5 Steps To Have GOOD Anal Sex


Anal sex is one of those sexual activities that many people don’t try out of fear of it “hurting” or it not being pleasing at all. Women especially are very tentative when it comes to trying out anal. Some have even tried it and had a bad experience so now do not believe that anal sex can even be good. Let me assure you, anal sex can be extremely pleasing and even fun! You just have to know the steps to having good anal sex!

1. Trust Your Partner

While you should always trust your partner when engaging in sex, it is imperative at a whole new level that you trust your partner when having anal sex. Why? Done correctly with care anal sex is wonderful. Done incorrectly, with disregard for the receiver’s feelings, it can be quite painful. You have to have absolute trust that your partner will listen to your requests to go slowly, to stop, pause or use more lubricant.

2. Use Lubrication

I am not talking about a little bit of spit – I am talking about real, legitimate lubrication. Preferably, silicone lubricant as it is thicker and lasts much longer. You NEED to use lubrication. This is the difference between smooth entry and a gliding penis and a painful entry with nothing smooth occurring. The anal canal does not self-lubricate and the lining is very fragile and can rip or tear if you are not careful. You always, always need to use lube and a lot of it. I mean A LOT. Lube up his penis and lube up the anal opening too – and stick some in with a finger for good measure. Lube. Lube. Lube.  

3. Go Slow, Really Slow

I do not care what you have seen in porn, anal sex is NOT a fast-paced slam-a-thon (at least not the first few minutes). Anal sex requires patience and a slow going entry to make it feel good. Your partner needs to lube up, position himself at the opening and begin pushing in gently, steadily and slowly ALWAYS listening to your request to stop or slow down. Once he is all the way in, he should withdraw and insert slowly as the lubricant gets spread around and the anal canal stretches to accommodate him. Once things are feeling good then – and only then – can he pick up the pace. Keep in mind, though, that there may be a need to add more lube again. Pay attention to your partner.

4. Push Out To Get It In

The anal canal is not meant for things to go UP as usually it is stuff (poop) coming OUT. The anal canal is a muscle and as such it can be tightened and released just like any muscle. When we have anal sex our inclination is to tighten up – mostly if there is any sense of discomfort. However, this will not help the situation.

The best thing to do is to push OUT – like you are trying to go to the bathroom. This opens up the muscle’s grip and widens the anal canal making it much easier to push the penis up into the anal canal. When you feel him pushing in consciously push out and allow yourself to relax into it. Once he starts to get higher into your canal you can stop consciously pushing out.

5. Find A Comfortable Position

Finally, the last piece of the anal sex puzzle is to find a position that allows for the easiest insertion and is the least “painful” – I use that term gingerly, as anal sex should never hurt, but may be a bit uncomfortable for the first few seconds. Traditionally, anal sex is done doggy style, where the receiver simply gets on all fours and the man enters from behind. This is not always the most comfortable for insertion though.

Some of the best positions put the receiver in control. For example, facing backwards (toward the male’s feet) and lowering down onto the penis. This position aids in the natural opening of the anal canal and makes insertion much, much easier. Similarly, being on your back and bending your knees back toward the head makes for easier insertion as well and allows the receiver to masturbate while insertion is occurring, which often also helps. The trick is finding the position which works best for you!

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    I loved the way you explained everything from a woman’s perspective but unfortunately I can’t go there with the partner I’m with she’s very conservative and we’re polar opposites but one can dream…thanks

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