5 Ways To Use Your New Vibrator

Watch below as our Sexpert shows you How to Use a Vibrator as well as How to Clean a Vibrator!

You have just gotten your new vibrator in the mail. There it is – shiny, new, and ready for some playtime. You take it out of the packaging and hold it in your hand. You anticipate the fun and orgasms that the two of you are going to have together. You read the instructions for battery insertion or charging; you wash your new play toy and get out some lube.

Now what? Perhaps you are new to toy play – how does one “begin?” Or, perhaps this toy is new to you. In either case, here are 5 ways to use your new B.O.B (battery operated boyfriend!)


Usually, the first way a woman will use her new vibrator is alone during private playtime. Why? Well, she is getting acquainted with a new friend so she needs to become comfortable with all her new toy has to offer. Does it only vibrate? Does it have different speeds? Is it a dual action? The first test run with a new toy should be done alone so that you can properly welcome your new buzzing buddy to the bedroom. So get comfy, get naked and get busy!


Vibrators are an excellent way to add a little va-va-voom to your foreplay time. You can use them solo to amp yourself up before the main event – or – with a partner during foreplay. Vibrators can be used all over your body to stimulate your erogenous zones. Buzzing around your nipples, neck, inner thighs – it all feels amazing when a vibrator is doing the tickling. Your partner can help or watch – whichever you decide – and you are sure to be all revved up for the main event!


Speaking of foreplay, have you considered using your vibrator during oral sex? Women really benefit from having insertion during oral sex (fingers are nice, too). Using a vibrator while your partner goes down on you can amp up your orgasm potential and it will give him a little thrill as well.


Men are visual – and women can be too – so using your vibrator to put on a little private viewing masturbation show for your lover can be extremely arousing! Imagine your partner looking on as you use your new toy to pleasure yourself. He can stroke himself while you play – or – help you. Either way, getting a little naughty with your new B.O.B. with your partner is sure to have explosive results.


It is a complete myth that vibrators have no place during sex. Think outside of the box – literally! Vibrators are great for much more besides insertion – they also can provide some wonderful external (clitoral) stimulation. Anytime you would use your fingers to stimulate yourself during intercourse you can substitute your new toy. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even have more orgasms using the vibrator than if you just used your fingers. Also, your partner will love to watch you play.


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How Will You Use Your New Vibrator?
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