8 Wands That Will Make Any Woman Orgasm

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Wand massagers are the most POWERFUL vibrators available to women, making them the perfect sex tools for ladies who want to have a clit or gspot orgasm. If you want to cum hard and experience the easiest, most satisfying orgasms of your life, check out our best wand massagers to make you climax!

1. The Original Magic Wand  The Original Magic Wand

There is a reason the Original Magic Wand is popular! Famous for its explosive vibrations that set the standards for wand massagers in the industry, This two-speed stimulator has the ultimate electric vibes you need to reach orgasm almost effortlessly. It has a five-foot cord for a greater range of pleasure and the flexible neck offers you spot-on clit stimulation that will rock your world.

2. Bliss Wand

Bliss Wand

Fulfill your your clit fantasies with the Bliss Wand! Powerful and cordless, this seductive massage wand is rechargeable, so you can take your pleasure wherever you please! This wand vibe has eight modes of vibration and is uniquely waterproof for wet and wild fun! It's not overly large but still has the intense vibrations you crave.

3. Lux Wand

Lux Wand

This personal massager has the explosive electric vibes you desire, but it has even more to offer you. With TEN escalating and unique pulsating functions, the Lux Wand for women has the variety you need to enjoy countless orgasms. The cord is nine feet long, so you are free to move around as much as you please! The flexible neck offers more direct stimulation to help you cum more easily.

4. Mini Wanachi Massager  Mini Wanachi Massager

This slim, battery-operated wand is ready to go wherever you go! Small and quiet, this is the perfect mini vibe for the on-the-go gal! The Mini Wanachi Massager has nine different modes of vibration and is completely waterproof for kinky shower play. Because it's so small and lightweight, it's a great sex toy for female masturbation or use during sexual intercourse!

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5. Embrace Silicone Body Wand Massager 

Embrace Silicone Body Wand Massager

Treat yourself to a stunning luxury vibe! The Embrace Silicone Body Wand massager is USB rechargeable, giving you the ultra-powerful electric vibrations you need to climax. This massager has a uniquely curved handle for greater clit stimulation in any sex position. You can even use it on your neck and shoulders to relieve muscle tension, but we all know that's a secondary use!

6. Desire Rechargeable Massage WandDesire Rechargeable Massage Wand

With the Desire Rechargeable Massage Wand, you truly have it all. It has ten unique escalating and pulsating functions to drive you over the edge and it is rechargeable cordless play! Enjoy the ultra-powerful vibrations on your clitoris for the most intense orgasms of your life, or use it as a sexy massager during foreplay with your partner.

7. Vibe Rite Cordless 7 Speed MassagerVibe Rite Cordless 7 Speed Massager

This rechargeable body wand has seven intense vibration speeds for your erotic pleasure. You can use the multi-speed dial to slowly raise the strength of the vibes and build to ecstasy or you can jack it up to the highest speed for an unbelievably explosive orgasm. Plus, the Vibe Rite Cordless 7-Speed Massager comes with several of its own optional attachments to spice up your kinky play.

8. Bodywand Aqua Waterproof MassagerBodywand Aqua Waterproof Massager

Sleek and luxurious, this is the perfect wand massager for any woman who LOVES options. There are independent vibration and pulsation functions for you to explore! The Bodywand Aqua Waterproof Massager battery-operated for cordless play and it's totally waterproof for fun in the bath or shower. Customize your pleasure with this elegant, multi-function personal massager!

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