10 Best Prostate Massagers For a Strong Anal Orgasm

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The p-spot, as it's also known, rests a couple inches within the rectum, right behind the base of the penis shaft. Just like the g-spot, the p-spot can be reached and stimulated with a firm, rubbing pressure with a "come hither" curled finger. But what if a curled finger isn't enough? What if a curled finger is too much work for a someone alone trying this massage for the first time? Give your fingers a rest, and slide into a new world of incredible pleasure with a prostate massager!

1. Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

#1 Men's Anal Adult Toy

A powerful and luxury vibrating tool for massaging the prostate, the Hiroki Vibrating Prostate Stimulator is sleek and naturally contoured to rest right against the prostate gland. It's got a great handle for ultimate control, and a smooth slender tip with a stimulating ribbed base that buzzes right where you want it most.

2. Prostate Massager

Image of black prostate stimulator with added curves for perineum play

Not just your typical toy, this beginner Prostate Massager provides a firm stimulation. The sturdy plastic is perfect for lubrication, penetration, and easy cleaning. The added perineum massaging tabs rub that oh-so-sensitive spot on the outside while the curving tip caresses the P-Spot!

3. 10 Function Self Pleasing P

Powerful Anal Adult Sex Toy for Men
If there's one word to describe this toy, it's WOW! With an intense 10 functions of vibration, the wireless remote control lets you easily change the vibration level.  The Abian Wireless Prostate Toy is a superior massager for guys everywhere. The smooth tapered tip and pad-like penetrator rest right on the prostate for maximum pleasure.

4. Dr. Kaplan Power Probe

Image of black matte simple prostate power probe

This handheld prostate massager boasts two strong speeds of vibration. It is nice and quiet and discreet for beginners. With it's superior seamless Silicone shaft, and pronounced p-spot tip, the 100% waterproof Dr. Joel Kaplan  Prostate Power Probe opens you up to pleasure like you've never had before.

5. Combo Cockring & Prostate Massager

Image of black cock ring prostate massager 2 in 1

This Cock Ring Prostate Massager 2 in 1 toy delivers the prostate stimulation you crave while also helping you last longer so you can experience a stronger, more powerful orgasm! The smooth silicone prostate massager is designed with a bulbous, angled tip that is perfectly curved to stimulate the prostate gland. Stimulating ripples down one side and a removable bullet vibrator with 10 exciting functions provide added sensations to coax you to a mind-blowing P-spot orgasm!

6. 7 Function Prostate Stimulator

7 Function Prostate Stimulator in Black
This 7 Function Prostate Stimulator will give you pinpoint stimulation so you can experience more intense orgasms during masturbation and foreplay! It is made of 100% silicone making it safe, easy to clean, and erotically smooth. The unique, remote-controlled 7 vibration functions give you the varied stimulation you need to have incredible climaxes.

7. Kip's Silicone Prostate Stimulator

Kips prostate massager for men

The Kip's Silicone Stimulator has a curved neck and bulbous head which helps to reach and stimulate your prostate perfectly! The ring hole at the base enables you to place, move and retrieve the toy safely and with ease. The perineum ticklers provide another layer of pleasure, and the small size is perfect for anyone who is new to prostate play.

8. Waterproof Prostate Massager

Bendable prostate massager for men

This Waterproof Prostate Toy has a curved head that hits the P-spot exactly how it needs to be hit and will have your toes curling in no time. The strong vibrations are concentrated at the tip to directly stimulate your prostate. The rounded tip is specially designed to massage your "p-spot" just right! The vibrations are fully adjustable with a simple multi-speed dial. This vibrator's shaft is contoured for easy insertion and angled for an effortless grip so you can play as long as you desire.

9. Dev's 10 Function Prostate Stimulator

Devs 10 function massager for prostate

The Dev Prostate Stimulator is a 5" anal wonder! This toy is a velvety-smooth, black prostate massager and is made from high-quality silicone. Feel the smooth silicone penetrate with ease then reach for the remote and send yourself into euphoria with 10 different vibrating functions that is sure to satisfy all your needs! The gently curved shaft massages your p-spot with incredible accuracy, and the generous cord length keeps you from getting tangled up while you play.

10. Silicone Prostate Stimulator

Black silicone anal prostate massager

Heighten sexual pleasure with this Silicone Prostate Massager! This P-spot massager will stimulate your hard-to-reach erogenous zone so you can achieve explosive orgasms during masturbation & sex. It is made of silicone that is hypoallergenic & easy to clean. It is also beginner-friendly so even shy starters can enjoy the awesome, toe-curling pleasure only a prostate toy can provide!

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  • Rob

    The Hiroki (listed #1 above) does come with a remote control that your partner can control. https://www.tootimid.com/products/wireless-silicone-prostate-massager-7712

  • Michael Billey

    What is the possibility of a hand held remote control for partner playing with prostate massagers? Kind of like the opposite handheld controlled G spot massagers for women?

  • Marsha Rosenkrans
    I long or sharp fingernails allowed!!

  • Marsha Rosenkrans
    I long or sharp fingernails allowed!!

  • Marsha Rosenkrans
    I long or sharp fingernails allowed!!

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