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Oral sex is a very important part of a couple's intimate relationship! In a healthy sexual partnership, oral sex would be a regular part of a couple's activities. Sometimes, however, one person is more into giving oral than the other and the balance becomes a bit off. The best oral sex is when it is mutual, and both partners take their turn pleasing the other. So, if you have a good sexual relationship but want to know how to improve oral in your couple, here are some hints.

A 69 is when you give and receive oral sex simultaneously. Standardly, it is done with the couples' genitals to mouth with one or the other on top, but there are many variations of this. The thrill about the 69 position is that you get to please while being pleasured. For women in particular, this can be a great way to engage in foreplay. The oral for her will get her primed and ready for intercourse, and he will be just as eager to move on as well. Performing oral sex is arousing in general, and often will provide all the foreplay necessary, but if you throw in receiving too, well, that's a win-win!

Oral sex is an extremely intimate and erotic activity, and when a couple takes turns it becomes even more so. Often, one person will give the oral and then they will move on to intercourse once aroused. However, the arousal is only enhanced when you both take a turn! While the aforementioned 69 is a good way to both have a turn simultaneously, it is sometimes nice to be able to lay back and enjoy the oral attentions from your partner, then to switch, and sometimes, switch back. This creates a pleasure circle and definitely improves oral for both.

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One thing that can greatly enhance oral sex for a couple is when dirty talk is incorporated into the mix. Having him down between your legs, and saying something like, "Oh baby, your tongue on my clit is making me so wet." Or, when she has your penis in her mouth whispering, "Mmmmm, you really know how to suck my cock." No matter what you say, how erotic or dirty you get, the narration during the act will bring both of you to new levels of excitement!

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While I firmly believe that oral sex is fantastic on its own, I also think that some products and items available can make it more fun, especially if you are in any type of rut. For women, clitoral gels can really enhance oral sex. These specially designed gels will help to bring blood to her clitoris and make any stimulation there much more stimulating and arousing. His tongue will feel like 10 and her orgasm will come much more quickly. Similarly, penis gels for men can have the same reaction with him, making his penis much more sensitive and increasing overall pleasure. There are also more novelty style gels that are more for flavor and fun than purpose. These can at least break up the same ole and add a little flirty to the mix. Even edible paints can bring a new level of playfulness to oral sex for a couple.

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