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Oral sex. That wonderfully erotic experience when he is down between your legs, pleasuring you with his fingers, tongue and mouth. Feeling you wiggly and writhe beneath his talented tongue. Making you moan and arch your back until the sweet rush of orgasm over takes you in a sweaty convulsion of absolute bliss! Ahhhh, oral sex! Do you ever wonder exactly what is going through his mind while he is doing this wondrous act? Well, I asked my boyfriend and he gave me the scoop. Here are 8 things your man is thinking while he is down between your legs.


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The first thing my man said when I asked him what he thinks is, “I don’t really think when I am down there, I just enjoy you!” While I very much enjoyed that response, I knew that at different times with different partners he HAS had thoughts. So, I pressed the question a bit and he coughed up some different thoughts he has had a different times while going down on me and previous lovers.


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Admittedly, the prevalent thought is, “is she enjoying this!” Men know that not all vaginas are created equal, so they have to sort of craft their method to fit each woman. Some women like a lighter touch, more tongue, less fingers; others like more fingers, heavier touch. Men wonder, “am I doing this right FOR HER?” So ladies, let your man know he is doing you right, give him some cues!


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My boyfriend did a little “mmmmm” sound when he mentioned this one. While we women may be wondering if we smell and taste good, most men enjoy our au natural taste and smell! It is part of the attraction – that natural smell – that makes men want to go down south. The taste is often something men love (says my boyfriend) and something that will excite them as they feel us wetten or when we have an orgasm! So stop your worrying ladies, the men love how you taste and smell down there!


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Men are competitive. They want to be THE BEST and they want to give you an experience you will never forget! So, they want the orgasm! In fact, they want MANY if you can have them. My boyfriend always goes for as many as I can stand, and he admits to wondering how many he gave me! If you are a one-and-done woman, he wants to give you that one and he wants you to have a BIG one!

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Along the same lines on competition goes the idea of wanting the BIGGEST orgasm possible- which would be THE SQUIRTING or G-Spot orgasm! My boyfriend knows I can squirt and often he is trying his hardest to get me to that orgasm! He will admit to wondering if I will squirt during this session, but also says that it is not the only goal – that my pleasure is. However, he does think about it – and wants to achieve it – often!


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This does not always mean that your man is getting tired of eating you, it is more that he is getting excited to move on to sex! While my boyfriend loves to go down on me, he admits that sometimes he gets so excited he wants to move on to the main course – SEX! You can bet that your man may be thinking about how much more time he has to put down below before he can move on to the next step.


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Men love going down on us, but they also love it when WE go down on THEM! Frequently, while he is going down on you, he may be wondering if his turn is next. My boyfriend is pretty confident that he will be getting some oral attention at some point in the mix, so he doesn’t wonder too much, but does admit to thinking about my mouth on him while his mouth is on me – sometimes. So ladies, make sure you are returning the favor!


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As I mentioned, oral sex is not one-size-fits-all and there are a lot of different techniques that can be used during. My boyfriend says that he likes to vary the techniques as well as try new things from time to time to see how I react to it. He said that often he thinks about which move to bring out depending on my reactions and if he should add more or less tongue or fingers. The goal is to please and you have to give your lover a little different routine every so often!


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While some women (like me) are very expressive and you KNOW that they are enjoying themselves, some women are not as active and really don’t seem to enjoy the act of oral sex. If a man is down below trying to please you, don’t give him a reason to wonder if you like it – show him! Moan, move, wiggle, and grab his hair! Get involved in your pleasure, and if he is not pleasing you – then show him HOW! Life is too short to have bad sex – be an active participant in your pleasure and show him what you like!

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  • Jen

    Yes he probably wants you to squirt. Men look at that as the ultimate achievement especially when you’ve never done before cot at that time. It feeds their ego

  • Kim

    My ex was a very experienced partner and he was excellent in eating but I know there are more experienced than he, but his tongue would send me into multiple orgasms. I love having a guy go down but seem to quit to quickly. If I had my way, it would be a longer.

  • Dallas

    CJ Being a pussy eating connoisseur efficientato myself, and a Professinally Certified Sexual Sensual Massure adept in Tantric Sex and Yoni Massage; Your rersponse was very interesting in itself! But I have only one question for you, Milady! And that whewnever your “very sexually experienced” boyfriend goes down on you; Do you ever “SQUIRT” all over his face, mouth, and talented tongue??? Because of my special techniques, very talented tongue and fingers; My girlfriend “SQUIRTS” all over the place whenever she has her Orgasms soaking me completely!!! Just maybe that is what your boyfriend might be looking to experience with you CJ!

    My advice to both of you is to just relax and practice some Tantric Sex techniques along with Yoni Massage and then let nature take its course. You may want to put some plastic covering and extra towels on your bed just incase; Unless you enjoy sleeping on a “HUGE” WET SPOT CJ!!!

    Enjoy Milady! Text me back and let me know how you boyfriend reacteded. Okay CJ? Dallas

  • CJ

    my man told me when he goes down on me that I give him the reaction definitely that he is wanting. There is one thing he has been wanting me to do as fare as a result to the way he is giving me oral that I haven’t done yet. He won’t tell me cuz it will take away from the intensity for him. He is very experience in sexual pleasures and I have know clue what reaction he is looking for. Does anyone know or have a clue. I do the whole nine moaning, pulling hair, squeezing my thighs tighter ect.

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