Best Sex Positions for Couples

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Best Sex Positions For Couples. Read Our How-To Guide Of Intimate Sexual Positions and Top Products We Recommend For Better Sex

There are countless variations to choose from when it comes to sex positions, but do you ever find that you return to the same "tried and true" positions every time? We've put together a list of our favorite positions that let you get closer to your partner and increase intimacy in the bedroom! What better way to switch things up than by trying a new sexual position or returning to an old favorite but with a small twist that makes the moment even more special and romantic! Expand your sexual repertoire and read our intimate sex positions guide to learn some of the best sex positions for couples!

1. Cowgirl
A cartoon illustration showing a couple in the reverse cowgirl sexual position. This illustration is property of

The cowgirl position offers a lot of variety and gives the person on top more control over the speed, depth, and angle of penetration. This position can be very intimate as it allows you to add other types of stimulation at the same time such as kissing or nipple play, or move easily from the cowgirl into a 69-ing position!

How to do it: Have the penetrating partner lie on their back while their partner kneels over them, either by swinging one leg across their partner’s hips or straddling them at the feet and moving up into position with one knee on each side. The person on top can guide their lover’s penis or strap-on and ride them in a sitting position, leaning forward over their partner, or leaning back slightly. You can also try this position with the person on top either forward (facing their partner) or reverse (facing away from their partner). This position is very physically and visually stimulating, and both partners' hands stay free to explore their lover's other erogenous zones with a vibrator or gentle caress!

Eluna Slim Wireless Bullet Vibe

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Use the Eluna Slim Wireless Bullet to stimulate your partner’s nipples or clit for a stronger orgasm! The wireless controller lets either partner control the vibration modes!

Rechargeable Silicone Finger Vibrator

Silicone finger vibrator worn on an index finger

This wearable Rechargeable Silicone Finger Vibe makes it easy to deliver thrilling sensations all over your lover’s body! The powerful rechargeable vibrations are sure to enhance your pleasure with every touch!

2. Doggy Style
A cartoon illustration of a couple having strap-on sex in the doggy style sexual position. This illustration is property of

Doggy style is a position that can work for any couple. If you’re on the receiving end, you can place a pillow under your stomach for support, keep your legs together, spread them apart - anything goes with this versatile position! This more intimate twist on the classic doggy-style allows more skin-to-skin contact and makes it easy for the person on top to massage their partner’s nipples and clit, or kiss their neck and back. Grab a doggy style strap for extra security.

How to do it: The person on the bottom can either lay on their stomach or rest on their knees and forearms while their partner kneels behind them, facing their back. The person on top should straddle their partner’s legs to enter them from behind, and can stretch their body over the other person while keeping most of the weight on their knees and legs.

Silicone Hollow Strap-On

Silicone hollow strapon dildo

When you want to go all night, this Silicone Hollow Strap-On lets you prolong intercourse with or without an erect penis. The stretchy harness strap also adjusts to fit either partner.

TooTimid Water-Based Cool Tingling Arousal Lube

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TooTimid’s Water-Based Cool Tingling Lube is a lightweight water-based lubricant with a hint of mint for added cooling sensations! Rub a dab of this tingling arousal gel on your clit during foreplay to enhance your pleasure!

3. Butterfly
A cartoon illustration of a couple having sex with one person seated on the edge of the bed and the other person standing. This illustration is property of

Also known as “edge of the bed,” this position is a favorite for many couples! This position is very easy to transition into from either giving or receiving oral sex, and it's also one of the best sex positions for couples because you can easily change the tightness by closing or changing the position of your legs! It’s great for deeper penetration, is visually appealing, and remains comfortable during long sexual encounters, which is why we chose to feature it in our how-to sex positions guide.

How to do it: One person lies on their back, legs up or spread apart, while their partner stands at the edge of the bed and enters them. The person seated or laying on the bed can arch up to meet their lover's thrust, lean back against a pillow, or rest with their elbows on the bed.

Wireless Remote Vibrating Double Cock Ring For Couples

Dual vibrating couples cockring with remote

This Wireless Remote Vibrating Double Cock Ring has powerful clit-stimulating vibrations to increase pleasure for both partners! The stretchy dual silicone rings also help the wearer last longer for a bigger orgasm!

4. Spooning
A cartoon illustration of two people having sex laying on their side in a spooning position. This illustration is property of

Spooning sex is a low-impact position that works well for couples who are pregnant, older, heavier, or less flexible, or couples who just want to cuddle up close to their lover! Spooning is one of the best sex positions for couples because it’s great for intimacy, easy to achieve, and feels amazing because of the depth and tightness.

How to do it: While both lying on your side, one partner (the “small spoon”) will be facing away from the other (the “big spoon”) so that the penetrating partner will enter from behind. The big spoon can snuggle up behind the small spoon and curl their body along the small spoon’s back side. Making love from behind also allows the big spoon to kiss their partner’s neck and shoulders, hold hands, or provide clitoral stimulation with their fingers or a vibrator.

Paris Nubby Clitoral Teaser

Nubby silicone clit vibrator

The Paris Nubby Clitoral Teaser is perfect for massaging your partner’s clit or nipples while you’re spooning! Either person can use this handheld vibrator on themself or their partner to help them reach orgasm faster!

Darkon Silicone Whisper-Quiet & X-Strong Cordless Wand Massager

Cordless handheld wand vibrator

Hold the smooth head of the Darkon Silicone Cordless Wand Massager against your partner’s clitoris, testicles, nipples, thighs, or other sensitive spots for added sensations during foreplay or sex! This rechargeable massage wand is incredibly quiet, but powerful!

5. Missionary
A cartoon illustration of two people in the missionary sexual position, with the bottom partner's legs raised and resting on their partner's shoulders. This illustration is property of

The standard missionary position is a favorite for a reason: it feels good and is very intimate! Missionary offers certain benefits like the ability to kiss and caress each other, the chance to look into your lover’s eyes, skin-to-skin contact, deep penetration, and clitoral stimulation. Move your lover’s legs as you enter them with a cock or strap-on, or push up on your arms to increase the angle, and you’ll see for yourself why this is one of the best sex positions for couples!

How to do it: The person on the bottom should lay down on their back with legs spread and bent at the knees. The other person will be positioned between their partner’s thighs, facing each other, with the person on top supporting themself with their arms on either side of their partner’s body. Try placing a pillow under the bottom partner's hips or raising your legs and resting them on the top partner's shoulders to find the best angle for deep penetration.

The Perfect Silicone Dildo

Curved silicone dildo for strap-on sex

The Perfect Silicone Dildo is just that, a silicone dildo that is perfect for all types of intimate play! This smooth, curved dildo can be used for vaginal, G-spot, or anal stimulation, and it’s harness compatible for strap-on sex with your partner!

6. The "69"
A cartoon illustration of a couple laying on their sides in the 69 sexual position. This illustration is property of

Our list wouldn't be complete if we didn't bring up 69ing! Simply put, the 69 position is when you are positioned with your partner so that you can both perform oral sex on each other at the same time. This is the best sex position for couples who want to have more oral sex and enjoy the closeness of spooning! Oral sex can be one of the most intimate parts of your lovemaking, whether you want eating each other out to be a sexy warm-up or make it the main event!

How to do it: The easiest and most comfortable way to achieve this position is for both partners to be laying on their sides, facing each other. Position yourself so that your mouth is near your partner's genitals and vice versa. When you want to change things up, you can try 69ing with either partner on top or take turns.

JO Strawberry Kisses Edible Flavored Lube

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The JO Strawberry Kisses Edible Flavored Lube is a sensual strawberry-flavored lube that turns your lover into a sweet treat! This water-based personal lubricant is non-staining and easy to clean up, and it’s the perfect addition to your next oral sex session!

7. Lap Dance
A cartoon illustration of one person seated in a chair while their partner gives them a sexy lap dance. This illustration is property of

If you want deeper stimulation and like taking control in bed, you need to try the lap dance! We love that the person on top gets to decide the depth and speed as they grind against their partner. The person on top also gets the option of facing forward or facing away, making it a strong contender for the best sex position for couples! Make it as intimate or as raunchy as you want, or act out some naughty role play fantasies!

How to do it: One person will sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed with their feet on the floor. The other partner straddles them, lowering themselves down onto their partner's penis or strap-on. The standing partner can place both hands on their partner's shoulders or the back of the chair for balance as they get situated.

Textured Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring For Couples

Silicone vibrating cockring with textured clit stimulator

This Textured Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring can be worn on your partner’s penis or dildo for added clit stimulation for the partner on top! The stretchy silicone ring has a rippled texture and powerful rechargeable vibrations!

Best Vibrating Dildo with Balls - #1 Seller!

Vibrating realistic dildo with balls and remote

A chair sex position is also great for adding a suction cup toy like the Best Vibrating Dildo with Balls that you can stick to the chair for erotic fantasy play! This toy is perfect for those who want a dildo that offers exciting vibrations or added length and girth for their partner to ride!

8. Seated Scissors
A cartoon illustration of a couple in a scissoring sexual position. This illustration is property of

As you get older, you may find that certain positions work better than others. Seated scissors is easy on the knees and can work well for heavier individuals or partners with a large height difference.  Scissoring also offers both partners the possibility of stimulating each other's breasts, nipples, clitoris, anus, or other erogenous areas while you are in this position, making it one of the best sex positions for any couple!

How to do it: One person gets on top while their partner lies down and holds themselves up on their elbows. Position your legs so that each person has one leg between the other person's legs. As the person on top “scissors” over their partner’s leg in a gentle back-and-forth motion, both get to enjoy this arousing and intimate connection as their climax builds!

Silver Clit Bullet Power Vibrator

Vibrating silver bullet sex toy

You really can’t beat a classic toy like the Silver Clit Bullet Power Vibrator when you’re looking for a strong and versatile vibrator! This universal sex toy can be used all over your partner’s body to tease them with a light, tingling touch or dial up the vibration speed for targeted stimulation to bring them to an explosive orgasm!

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