6 Types Of Orgasms She Can Have

How many different types of orgasms can you have? Yes, you read that right, I wrote “types of orgasms” which means there is more than one kind. If you have a clitoris and a g-spot, you have won the orgasm lottery. This means that for some – unfortunately not all – there is more than one way to achieve the big O!


This is by far the most common type of orgasm with 85% of all sexually active women only being able to orgasm through clitoral stimulation. The clitoris has the most nerve endings – 8,000 of them – and all roads here lead to orgasm. Clitoral orgasm is usually the first type of orgasm to experience, and usually in younger years. Rubbing the clitoris with fingers or against objects (like pillows) can result in a pretty fantastic orgasm. Later, during sexual intercourse, most women find that the only way to climax is by adding in clitoral stimulation to the mix. So, how do you have one? Concentrate on stimulating your clitoris! Oral sex is by far the best way to provide this stimulation, but your own fingers, vibrators or bullets, or even a stiff hairbrush handle can provide the needed stimulation.


Yes, the G-Spot is inside the vaginal canal and most people assume if they climax from intercourse that they are having a G-Spot orgasm, but this is not completely accurate. Some women can and do orgasm from just internal stimulation and while there may be some G-Spot involvement – after all, you can’t have vaginal stimulation without at least glossing over the G-Spot – the G-Spot doesn’t have to run the show. This is not the easiest way to orgasm, and most women – over 90% - can NOT orgasm through intercourse alone. Sometimes these lucky ladies just have a little extra sensitivity going on in their vaginas and they can orgasm during sex or vibrator play.


Ah yes, the G-Spot orgasm. Many people think that this type of orgasm is a myth or some sort of trick that porno actresses use. The G-Spot is real – and so is the chance of having a G-Spot orgasm. Unfortunately, most women will never experience one. The G-Spot is located on the upper (belly) side of the vagina canal, about 2-3 inches inside the vagina. It feels a little rougher than the remainder of the vaginal wall, and 90% of women can FEEL it when it is pressed. This does not mean that these women can have the orgasm, just that they recognize the difference in feeling. Some women can and do ejaculate (squirt) and have the full-fledged G-Spot orgasm, but they are the exception not the rule. The G-Spot is a complicated little part of the body and having the G-Spot orgasm can take some dedication and time. If you are interested trying to have a G-Spot orgasm then read one of the many articles here on the subject.


This is the second most common type of orgasm. The blended orgasm occurs when a woman is able to have an internal AND clitoral orgasm at the same time. This can be through adding clitoral stimulation during intercourse or toy play, or just having natural friction rubbing the clitoris during intercourse. Blended orgasms feel more intense than the separate orgasms do and women who experience them suggest that having the internal stimulation (or, being full) actually speeds up and intensifies their clitoral orgasm. So, how do you have a blended orgasm? First you need to experience both of the orgasms separately if possible. Next, you provide internal stimulation through intercourse or toy play and then add in clitoral stimulation until your feel the orgasms building.


Many women find nipple stimulation extremely arousing and love to have it as part of foreplay. Some lucky women can take that arousal all the way to orgasm! Nipple orgasms are not really commonplace and the women who experience them report having extremely sensitive nipples in general. The key to having a nipple orgasm is to firstly continue the stimulation past the point of foreplay and, secondly, to allow your body to completely feel the sensations. Sometimes stimulating both nipples at the same time can be the trigger to getting over the hump. Also, experiment with other sensations like sucking, licking, flicking and even using nipple clamps to heighten the sensations.


Without a doubt the most elusive type of orgasm is the anal orgasm. There is many reasons for this, one undoubtedly being the fact that so many women do not like anal sex combined with the fact that there is discomfort and even mild pain during anal sex. However, those women who enjoy anal sex report that they feel a different type of arousal and, sometimes, orgasm than a traditional orgasm. Admittedly, the women who have anal orgasms can usually have G-Spot orgasms as well. There is some speculation that women with heightened G-Spot sensation can feel that being stimulated during anal sex, but this may not always be the case. More common is the blended anal orgasm where clitoral stimulation aids in the intensity of the orgasm in general. So, how do you have an anal orgasm? Well, first you have to come to enjoy anal sex. This means having a caring partner who is willing to put in the time and effort to ensure you enjoy it. Next, you have to sink in to the pleasure of the feelings and allow yourself to relax. Finally, you may need or want to add in clitoral stimulation to speed up the orgasmic process.
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