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5 Positions To Eat Her Out

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
5 Positions To Eat Her Out

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Imagine you are on Jeopardy. The host, Alex Trebec says, “Pick a category.” You choose, “I’ll take 5 Positions to Eat Her Out In for $1000 Alex!” Would you win? I would! What makes me think about this is one time, a few years back, my very good male friend Harrison wanted some “out of the norm” positions to eat out his girlfriend. He said that he wanted to really wow her or take her by surprise, while at the same time not trying to be all “porntastic” when he did it! Oral sex is not always done the same way. No sexual activity should EVER be done the same way every time. Sure, you may have your favorites; we all do, but try to change it up every so often. Your lover will love you for it! So, here are some tried-and-true and very new oral sex positions for HER!


There is no denying that the most popular, and probably the most tried and true oral sex position, is when the woman lies down on her back and the man gets between her legs, lying down on his stomach. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this position, as it gives the man a good amount of access to her entire body. He is able to orally stimulate her, and run his hands up to her belly, breasts, nipples or hips. He can easily and comfortably adjust her to an angle that is pleasing to both of them, and, he can finger her vaginally or anally as well. For the woman, this position allows her to lay back, relax and enjoy the sensations. She can play with her own breasts, grab his head, thrust and wiggle her hips, spread her legs or move them any way she likes. It is a great position for oral newbies as well because it allows both partners to experiment with many subtle changes that can provide maximum pleasure! There is a reason this is a favorite – so it must remain on any list of oral sex positions!


A few years back I had a torrid love affair with a hot French Canadian man. He had oral skills that were beyond compare. He loved to go down on me. LOVED it. He had a ton of positions he would put me in, but my favorite by far was when he would lay me down on my back, my butt right off the edge of the bed. He then would sit on the floor (he was tall, so if you are not tall enough you may want to sit on a pillow or three) and give me oral for hours. Yes, I said it, hours! The thing about this position was the variance that I had with where my legs would rest and how spread my legs could get. I could rest my feet on his shoulders, drape my legs over his shoulders, hold my own legs apart, have them tied back with tethers, place my feet on the edge of the bed, knees bent. The possibilities were ENDLESS! For him, it was easy access without bending or lying flat, he had straight on contact for licking or fingering, he could hold me down or allow me to wiggle. This position is AMAZING for long oral sessions. Plus, if your lover chooses, you can transition to sex, then back to oral – then back to sex – then back to oral! Imagine! PLUS, and this is a biggie, it was GREAT for G-Spot stimulation! Whoooopie!

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How To Give Her Oral Sex

I don’t know about you ladies, but I sort of love those positions that make me feel all exposed and naughty. When my lover gets to look at me in all my naked glory. I love it when he pushes me to my hands and knees and kisses my neck, back, butt, legs and then slides underneath me while I am still on hands and knees and eats me out! It is so raw and passionate! We COULD do a 69, but no, he is just pleasuring me. Allowing me to rock back and forth on his tongue, to sit more fully on his face, to slide around as he grabs on to my hips and pulls me into him in a way that is wanton and needy! He can easily finger me, pull me down, keep me still or just let me move around in any way that feels good to me. Oh yes, this is a position that is all about the woman getting pleasure and it puts a lot of control in her hands (or hips!)


In my bedroom I have “the sex chair” that is used for a variety of sexual activities, including and especially: oral sex for me! Preferably, you would want a comfy lounge-like chair with arms so that she can lean back, get comfortable and drape her legs over the arms for wider access! Then, you just kneel down between her legs and get your munch on! The glory of this is she is sort of “trapped” in the chair so if she is prone to multiples (like I am) you can keep going and going and she can’t really escape. It is also a great position for getting her to the edge of the chair and changing the depth and direction of any fingering action that may occur! Why not take a load off tonight and try oral in a chair!


Have you ever been eating dinner with your lover and thought, “There is something else I would rather be eating right now!” I have. Many, many, many times. The dining room table is such a uniquely perfect place to have some sexual escapades – and eating out your lover is HIGH on the list of post-dinner delicacies! Why? Well, the height is almost perfect. Imagine your lover spread out before you, her legs draped right over your shoulders, your mouth in perfect alignment with her, and your hands free to roam over her body as she arches her back while you pleasure her orally. It is a sexy and fairly naughty position that puts her right where you want her and allows for easy access, a beautiful view, and the ability to go from oral to sex in a snap! Now, won’t YOU will looking at your dining room table a little differently tonight?

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How Do You Eat Her Out?
Let Us Know!


Date 6/12/2015
We totally have a sex chair too! Its sort of low to the ground and has no arms, but is soft and cushioned like a regular lazy boy, so it's great for oral but also great for riding and lap dancing.
Date 6/12/2015
ummm i think my bf needs to read this lol
Date 6/13/2015
Ben Mitchell
ha, it doesnt matter what position shes in. i make her scream no matter what. i pity all the other pussys!
Date 6/14/2015
69 is the best, in my opinion- especially with my current guy! The only thing is sometimes it's hard to focus on doing a good job on him since he's doing such a good job on me! His tongue can do things some other guys I've been with cocks couldnt do!
Date 6/15/2015
you can't beat the reaction you get when you're going down on her just right! It beats the regular O face any day and then you know they've gotten off and then they'll reward you with your turn....Trust me
Date 9/1/2015
You mentioned all fours, not sure if that was just encompassing "all other", but what about him lying on his back, and you sitting on his face? Best position in my opinion 😉
Date 9/1/2015
The table was nice Friday night laying on my back bringing her up my body till she is on my face looking at the back of the bed holding the head board till she has had all she wants then slides down on me awesome.
Date 6/6/2016
I think her laying on her back with my hands underneath her but so it can be moved up and down then sliding my toungue down to clit and then inside her and tickling her ass with my tongue drives her crazy it is really hot
Date 6/9/2016
eduardo gomez
Me como mi mujer encima de la mesa, y tambien la pongo de rodillas en la cama y su cabeza recostada de la cama y las nalgas para arriba y asi me la como en perrito y a la misma vez le como el chiquito..
Date 6/9/2016
I have been with my wife for nine years. I love going down on her but it is frustrating at times because every time she is just about there she makes me STOP. She clams that she feels that it makes her wont to have to pee. Nine years now just cant to stay put tryed all of these pluse some.
Date 6/10/2016
Hers and my favorite is definitely riding my face. I love the way she controls the action. She can ride rough and grind it pull away and tease me as her lips are just inches away from my extended tongue. She can also run her butt over my tongue if she wants. I like to pleasure myself while its happening and that turns her on even more!!
Date 8/19/2016
A tip for the men: facial hair is so amazing for oral! The sensation is such an amazing added bonus! I love when you man just buries his face and rubs up against my clit. Ohhhhh! Plus beards are HOT!
Date 9/29/2017
with chop stick.
Date 11/13/2017
The edge of the bed is the best way to do oral. I can be on my knees on the floor and my wife on the edge of the bed with pillows behind her back. Gives her lots of support. In this position I can go forever and my neck or back never get tired. She can have as many orgasms as she likes until she says shes had enough. I love every min. of it. Oral is my favorite for play activity. It also works great because in the middle of licking her pussy I can stop , she can sit up and suck my cock for a min. or so then return to her original position. when the licking is done she can sit up, turn around on all fours and I can enter her from behind. A very comfortable position for both of us. We can then cum together Doggie style in perfect fashion. OH, YAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!
Date 1/7/2018
Rose, I have a full beard,,,,,,,& Use it often,,,,, *wink

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