6 Signs She's Not Into You Anymore


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A few years back the popular book, "He’s Just Not That Into You,” was made into an outstanding movie that actually had a lot of truths in it. Knowing the signs that someone who you want to date really has no interest in dating you can be an absolute INVALUABLE tool! However, what about when you are already in a relationship, and have been, and the sex stops, the intimacy stops and you have these thoughts like, what is happening with us? Well, perhaps she is just not that into you…anymore. So, how can you tell?

For women, sex and love are sort of interconnected (and for men too, on a different level). However, if a woman was really into you and wanted sex often, but then all of a sudden stops having interest in sex. Well, that is a huge red flag. It is just as much of one if she liked giving you oral pleasure and then this stops too. A man can tell an awful lot about his relationship by how sexually minded his woman is. While there are many reasons why sex may decline, if there is a quick and drastic shift, with other signs, you may be looking at a bigger issue.

Was your woman always buying new panties? Corsets and chemises were a common thing? Haven’t seen her in anything but granny panties or baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts for a long, long, LONG time? If your woman used to put on the seduction show, and all of a sudden has stopped cold turkey, well, you do the math. Women like to feel sexy when they are interested in pleasing their partners. When this stops and she comes to bed looking as unattractive as possible she may as well be wearing a sign that says, “OUT OF ORDER FOR SEX.” So pay attention fellas, if the lingerie has gone MIA, you relationship may follow behind it.

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Listen, there is no law that says women have to be properly “groomed” at all times, have their make-up perfect, their legs shaved, or their hair in tip-top shape. This being said, if your woman has always been meticulous about her personal grooming and all of a sudden looks like she is transforming in to a monkey because of her body hair or she never, ever puts on make-up anymore. Well…read between the shaving sessions buddy. She is lacking pride in herself and even more so she is allowing you to see her in such disarray. This does not bode well my friend.

If you lady all of a sudden is having much more “girl time” than ever before AND she is dressing to the hilt during these outings you may have a problem. When a woman hangs with the girls, it is her girl time and that is cool. When a woman hangs with the girls, in a bar, wearing mini-skirt and 5-inch heels – well. Ask yourself, when is the last time you saw those heels while she was out with you? Chances are she is auditioning your replacement.

Along with the aforementioned, if you ask your girl to hang out with you, go to a movie, dinner or even just watch some NETFLIX, but she declines. Continually declines. When your time together gets less and less, well, she is no longer that into you. Women love to spend time with the guy they are into. Almost clingingly so at times. So, if that has noticeably declined then she is testing out the waters without you. Sounds harsh doesn’t it? Unfortunately, seems to happen to us all.

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Kissing. Ahhh, kissing the gal or guy you are into is such a complete and utter turn on! There is nothing like a hot make-out session with your guy. So, if you try to kiss her and get a peck on the cheek instead of the full mouth Frenchie you are used to – yeah, dude, it is nearly over man. Kissing is important to women (statistically more so than with men) so if she is no longer smooching she may be getting ready to kiss someone else.

What Do You Do To Reignite Passion?
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  • Josh

    So how exactly do you reignite passion ina a relationship if most of these signs are noticed?

  • Luis

    What I do to keep the passion (and when I make her mad) is, I just lick it all better 😉
    I lick, suck, and nibble on that sweet, juicy clit until she can’t take it and taps out. 👅💦
    Passion has never went away, going on 15 years now, since Apr. 13th, 2006.
    You HAVE TO make her cum AT LEAST twice before you even stick it in, that way she is begging for it.
    Hope it helps, and possibly saves a relationship.

  • deborah

    OR possibly she’s giving what she gets.

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