How To Find Your G-Spot

Of all the questions that I get asked, “how do I find my G-Spot” is probably one of the more frequent. Women want to know how they can find and stimulate their own G-Spots, or if what they are doing is correct, if they are looking in the right spot or, the most popular, why can they not squirt? Stimulating your G-Spot is an experience that is extremely pleasurable for most women – and, of course – if you can have that elusive gspot orgasm, well, it is worth all the trouble finding it! Realistically, finding the G-Spot is really not all that difficult if you know where to look. Now, stimulating it correctly may be a little more of a challenge. So, if you are a woman who wants to know where, how and why to find and stimulate your G-Spot read on!

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Here you can see where the G-spot is located, approximately. Notice that it is UP and back on the top, vaginal wall. Notice that it is under the pelvic bone. Most especially, notice where it is located INSIDE the vagina in reference to the length of a finger.

Before you try to find your G-Spot: Have many orgasms (clitoral and/or vaginal). The more aroused you are, the more prominent your G-Spot will be!

Many women want to know how they can get to it themselves. Can they do it alone? Do you need a special toy? How is the easiest way to do it? To answer these questions we have to cover a lot of different possibilities and scenarios including: how flexible you are, how sensitive you are, if you are overweight, etc. In short, YES, you can get to it yourself! It may take some finagling but you most definitely can find it yourself.

* Position 1: The best way to find it yourself, if possible, is via your own fingers. The reason is, the G-Spot has a different texture than the rest of your vaginal canal. So, if you can reach in and feel your vaginal canal with your fingers then you should be able to feel the spongy texture there. Lay down on your back, put a pillow or two under your butt (this changes the angle to make it easier to reach), bring your legs up and back toward your sides, then reach in with the middle finger of your prominent hand and feel the top wall of your vaginal canal about 2-3 inches in. When you press on the spot, hard, you should feel a sort of sensation that is different than other vaginal stimulation.

* Position 2: If you can’t reach in this manner, due to flexibility or being a bit overweight, you can get onto your hands and knees, a pillow under your tummy, bending your head down toward the bed. Spread your knees and then reach under and insert your fingers into your vaginal canal and feel in the same manner. This position is often easier as the natural weight of the body can push the G-Spot out a bit.

* Position 3: Squatting, as in like a frog stance, can also be helpful in finding your G-Spot. If you need some support, squat while holding on to a chair. Squat down with your feel flat on the floor and your knees spread apart. Then, reach up and into your vagina with your prominent finger and feel for the spot. This position naturally relaxes the internal canal (like in pre-birthing exercises) and allows the spot to become more prominent to the touch.

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Perhaps you are not having much luck with finding your spot via fingers. In which case you may want to employ the help of a G-Spot toy. G-Spot toys are designed to have a natural curve to them which, when placed into the vagina, can arch up toward the spot. They are also firmer to the touch, so when the toy comes into contact with the G-Spot you can feel the special sensation. G-Spot toys are good to have for play time whether or not you want to stimulate your G-Spot.

So, now that you have found your G-Spot you can explore different ways to stimulate it. If you are using just your fingers, remember that for most women effective stimulation of your G-Spot takes time. A lot of time. So, be prepared to stroke and stroke and stroke your spot. Use a firm touch and, if possible, put a bullet on your clitoris to continue the arousal state. Use FIRM pressure. You should be able to FEEL the stimulation and build up.

If you are using a toy (recommended) then you will be able to give yourself much more stimulation for longer because toys don’t get tired! Find a toy that is appropriate for G-Spot stimulation (firm, curved head, often “bulbous” shape at the tip) and press this toy hard onto your spot. Be relentless in your stimulation of your G-spot. It will take a while and you should feel that you are getting more aroused.

Well, first and foremost, it feels amazing! It is a very intense sensation, almost uncomfortable, and it may feel like you have to pee. Do not stop! If you feel this, keep on going. It is possible you will have a G-spot orgasm! This is not guaranteed, and it is different for every woman, but most of the time once you get past the feeling of discomfort you are well on your way.

Women want to squirt. They see it as “the only true G-Spot orgasm.” The truth is, a majority of women do NOT squirt. Squirting is not something that happens with every woman. You can sometimes work up to the squirt, otherwise known as the ejaculation, but not all women will. You can, however, have a G-Spot orgasm without the squirt. So, my advice is to have fun, enjoy the sensations and do not worry about the squirt. IF it feels good to you then carry on!

What's Your Favorite Way To Stimulate Your G-Spot? Let Us Know!

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