5 Sexy Things She Craves In The Bedroom

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We all have our wants and desires when it comes to sex, and both men and women have certain sexual cravings or desires that will really get their blood pumping! Sometimes what women want is similar to what men want (see the corresponding article) and sometimes the desires are different. It is important to know what your lover craves so that the sexual experience can be as satisfying as possible for both of you!

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I know, it sounds a little selfish, but the truth is, in general it takes a woman a lot longer to not only warm up but to climax. When a man is not paying enough attention to her special needs, and only going for his own pleasure, women can sometimes be left to fend for their own orgasm. What fun is that? When you focus first and foremost on her and her pleasure, she is much more willing to then reciprocate with you! So, instead of going for your own O spend some quality time giving her MANY Os!

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Women absolutely LOVE it when you go down on us. It is intimate, erotic and, for as many women, the only chance at orgasm! Oral sex should be a standard for both partners in a couple (so women, heed your own requests here) but oral for a woman can sometimes be a “special request” for some guys. Here is a little tip: she wants it ALL THE TIME.

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Ahhh, kissing. So amazingly intimate and arousing! For women, kissing can really get the blood pumping and the body aroused! Deep, passionate, full-on kissing is such an important part of foreplay! Don’t forget the kissing even if you have been dating or sleeping together for years! Kissing is one activity that can get BOTH of you ready to go and fast! Unfortunately, many couples seem to give up the kissing when things become established and that is a shame!

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There is a reason why the 50 Shades of Grey books / movie are so popular amongst ALL types of women: the idea of being possessed! No, not all women crave being completely dominated (but probably more than you think) BUT women in general do crave being desired to the point where the man just “has to have her” and shows it by being dominant in bed! Being the object of one’s sexual affection is a very erotic ideal and can really spark some new fun in the bedroom.

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Yes, we know doggy style feels good. Yes, we know when we are on top you love that too. However, there are more positions to be had and more places to be having them! If you are stuck to the notion of “sex only in the bedroom on a Friday starting missionary and transitioning to doggy” and that is it. Every time. Then guess what? Your woman may be getting a bit bored! Try, you know, one of the other hundred positional opportunities and, perhaps, try doing it on the couch, in the kitchen or sneak into the shower! Women love variety and spontaneity. Keep her guessing and you’ll keep her happy!

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