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Men want to experience different sensations, vibrations and feels when getting their orgasms on too. That's where sex toys come should come into play. Plenty of men don’t even know there are toys designed specifically for their needs.
There are plenty of sexual enhancement products for men – and more are being invented all the time.

Every man should own these 5 types of men's sex toys

  • Penis Pumps
  • Cock Rings
  • Lubes / Creams
  • Masturbation Sleeve
  • Prostate Massager (anal sex vibrator)

Going solo doesn’t have to be boring or the same old, same old. With the toys that we’ve rounded up, men can have all kinds of experiences. The best part about most of these toys is that they can be shared with a partner too.  

Sex toys for men can bring a whole bunch of good vibrations his way. Since a man’s hand can’t vibrate on its own, there are many vibrating toys for him to try to increase his pleasure. Unless he’s super flexible, a man will have a hard time finding and stimulating his prostate while exploring his penis too. That’s where prostate massagers come in handy. Orgasms that result from prostate stimulation are very intense and men who have experienced them say every man should try to have their P-spot stimulated and orgasm from it.

There are toys to enhance his penis size, train him to last longer during intercourse and toys to just make him feel good when he’s alone. Who wouldn’t want to increase their own personal pleasure? Toys aren’t just for the ladies!

Sex toys can bring his solo (and partner) sexy time to a whole, new level of FUN. Here are the 5 types of sex toys that every man should have.  If your man is looking to last longer in bed, here are some recommendations for having longer sex.

1. Penis Pumps

Let me guess, you think that if you have a penis pump it means that you have a small penis and therefore need a penis pump to make it bigger? This is such a fallacy. Penis pumps CAN increase the size of your erection over time, but they are not going to permanently increase the size of your penis. Nor are they used ONLY for this type of purpose. They have other purposes too. Here's our Complete Guide to Penis Pumps.

Penis pumps are used to create a pleasurable, vacuum-induced suction that will increase the girth and length of the penis while also providing pleasurable stimulation. Simply pump until you reach your desired size, slide off the tube and you’re ready for action. Penis pumps can be used solo as a masturbation aid or pre-sex to give your lover a harder, and wider, erection to enjoy. This is why every man should have a penis pump in his sex toy arsenal.

Recommended Product: Titan Vibrating Penis Pump
Titan Man Pump

2. Cock Rings

So many people think that cock rings are a novelty item that really have no purpose OR they think that single guys can’t benefit from a cock ring. Both are far from the truth, as every man should have a cock ring on hand.

What are cock rings? Cock rings come in various sizes and are usually made of rubber or a jelly-like material. They are rings that help keep blood flow in the penis and balls. This ring goes around the balls and shaft when semi-erect and then when a full erection occurs, the blood engorgement of the penis will last longer and often be stronger, and harder, than without a cock ring. Cock rings can help a man learn to last longer during intercourse and who doesn’t want that? Using one during sex with a partner will keep him rock solid for longer amounts of time.

Recommended Product: Double Trouble Enhancer

Men's vibrating cock ring

3. Masturbation Lotions & Gels

Are you using your wife’s hand lotion when you masturbate? Or, worse yet, no lotion at all? It’s 2021 men, time to up your game and enjoy some silky smoothness at the same time. While men have been masturbating without lubrication forever, those who know the secret of good masturbation realize that adding some lubrication to the party really takes masturbation time up a notch or two.

Not only does your hand slide more effortlessly over your shaft, but some lubrication and oils will provide different sensations like warming or cooling. Plus you can always use some lotions and gels with a partner, so it’s always good to have some on hand, literally.

So, if you want to give yourself the masturbation experience with a little more, invest in some different oils and lotions for your solo party.

Recommended Product: TooTimid Water Based Lube
#1 Best Water-Based Lubricant

4. Masturbation Sleeves

Listen dudes, if you have not masturbated using a masturbation sleeve then you are really missing out on an amazing experience. What is a masturbation sleeve? It’s a sex toy that mimics the feel of a vagina/anus/mouth, depending upon the sleeve you get.

How do you use a masturbation sleeve? You stroke your penis by putting it inside of a well-lubricated and textured “vagina/anus/mouth replica” and stroke yourself to completion. Masturbation sleeves are a totally different feel from your hand, which is a nice way to switch it up.

Masturbation sleeves are available in any number of sizes, types, textures and some even have vibration options. Masturbation sleeves will change up and enhance masturbation by providing different sensations and stimulations as well as a vacuum-like suction that is much more intense than hands-only play. Why not mix one into your solo time and see how it feels? You will never know what you were missing if you don’t try one.

There are inexpensive options as well as some higher-priced ones. The original masturbation sleeve was made by the company Fleshlight.

That name has become well known in the masturbation sleeve game. Here we offer the original Pink Lady Fleshlight, a sleeve that has a life-like, silky-smooth feel that will easily warm to your body’s temperature.

There are options galore in this category and it doesn’t really matter which type you get as long as you know this is a MUST HAVE item! They are easy to clean too with some soap and water, once you’re done. Over the past few years, vibrating penis sleeves have become very popular for men.  These products are also easy to store away discreetly.

Recommended Product: Bello Luxury Male Toy

Quality Expensive Male Sex Toy with Penis Vibrations

5. Prostate Massagers

It can’t be said enough – MEN NEED TO EXPERIENCE PROSTATE MASSAGE! Prostate massagers are inserted into the anal canal and are specially formed to directly hit and stimulate the prostate on the P-spot.

Prostate stimulation is an extremely intense and powerful type of male stimulation that can increase the intensity of orgasm, whether that orgasm is from oral or manual stimulation. Prostate massagers can (and should) be used during oral sex or during solo play. Sometimes they have been known to render orgasm without any other stimulation.

Now, don’t you want to go and see what all the fuss is about?

Recommended Product: Hiroki Prostate Vibrator for Men
Man's Anal Sex Toys for Prostate

These are the top 5 sex toys for men to try. Try one or try them all, life is short and why not experiment with something other than your hand if you’re going solo. And remember, most of these can be used with a partner, so they can offer twice the fun.

If your man is shy about buying one and trying it out, why not gift him one to get him started. After all, man cannot live by his hand alone! 

What's Your Favorite Toy Type? Let Us Know With A Comment Below!


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