Tongue Toys Versus Oral Sex

Mmmmmmmm, oral sex! We women love it for many reasons. Firstly, it feels A-MAZ-ING! Secondly, it is sometimes the only way we can orgasm because of the very direct stimulation it gives our clitoris. Finally, it is an extremely stimulating sensation that is really hard to replicate – at least not easily. So, when we do not have a partner who can provide us with the tongue teasing we desire what do we do? Are there toys that can replicate oral sex and are they as good as real oral sex is?

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There are a variety of “tongue toys” available to give women the experience of oral sex. Some are simply shaped like a tongue – long and beveled for that “stiff tongue” feeling against your clit. Others are softer, more pliable, and give the user the sensation of “licking” softly. Still others are rapidly moving, powerful, directly stimulating “tongue-like” vibrators that may not feel like a tongue but who cares – they are GREAT vibrators! The fact is, if you want something less like a vibrator and more like a tongue – you have options.


So, can any of these tongue toys ACTUALLY replicate oral sex? The easy answer is NO. Just like no toy can take the place of real sex with a real partner – no tongue toy can take the place of a real tongue during actual oral sex. That being said, can something come, well, close enough?


The first fairly obvious difference between a vibrator and a real tongue is that a tongue will provide wetness through saliva and such, whereas a vibrator, well, won’t. Sure, you could use lube with your tongue vibe (and, honestly, should for a more authentic feel) but the sliding around motion that happens with a real tongue can’t really be replicated

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OK, now here is where a tongue vibe is gonna have the edge – speed. Vibrators can provide a much more intense and powerful vibration because they are mechanical. Now, this is not to say that the more-than-averagely trained oral sex practitioner can’t offer a bit of exhilarating speed – they can! However, a good vibrating tongue teaser will run circles around your average real tongue. Sorry, the truth hurts.


While the tongue vibes may have speed in the bag, they do NOT have flexibility. Oh sure, there are some vibes that have a little bit of bendability – but can they swirl and straighten and go in circles and up and down, round and round? Some can to an extent but never in the way that a real tongue can. Oh sure, they can circle and wiggle and offer a bit of a circular ride but they will never be able to match the true flexibility of the real deal! Sorry Vibes, you lose this round!


So, when your lover gives your oral does the tongue also go in and out of you? You bet your clit it does! Oral sex is not only about the clitoris it is also about a little bit of fun and flirty insertion! Can a tongue vibe do that? SURE – but YOU have to do it! During real oral sex you just lay back and enjoy the fun while your lover teases you all over. With a vibe you sort of have to tease yourself. So this factor can sort of be a half / half. I guess it depends on if you want hands free pleasing.


OK, so the breakdown is a real tongue can do it all – provide instant lubricant, a variety of different, flexible movements as well as insertion if desired. The speed can be quite pleasing – but may not be as fast as can be provided by a vibrator.

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So who wins? Can a vibrating tongue toy really replace a real tongue? Nope. No way. HOWEVER, there are definitely some toys which can offer a substitute in a pinch. Let’s face it ladies, we use toys as supplements, to aid in fantasies, and to provide us with stimulations that provide climax. Many of the tongue toys will do just that so they are worth a try – if only to have a different type of sensation.

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