How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Anal sex - probably the most misunderstood sexual activity. Personally, anal sex is a regular part of my sexual rotation. However, I am most likely in the minority. Anal sex makes many people (both men and women) cringe at the various misinformed thoughts – it will hurt, it will be messy, if I like it I must be gay – and really there is no reason why every couple can’t be enjoying anal sex! So, if you want to know how to prepare for anal sex – read on!

Yeah, you gotta get your mind in the anal game, you know, mentally prepare. This is true for both newbies and for experienced anal players. For newbies you have to allow yourself to enjoy the experience by trying not to taint it with all the “fears.” If you continually think “it will hurt, it will hurt” – guess what? It is more likely to HURT. However, if you prepare yourself and realize there may be some discomfort, but know HOW to minimize that, then you will have an enjoyable experience. For more experienced anal practitioners, we all know that to mentally prepare is to physically prepare and to get ready for the pleasure in the experience.

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This one is just for the newbies (or if you have a new partner) – you need to TALK to your partner about it. Whomever is doing the anal insertion (whether with fingers, toys or penis) needs to pay attention to your physical and verbal cues. If you say STOP or GO SLOW or TAKE IT OUT – that partner needs to listen to you and do what you ask. The person who is getting anally penetrated is the person who will know if it hurts, if there needs to be more lube, or if it is just too much for that night. Listen to each other and respect the limitations of your partner.

There are some “anal” supplies you must have – namely LUBE. Anal without lube is a no-no. Repeat: Lube is a friend not a foe! The anal canal does not self-lubricate, and I don’t care what you see in porn – spit doesn’t work! You need lube. Lots of lube. Have lube. The other optional supply are condoms. If you are squeamish or if you are practicing safe sex (which everyone should) then you need a condom! Condoms protect from STDs (and you can get them through anal sex) as well as offer a protective “poop” barrier. On extra thing you may want is anal desensitizing cream or gel. While I firmly believe that you should never need this, some people find it easier to relax when they have a product made to lessen discomfort. So, if you want it, get it.

Personally, I believe in a quick freshen up before sex if possible no matter WHAT kind of sex I will be having, but for anal I especially like to clean up the area. I will empty my bowels if necessary, and make sure I am clean as can be. I like flushable baby wipes for this task. I just wipe as thoroughly as possible and I also insert a finger wrapped in the wipe up inside just to get anything that may be hanging around up there. Yeah, you laughed, it is OK. I get it.

Anal plugs are wonderful inventions. Used along, they can add a little anal stimulation to sex or to masturbation. Used as a prep device, they gently stretch the anal opening and will then make any subsequent anal insertion less uncomfortable. If you squirt some lube on a plug, and insert it during foreplay, then by the time you are ready for anal sex the insertion will go much more smoothly! Furthermore, there are lots of plugs which are very fun and cute to use – such as the jeweled plugs or the animal tail plugs! Super flirty and sexy!

For some people, anal prep can take on a new level. This means cleaning out the anal passage a little more deeply and thoroughly. Namely, an enema! Personally, I find this unnecessary most times, simply because my partner realizes what he is getting into with anal. However, some couples like the cleanest ride possible so they tend to want to clear the roadway of all debris, if you catch my drift. Using an enema many hours before hand (yes, MANY HOURS) can also be helpful to avoid impaction of stool (poop) during anal. Come on, we are all adults here. If you have poop in your anal canal (cause we almost always do) and something is pushing up inside, it will push it back as far as it can go and, well, impact it. You add that with some lube being forced up in there and the after effects can get a little messy. Some people choose to minimize or eliminate this little experience so they opt for a pre-anal enema. Also, eating a bit lighter the day before anal and avoiding some foods (like popcorn, nuts or seeds) can be helpful. Trust me – think about it.

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Remember a moment ago when you repeated: Lube is a friend not a foe? Well, the reason is without lube bad things can happen to your rectum. Bad, bad, painful things. I told you I would tell you the truth, right? Here is the truth: when you have anal sex and you do not have something to smooth the way, your canal can become irritated, sore and even get tiny little cuts in it – these are called Fissures. Or, you can also get hemorrhoids (swollen and inflamed veins in the rectal area). Both of these conditions are reversible and, most importantly, PREVENTABLE! If you use lubricant when you have anal sex, then you are sure to not get fissures or roids. So, did you learn your lube lesson? So, when you are ready to have anal you:

1. Get as comfortable as possible!
3. Go SLOW
4. Talk to your partner!
5. Relax and relax and, oh, RELAX
6. Enjoy! Yes, really. Enjoy!

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