butt plugs are a good way to stretch out your ass and they are fun to wear anywhere. You can start small and keep going bigger the wider u can make your ass go. In a very short time and with a little practice I can take a 3" plug and the total euphoria I felt when it finally popped in was absolutely unreal. It changes how u look at sex and in the best way ever.

      • Robert

        Have always loved giving and getting (toys) anal. Some women have some trouble starting as I have a large cock. So hot.

      • Sandra Gonzalez

        I’m excited and extremely nervous to try. What are the risk in having anal? I’m afraid of tearing, STD’s ,.

      • Happy

        Anal is awesome, try it you will like it, as they say! Go slow, be patient and enjoy 😊 An excellent preparation is having a butt plug in for a few hours or ware it all day long! Exciting adventure at work or getting together with a group of friends 👫 It is a Sweet turn on! Try it you will like it!!! ENJOY 😉

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