5 Things Men Want in a Sex Toy

Similar to what a woman wants in a sex toy, men have concerns and desires when it comes to their solo play pal, along with the items they can use with a partner. Some men don’t even know that there ARE sex toys for them! Others can only imagine the Bachelor-Party-Cheap-and-Trashy-Blow-Up-Dolls and not much else. Still others may have some experience in the realm of male sex toys, but really want to try something else! To find some answers I enlisted help from my boy buds and asked them: What do YOU want in your masturbatory fun toy? So, if you are a man and want something fun to play with solo, read on and see what other dudes are contemplating with 5 Things Men Want in a Sex Toy!

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When it comes to their many members, men want to tread carefully with masturbation items. Chafing can be common with vigorous masturbation, so when getting assistance from a masturbation sleeve or lotion, comfort is key. My male minions said that when choosing a masturbation item they want something that is comfortable, feels good and fits their penis correctly. Luckily, most male masturbators are made of stretchy jelly material, so girth is hardly an issue. Length, however, can be. Most masturbators (whether a sleeve, a vibrating masturbator, or realistic vagina) are double ended (meaning, hole at both ends). This aids in clean up and makes the toy safer as to repeat use. So, the key is to know how long you REALLY are! Not the length you tell your buddies in the locker room, but your REAL, hard, fully erect length. Then, when you know this, you can find an item that will comfortably surround your obviously-adequate penis length.


You may have guessed that men put a lot of pressure on themselves to deliver a truly outstanding and mind-blowing sexual experience for their partners! So, it should not be surprising that when talking about sexual enhancement products, men want a product that can either (a) make them last longer or (b) make them BIGGER. Are there such products? You bet your penis there are! Penis pumps for example can substantially increase the girth of the penis (temporarily) as well as increasing sensitivity. Also, male prolonging creams and gels can somewhat desensitize the penis short term, making sex last longer. Furthermore, if you want to really try something new, textured sleeves, cock rings and other “extras” that can go around or on the penis can bring a whole new level of satisfaction to your partner. How do you find what you want? Look around TooTimid.com, everything there is by category: pumps, sprays, gels, extenders, sleeves – depending on what you want to achieve, you can find it there!
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Two of my guy pals mentioned that they have an interest in prostate massagers. A very popular item for men, a prostate massager can be used solo or during oral sex with a partner. The orgasm achieved while the prostate is being massaged can be very intense, hence why many men find this a fun option. So, how do you find an item that will work? Well, if you are new to this type of play, go basic. If you are more experienced, then you will know what will work for you. Why do I bring this up in this article? Simply, half of the men I asked said it is a “want” for their masturbation AND couple’s play time. Therefore, I think it is warranted. If this is something you feel you may want as well, do a little research on it, find out what these specialty items are all about, perhaps talk to a consultant on the site. Then, try it out, you just may like it.


When men employ the help of a masturbator they usually want one of two things: realistic feel and realistic look. When it comes to realistic vaginas (a masturbator that LOOKS like a vagina) my boy buds reported that they would much rather it look like a “pussy” and not some cartoon version of one. They even indicated that they would pay more for one that looked pleasing. This means that fantasy is important to some men. Being able to imagine that your masturbator is an eager and horny woman, well, that wins points. Also along similar lines, the feel of the masturbator is important. Men want to close their eyes and imagine they are having sex (or oral sex) with the girl of their dreams. While no toy can feel like an actual mouth or vagina (sorry guys, but dildos don’t feel the same for us, either) there are better options. How do you find the right one? Well, look at what appeals to you. TooTimid.com offers many different varieties of realistic vaginas. Also, read the reviews and watch the videos. You may be able to discern which item will feel the most realistic by reading the reviews of men who have enjoyed them!
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Yup, just like women men want a toy that will actual evoke an orgasm! This is the goal, right, of masturbation? While no toy or no person can GUARANTEE an orgasm, many men (including my pals) have reported that using a masturbation sleeve has causes a quicker orgasm. Why? Well, it is like being with a new partner, the sensations, feelings, textures are different. So, how do you know which product will work for you? Well, what do you LIKE when you masturbate? Do you go slowly with a light touch? Do you like to go fast and grab hard? Do you want the tip to be stimulated more than the base? The answers to these questions can help you find the right item. If you like light touch then a masturbation lube may be all you crave. If you want the tip to be heavily stimulated then make sure you find a toy that is longer so your penis will stay inside, or find a head-specific toy. If you like harder or rougher – pick an item with texture and a lot of “suction” to help. You have to know what you like to find the right toy!

What Do You Look For In A Toy?
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