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The 5 Best Sex Positions to Perform Cunnilingus: Try These Tips Tonight!

Image of couple laying in bed together

To be totally honest with you, no sexual activity should ever be done the same way every time. That includes oral sex and the positions you're giving oral sex inSure, you may have your favorite go-to positions; we all do, but do your best to try and change it up every so often. Your lover will be grateful for it and it'll benefit you too. Here are some tried-and-true oral sex positions to try on your partner's vagina:

1. Keep Things Traditional

an illustration of two people participating in oral sex

There is no denying that the most popular, and probably the most tried and true oral sex position, is when the receiving partner lies down on their back and their partner (you) gets between their legs, lying down. This position gives you a good amount of access to their entire body.

You'll then be able to orally stimulate your lover, and run their hands up to their belly, chest, nipples or neck. You can easily and comfortably adjust your partner to an angle that is pleasing for both of you, and you can finger them vaginally or anally as well.

For the receiver, this position allows them to lay back, relax and enjoy the sensations. They can play with their nipples, grab your head, thrust and wiggle their hips, spread their legs or move them any way they like. It is a great position for oral newbies as well because it allows both partners to experiment with many subtle changes that can provide maximum pleasure!

2. The Edge Of The Bed

an illustration of two people participating in oral sex on the edge of a bed

Now let's move away from the traditional position and start exploring some positions you might not have tried yet. If you have a bed, which I'm assuming you do, then you can do this position. Lead your lover up to the bedroom and lay them down on their back so that their butt ends up lining up right at the edge of the bed. Next, you will need to sit down on the floor (if the bed is tall you might need to put a few pillows under your knees...just a heads up) and from there you will have the perfect position to provide your partner with amazing oral.

The thing that makes this position extra pleasing for the receiving partner is the variance that they will have with their legs. They will have the opportunity to rest their legs if they need to, but they also can spread those legs as far apart as they want. They could also drape their legs over your shoulders or put their feet on your shoulders. The possibilities are endless and that is what makes this position so sexy.

This position is amazing for long oral sessions because it will give you easy access without having to bend over or lie flat for a long period of time. You'll have easy access and will be able to hold your partner down if they start squirming. Plus, this position can be an easy transition into penetrative sex if you both want to take it there next. You could also bring in a sex toy, such as the Silicone G Spot Vibrator shown below, to really take things up a notch and pleasure your partner.

Image of hot pink gspot vibrator

3. Get On Your Hands & Knees

two people participating in oral sex with one standing

Another sexy oral position is for your partner to put get on their hands and knees. This position can feel incredibly kinky and naughty as they sit there in a fully vulnerable position where you can see all of them. For this position, you should push your partner down onto their hands and knees. Then you should slowly give kisses on the neck, the back, the butt, the legs and then slowly slide underneath them to start kissing down low.

This position is amazing not only because the position itself is really sexy visually but also because your partner will have the ability to move in any way they need to. They can rock back and forth on your tongue and push down further for harder stimulation. Also, you can similarly grab their hips and pull them in closer to show how badly you want to eat them out. This position is all about the receiving partner getting the pleasure that they want, it will certainly be a winner.

4. It's Time To Take A Seat

an illustration of two people participating in oral sex with one person sitting up

In my bedroom, I have “the sex chair” that is used for a variety of sexual activities, including and especially: oral sex! Preferably, you would want a comfy lounge-like chair with arms so that she can lean back, get comfortable and drape her legs over the arms for wider access!

Then, you just kneel down between your partner's legs and get your munch on! The glory of this position is that they are sort of “trapped” in the chair so if they are prone to multiple orgasms you can keep going. It is also a great position for getting them to the edge of the chair and changing the depth and direction of any fingering action that may occur!

5. Make Use Of That Table

two people participating in oral sex with one in a chair giving and one kneeling on a table receiving

Have you ever been eating dinner with your lover and thought, “There is something else I would rather be eating right now!” The dining room table is such a uniquely perfect place to have some sexual escapades – and eating out your lover is HIGH on the list of post-dinner delicacies! Why? Well, the height is almost perfect.

Imagine your partner spread out before you, their legs draped right over your shoulders, your mouth in perfect alignment with their pussy, and your hands free to roam over her body as they arch their back while you pleasure them orally. It is a sexy and fairly naughty position that puts them right where you want them and allows for easy access, a beautiful view, and the ability to go from oral to sex in a snap! Now, won’t YOU look at your dining room table a little differently tonight?

What Are Your Go-To Cunnilingus Positions? Let Us Know With A Comment Below!


  • Lynda

    We tried these and enjoyed all five, but our preferred is like a 69 position. He lays on his back with a pillow supporting his head (because sometimes it goes in for a while). I am on all fours with my pussy just an inch from his face. I get to watch his cock grow hard, throb and drip precum. Sometimes I tease him with my hand or tongue. But this position for me allows me to move my pussy where it feels best. It also gives him a great view. He can lick and suck me easily. He can finger me and recently his finger rims my asshole. Holy cow does that stir the juices. Often we will play a game in this position try to make the other person cum. He often wins because when I get close to orgasm my body only focuses on my organs and I cannot continue pleasing him. He knows he has won and my body explodes. I always finish him off later.

  • Jenn

    We actually did the table tonight. It was fabulous

  • Jenn

    We actually did the table tonight. It was fabulous

  • John

    We’ve tried them all. Neither of us has any complaints! It’s my favorite part of the evening. She is satisfied so I am happy. So is she!

  • Stacy Mann

    I love to lay her on the edge of the bed he gives me so much access and I love eating her out 😜 very prone to multiple orgasms as I munch away most of the time she has to make me stop because she says she can’t take anymore she needs to catch her breath. But I will try with her knees and hands on the floor that sounds very interesting and has a lot of possibilities especially since her favorite position is from behind 💞

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