Beginner Anal Sex Toy Guide

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Do you have the desire to try something new in the bedroom? Have you thought of anal play before but were worried that it would hurt? Fear not! Anal toys can be very pleasurable, especially when used with other pleasures, like vaginal penetration or oral sex!

Learn the basics and check out our wide selection of toys to make your exciting adventure into anal play the ultimate sexual experience. Whether you're looking for vibrations or just a little extra sensation, we’ve got the best beginner anal sex toys!

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TooTimid’s Anal Toy Guide

What Are Anal Toys?

Many of us were raised with the belief that the anus is a dirty, even taboo subject, but few of us were taught that the anus is also an erogenous zone for both women and men. Anal toys are used to stimulate the nerve endings associated with the anus and rectum. Common types of beginner anal sex toys include butt plugs, anal beads, anal dildos, and anal vibrators. Anal toys allow us to explore the high concentration of nerve endings in the prostate as well.

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How Do I Use Anal Toys?

Use a toy that has some sort of handle or base that will not allow the toy to completely penetrate your anus. Never use any sharp objects in or around your anus. Any anal toy guide will tell you to take it slow and easy, relax, and use plenty of lubricant while trying to follow the natural path of your rectum as you insert even beginner anal sex toys. If there is pain beyond what you would expect, remove the object and try again later when you can relax more. Finally, if you are going to be sharing the toys with other people, be sure to place a condom over the toy and change the condom when switching to others.

What Are Anal Beads?

The most basic way to explain anal beads is that they’re similar to marbles attached to a string. Typical anal beads will have anywhere from 5 to 12 beads that are all connected via a string or a rubber cord. The diameter of the beads normally ranges from 0.125 inches for beginner anal sex toys to a full inch for someone more experienced. When using anal beads, be sure to lubricate both the beads and the anus. One by one, insert the beads into your anus. Once you have inserted them all—or as many as you are comfortable with—remove one or two beads at a time or the entire strand at once by pulling on the handle. This feeling of removing the beads will produce an intense and pleasurable sensation.

Anal Advice For Beginners

What Are Anal Dildos?

Anal dildos are designed specially for the anus. While any dildo could be inserted into the anus, our anal toy guide suggests these beginner sex toys for anal play because their slimmer design offers greater comfort. In addition to being a bit more slim, they will often have some sort of handle or wide base to prevent them from completely entering the anus.

What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is typically made out of a rubber or jelly-like material. Normally these plugs are 3 to 6 inches long and 0.5 to 2 inches wide. A basic butt plug is non-vibrating and made of rubber. For those of you looking for a beginner anal sex toy that is more appealing to the eyes, consider a jelly butt plug. If you want to take it to the next level to add even more excitement, our anal toy guide recommends vibrating butt plugs.

What Sort of Anal Toys Should I Shop For?

The most important factor to remember when shopping for a beginner anal sex toy is to select something that is a realistic size for inserting into your anus. Before selecting one that meets your needs, ask yourself:

  • Are you looking for something that will give you the sensation of being full?
  • Are you looking for something that you know is there but is slim and unintrusive?
  • Are you looking for something that gives you multiple entry and exit sensations?

Other features to look for in a beginner anal sex toy include handles or large bases, materials that are pliable and soft to the touch, and toys that are sturdy (not hard) for better insertion.

TooTimid’s Best Anal Toys Guide

Silicone Anal Plug Kit

Silicone Anal Plug Kit


This beginner-friendly set includes 3 high-quality butt plugs in slowly graduated sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect level of stimulation you are looking for! With gently tapered tips and wide, flared bases, these plugs provide easy insertion and removal for safe & comfortable anal play! You will love the "full" feeling you get when wearing one of these plugs during masturbation or sex, as the fullness will intensify your internal sensations! Remove the plug at climax to experience even more powerful orgasms!

Jeweled Metal Heart Butt Plug

Jeweled Metal Heart Butt Plug


Every woman loves sparkles which is why this is the perfect metal anal plug for you! Enhance your role-play activities or wear this jeweled heart shape plug during sex to enhance your orgasms! This pretty heart will increase the sensitivity you experience while targeting your erogenous zones! The comfortable tapered shape delivers easy and comfortable insertion and is available in three different sizes. Featuring a hollow stem and flared base, this toy will stay safely secure while adding a little bling to your behind!

Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads


If you love anal stimulation during sex or solo play or are looking to experiment with something a little kinky, you must try these vibrating beads! With flexible, tapered beads that slowly graduate in size, and an easy to pull loop at the base, even beginners can try this thrilling anal toy for powerful orgasms! The velvety smooth silicone material is ultra-soft on your skin, and the beaded shaft feels amazing as you remove these beads at climax to intensify your sexual pleasure!

Vibrating Jelly Butt Plug

Vibrating Jelly Butt Plug


Experience thrilling anal stimulation for a bigger orgasm with this vibrating butt plug! The slender shape and soft jelly material make this toy perfect for beginners or experienced anal lovers! A flexible, tapered tip makes this butt plug easy and comfortable to insert, while the body has enough girth to fill you with powerful vibrations and push you to new levels of bliss! The pleasing sense of fullness will also intensify your internal sensations when worn during sex or masturbation, so you can achieve a mind-blowing orgasm with the feeling of double penetration! The single-speed bullet is also removable making it so easy to clean this anal plug, and you can even use the powerful bullet vibe by itself to massage your clit or nipples! You will love the intense pleasure you can achieve with this flirty butt plug!

Silicone Anal Beads - Super Flexible!

Silicone Anal Beads - Super Flexible!

 Perfect for beginners or experienced users - work slowly to larger anal plug sizes with these beads that gradually increase in size as you build your endurance comfortably. This high quality silicone plug is tapered for easy insertion and anal stimulation and so that you can determine how deep you want them. This toy is extremely flexible so it bends with you to contour to your shape as you move. The pull ring keeps the beads securely in place and creates an easy removal so you can have comfortable anal play!

Flexi Plug Anal Toy

Flexi Plug Anal Toy


This soft and flexible butt plug is a great way to introduce anal play into the boudoir! The tapered tip makes insertion easy and the flanged base keeps this toy in place! This anal plug will surprise you with its truly sturdy suction cup! Enjoy the hands-free pleasure and freedom of this anal plug when you stick it to almost any flat surface and pound away! This anal massager is perfect for the shower or bath!

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