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6 Positions Any Couple Can & Should Do

Image of man and woman in lotus sex position on the bed
In the midst of all the information regarding amazing positions that couples should do there is rarely any mention of positions that ANY couple can do. Meaning – older, younger, shorter, taller, a little extra, a little less, flexible, not-so-flexible – you know, bodily variations and differing abilities.

Please note: While these positions are meant for the average, real-life, non-porn-star couple, there may be some couples that can’t do all of these positions for specific reasons. Listen to your body and if something isn't comfortable, don't do it!

1. Bent Over Double

Positions that utilize a rear approach are extremely popular amongst all couples because it takes weight and height out of the equation for the most part. The most successful way to do this position is to have one partner bend over the side of a bed and the other will slide in (either vaginally or anally) while standing behind. If either partner is a bit too tall they can spread their legs to match the other's height.

2. Bedside Bangin'

Similar to the bent over double position, this position has one partner lying on their back with their butt to the end of the bed. The other partner stands and enters their member (or strap on dildo) in a manner that is comfortable for the receiver. Whether their legs are just bent, on their partner's shoulders, or spread wide – this position is low impact, easy to achieve and maintain and feels great for both of you.

3. The Hot Seat

Alright, this ones for vagina-owners. Occasionally you may want to get on top but find that you can't bend your knees to do "the cowgirl". Instead, you can use the "hot seat" to get your riding on! For this, your partner will sit on the couch or a chair and you will face away from them and sit down onto their penis (or strap-on). You can then either grind around on it, bounce up and down or a variation of the theme.

4. Standard Oral

Oral sex is a great position for both partners to get off nicely. Any of the ways that oral can be given are usually pretty easy for all partners to do. Whether you are lying on your back with your lover between your legs or vice versa, these are easy positions for all types of people to achieve. Even a standard kneeling / sitting on the floor while your lover is on the couch can be fairly easily obtained. Another thing to do is bring in some oral sex gels to really spice things up.

5. Doggy Do

Doggy, or rear entry, positions tend to be easy for most partners. They can be adapted for special needs such as rather than the receiving partner being on hands and knees, they can put pillows under their pelvis and lay on their tummy. If the giver has issues being directly on their knees, the receiver can kneel toward the end of the bed or over the couch and the giver can stand. The giver can rest back on their heels while their lover rocks back against them. This makes doggy a go-to reverse position. Add in a doggy style strap for more fun!

6. Mutual Masturbation

Who says that positions have to be all intercourse? Not me! For some couples actual intercourse may be a bit difficult for a variety of reasons. So, mutual masturbation is a fantastic and fun alternative. An easy way to achieve this is the standard or reverse side by side. In the standard side by side the couple lays together in bed and they simply kiss and fondle and play with each other simultaneously. In the reverse the couple lies foot to head (genital alignment!) and they can please each other in any number of ways. Even if you have no issues with other positions, this is a great one for all couples.

What Sex Positions Do You Enjoy? Let Us Know With An Anonymous Comment Below!



    Love all positions and have used them extensively. However my absolute favorite is when the female is face down and i come in from behind to lick and kiss the viginia It alllows access to every nook and cranny. Dives a few of them absolutely nuts and two or three maybe four time they want me to stop and fuck them hard straight on. Love it.

  • Chow

    I see your post is over a year old, so you may have found solutions already, but… I totally get your situation. I’m 4’9" and my partner is 5’10". I’ve talked to other couples with considerable height differences and was surprised that they didn’t share my problems (maybe they were lying), but it definitely left me feeling alone. So, I had to start experimenting. When I’m on top (and he’s on his back), he usually ends up doing most of the work because I don’t have space to move; however, if he arches his hips up (bends his knees), it allows me to at least push back against him. This especially works for me if we’re near a wall or the headboard – I have something for leverage to push off of. I really enjoy a session on the sofa for this reason too where I can hold on to his shoulders or the back of the sofa to pull my body up (and I think it feels a little more intimate). Sometimes I’m able to move more in reverse cowgirl (with him on his back). The only issue is that I have to get hm to cross his legs or hold them together to give me space, and that only lasts so long when he’s trying to relax and enjoy himself… But everybody’s different, so that’s an idea to try too!

    Even if your partner likes you on top and you want to find solutions to achieve that, still be sure to communicate with him that it’s difficult for you. He can help you in figuring out ways to make it work or you may be able to find a happy medium together.

  • Big T

    Can we get some pictures to match…I’m a visual learner lol

  • Mark

    I have a small penis.what position do you recommend.my wife is the love of my life and I just want to please her

  • Marilinn

    For Lisa,
    Get a couple’s chair

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