17 Sexual Positions to Experiment With on Date Night

Couple embracing

Let me ask you this, have you and your lover ever done “The Cat?” sex position? No? Ok, how about the “Yab-Yum?” Not that one either? One more, how about the “Italian Chandelier?” Not that one either? Oh man, where have you been? Do you only do “Doggy style” and “Missionary?” I have come none to soon my friend, you have a whole world left to explore!

Now I'm not trying to make you feel bad at all, and you really shouldn't. Many couples get in a rut when it comes to sexual positions. Why? Certain positions work well for them and feel good, so why change? Well, because changing up your sexual position will not only give your love life new fire, but it can also:

  1. Increase chances of having an orgasm.
  2. Increase chances of having multiple orgasms.
  3. Increase chances of having a G-Spot orgasm.
  4. Help to delay orgasm to help with premature ejaculation.
  5. Increase sex drive.
  6. Burn some extra calories!

So, how can switching up positions possibly do all of these things? Well, I am going to tell you – because I believe in education! So sit back, get comfy and prepare yourselves to be enlightened. Hopefully, at the end of this article you will have at least a handful of new positions to try tonight!

1. The Cat

Illustration of couple doing the cat sex position

Anybody who has female sexual organs will be happy to know that they are 3 times more likely to orgasm in this sex position. This position also does double duty in that it is an excellent position for delaying ejaculation, so if you have found yourself struggling with that then this might be a good position to experiment with. It is a fairly easy position to get into, but not so easy to perform. Don't worry though, I'll do my best to explain it step by step for you.

How to do it: The receiving partner, let's say that's you, will lay down for this position. You will want to make sure your back is totally flat, no pillows under your head. Then your partner will get on top of you and insert the penis or strap on. Your partner will need to be inserted in a way that their public bone is pressing down on yours and the base of the penis should be outside of the vagina or anal opening. So, they won't be totally inside you.

Once you're here, you'll want to wrap your legs around their thighs so your ankles come to rest on their calves. Then you will simply grind against each other, not pumping in and out - but rather up and down in the same direction at the same speed. Once you master the humping part, this will be a delightful sensation for both people involved!

2. The Reverse Cat

Illustration of couple doing the reverse cat sex position
This position works well if the penetrating partner is heavier because they will be on the bottom in this position. In many ways, this position might be more successful, as the receiving partner feels like they have more power to control the speed of the grinding, and as they get closer to orgasm, they can speed up the pace.

How to do it: To complete this sex position you can simply reverse the technique described above for the "Cat". You will climb onto your partner's penis or toy and then lie down onto them so you are even with their pelvic arch. Your lover will then wraps their legs around your thighs as you straighten out your legs. Then you do as described above, grinding up against each other and finding a pleasurable groove.

3. The Reverse Cowgirl

Illustration of couple doing the reverse cowgirl position
What makes this position a good one for obtaining the big “O”? Well, because the receiving partner is in control, they can grind in any position which feels good, at any speed which feels good. You can pop up onto your feet (if you are limber and strong enough) and get pounded quickly, then lower back down to go soft and subtle. To maximize the “O” potential for anyone with a vagina, this position is fairly well penetrating, and offers some pubic bone rubbing against the clitoris if you bend forward when you grind on your partner.  Also, if you instruct your partner to arch up it will help to achieve this goal!

How to do it: To achieve this position, you're basically going to be riding your partner but in reverse - so you'll be facing away from them while they get a sexy view of your rear end. Your partner will lie down and you will climb on top of them (facing their feet) and lower yourself down onto their penis or toy. Then, you'll want to bend your knees so you are kneeling and will begin grinding on your partner at whatever speed feels good for you.

4. The X Factor

Illustration of couple doing the x factor sex position

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE positions because it is a Tantric position and it always produces many orgasms for me as a woman – with my partner's manual help. The “X-Factor” is a position which is great on so many levels – good for heavier couples, pregnant women (earlier months) and anyone with premature ejaculation issues. The “X-Factor” is sure to stimulate you in ways you would never expect.

How to do it: To do this position, the receiving partner must lower themselves down onto their partner’s penis and then slowly, slowly lean themselves back until they are lying backwards at a similar angle to the penetrating partner. When you are correctly in the position, you should look like an “X.” The penis will barely be inside the orifice – which is what aids to prolonging sex.

5. The Tie-Me-Up Tango

Illustration of couple doing the tie me up tango sex positionContrary to what this position implies, there is no tying involved. This position is not for the inflexible, as it takes some maneuvering to get into, as well as to stay in position. But once you get there, it is an extremely erotic position to be in. It is a great position for nipple play.

How to do it: To do this position, as the receiving partner you'll need to get into a kneeling position. You'll then lay back with your legs folded under your thighs; this leaves your pelvis at the perfect height for penetration. If you have breasts, for an extra bonus, put your arms over your head so that your breasts are stretched tight. This makes the nipples extra sensitive and easy for your partner to tease.

6. The Thank You, Come Again

Illustration of couple doing the come again sex position
The "come again" sex position is an intimate one, and it also gives you an opportunity to have multiple orgasms or a blended orgasm. Now, if you want to bring this position to a whole, new level – you can use a bullet – such as the My First Silver Bullet and place it down between your pelvic arches – definitely ensuring orgasm and some nice sensations for both of you.

How to do it: As the receiving partner, you're going to be on top for this one. So you're going to start by having your penetrating partner lay down. Then you will climb on top and keep your knees bent and at your side. Once you're there, you will lower yourself onto the toy or penis and you will draw your legs up so your knees are even with your chest. If you have a clitoris, you can move your pelvis in a way that allows your clit to grind against your lover's public bone for some extra stimulation.

7. The Hooker

Illustration of couple doing the hooker sex position
Another of my favorite positions – this one is not for the “inflexible” as it requires quite a bit of acrobatics. However, if you can do it, the possibility of having clitoral and G-Spot orgasms is high! This position is difficult to get into, more difficult to sustain – but well worth it! There is little need for manual stimulation, as everything just seems to rub the right way. If the receiving partner gets tired of having their legs up on their partner's shoulders, then they can release them and wrap them around the waist, sitting on their lap. It is a great way to start intercourse, and if you can sustain it, a great way to work into multiples!

How to do it: To get in this position, the penetrating partner will sit up on the bed or floor with their legs bent up slightly (sort of like a relaxed Indian style situation). Meanwhile you will lower yourself onto the erection or sex toy. You will then hold on your partner's arms or neck and carefully "hook" your legs over their shoulders. Yes, both legs. Then you will rock gently back and forth, and your lover will guide you up onto them by holding your back and pulling forward.

8. The Doggy Style

Illustration of couple doing it doggy style
Now, I never said that “Doggy Style” didn’t have its place and time – and this is THE place and THE time. The “Doggy” position, when done correctly, maximizes potential for a G-Spot orgasm during vaginal penetration because the penis should rub on the upper wall of the vagina. The “Doggy” is also a great position for Anal Sex – for first timers and advanced players alike.

How to do it: To do this position correctly, the receiving partner should kneel on all fours, legs parted slightly. They should resist the urge to put their face down onto the bed, and instead try to keep their back arched slightly. The entry angle changes dramatically when the receiving partner leans forward into the bed – so, resist the urge to be lazy!

9. The Fusion

Illustration of couple doing the fusion sex position
A favorite in Kama Sutra – the “Fusion” is an unexpected position for obtaining G-Spot orgasms. I always have one when I do this position, along with a clitoral orgasm. The only bad thing about this position is if you have bad knees, you will not be able to sustain it for long. So, use your time wisely!

How to do it: To get into this position, the penetrating partner should sit on the bed or floor and extend their legs in front of them, and their arms behind them. The receiving partner should then lower themselves down onto the penis (or strap on dildo). Their legs should be up by the penetrating partner's chest and bent. They then will use a combination of their arms and legs to “rock” on the penis in an in and out motion, sort of like a piston.

10. The Flower Press

Illustration of couple doing the flower press oral sex position
Another favorite of mine, this position is excellent for all types of couples. Great for the G-Spot orgasm, multiple orgasms, heavier partners, and pregnant women (earlier months) – it is a sure try for most couples. This position allows for extreme penetration and clitoral stimulation.

How to do it: The receiving partner lies on their back and allows their partner to penetrate from the top, so basically you start in missionary position. But the difference being that after penetration has been achieved, the receiving partner will then raise their legs up and back until they are  on their partner's shoulder or chest.  At this point the penetrating partner is kneeling up and uses the receiving partner's thighs for support and conversely.

11. The Spooning Position

Illustration of couple doing the intimate spooning sex position

Spooning can be incredibly sexy, especially if you're just waking up together and you're both horny for an early morning session in bed. As you can envision, “Spooning” involves cuddling up together in a spooned position and having sex in that position. The movement here is slow and sensuous, and normally very shallow. It is because of the slow, quiet way in which this position is executed that it is good for premature ejaculation. The penetrating partner can’t see their penis entering the vagina, they can’t thrust very fast or hard, and there is limited erotic contact. If the penetrating partner feels they are getting close to orgasm then they can stop – and just hold – then start again.

How to do it: To get in this position, you will start by lying on your side while your penetrating partner lays down and snuggles in behind you. Exactly as if you were about to get into a serious cuddle session, except this time things are going to get kinky. You will open up your thighs and draw your knees up towards your chest and your partner will insert themselves into you from behind. Then you will enjoy slow, intimate movement while you pleasure one another.

12. The Two Turtle Doves

Illustration of couple doing turtle dove sex position

Ahhhh, doesn’t this sound like a sweet position to try? This position provides incredible intimacy for any couple. This is not a "pound it out" position; this is the type of position you take your time with and really enjoy the moment with your partner.

How to do it: To do this, the penetrating partner sits with their legs outstretched and their partner will inch towards them until they achieve penetration. The receiving partner will then wrap their legs around their partner's back. Then, the couple gently rocks back and forth, grinding slowly into each other. 


13. The Snake

Illustration of couple doing the snake sex position

This is a position many couple’s don’t think of, and it will provide surprising sensations. This is also a wonderful position for anal sex, so if that is something you are exploring currently you may want to take note of this position. It's also a great option for anyone experiencing premature ejaculation as this position doesn't allow you to penetrate as deeply as some other positions.

How to do it: To do this, the receiving partner needs to lie on their stomach and spread their legs wide. Meanwhile the giving partner will enter from behind, supporting their own weight on with their arms. The unique advantage of this position is that the stimulation of the clitoris comes from the friction of the bed while the legs are spread – which is all good for anyone with a vagina.

14. The Yab-Yum

Illustration of couple doing yab yum sex position

I know, you thought I made that one up, didn’t you? “The Yab-Yum” is a Kama Sutra position, and it is probably the best position any couple who wants to have a super long lovemaking session. The Kama Sutra teaches that lovemaking should be a blending of two hearts, two souls and should last as long as possible. In this position – if you can get into it, and sustain it, you will have a totally different lovemaking session than any you have ever had. My partner and I practice this on a regular basis, just to reconnect with each other spiritually.

How to do it: The positioning for “The Yab-Yum” is very similar to “The Two Turtle Doves” but it is not the positioning itself which is important, but what you DO once in the position. So, get into position as above described, and then the really take time to embrace your partner. 

15. The Total Embrace

Illustration of couple doing standing total embrace sex position

This position requires the penetrating partner to hold the receiving partner completely off the ground – so it will only work if the penetrating partner is strong enough to support their lover. Not necessarily a good position for larger couples, but definitely still manageable! In this position you're both putting in work, so not only is it sexy but you'll be getting a workout in too.

How to do it: For this position, you're going to want the penetrating partner to start by sitting on the edge of the bed. Then you will crawl onto their lap and your partner will stand up, supporting you completely. You will then wrap your legs around their back and you'll bounce up and down creating a delicious friction between the two of you. If your partner gets tired, they can pin you up against the wall for a little break.

16. The Lap Dance

Illustration of couple doing lap dance position

Do you ever wonder why strippers are so skinny? Well, because they do all those lap dances and it is a hard job! Way harder than it looks. The “Lap Dance” is what it sounds like, and is actually a lot of fun! This position is good for all kinds of couples; it puts the receiving partner in control, allowing them to go as fast or as slow as they want. Small tip, the faster you go, the more calories you will burn!

How to do it: The penetrating partner will sit on a chair and you will lower yourself down onto them, facing away. If you want to step it up a notch, you can wear some sexy heels - this will also help with the height differential. Then you will want to grind and bounce up and down, "dancing" on your partner's penis or strap on. Have fun with this!

17. The Italian Chandelier

Illustration of couple doing the Italian chandelier sex position

Again, bet you thought I made this one up, huh? Rumored to burn 900 calories an hour, the “Italian Chandelier” is a great position for fun and is one where the receiving partner has to do a LOT of work. This position is HARD on the back, the legs and the arms. I would personally applaud anyone who could do this position for AN HOUR, as I personally can only last about 10 minutes – and then my arms are putty!

How to do it: To get into this position, the penetrating partner will have to lie on their back while you (the receiving partner) will lower yourself down onto their penis or the sex toy you're using. You'll then slowly lean backwards, arching your back and supporting yourself with your arms. Next, while you're in a back bend of sorts you will begin to move up and down to start the gyrations. Your partner is sort of limited with what they can do here so the power and job falls mostly on you.

Closing Thoughts

Now that I have given you 17 positions to try – I expect all of you to try at least one of them tonight! Don’t expect to be able to master the positions the first time you try them. Many of them take practice – but what better activity to have to work on? Not all of these positions may appeal to you – and that is OK. You can pick which ones you would like to try and just GO FOR IT!

I hope I have enlightened you to the nature of the sexual position, and given you the courage to seek out new and exciting positions for your sex life. This is just the mere tip of the erotic iceberg guys; there are HUNDREDS of positions left to explore!


  • MK

    I’m very heavy and carry most of my weight in my stomach. I cannot reach my vagina. I’ve purchased several toys in the past month. However, it is still very difficult to use them. I find I can use a few of the clit vibrators, but can’t reach to penetrate myself. Any suggestions on a toy that will help me masterbate with vaginally penetration?

  • Zayne

    Would like to see a monthly position dedicated bigger girls

  • lynda

    we had fun trying each of the positions (some longer than others). my husband enjoys the rear view positions the best. we have found that the gently rocking positions allow us to both last longer and to have much deeper orgasms. We both enjoy when I practice my kegels in these positions. I love any position that allows me or my husband to use a small vibrator on my clit.

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