3 Of Mikayla's FAVORITE Oral Techniques

I am excited about this article because while I have been asked to describe my favorite oral techniques to perform ON my partner, this is the first time that I have been asked to detail what oral techniques I like performed ON ME! Oral sex is one of my absolute favorite activities in bed. Why? It is super intimate, feels amazing, always gives me many orgasms, my partners seem to love it and it is a great foreplay activity or even main event! I love oral sex and here are just 3 of the techniques that I LOVE!


While I enjoy a wide range of different pressures and patterns on my clit during oral sex, I absolutely LOVE a gentle “flick” of my partner’s tongue on my clit. So gentle that I can barely feel it. Especially if he/she has been down between my legs for a while and my clit is swollen from attention I like a lighter touch that will make me wiggle and moan beneath him/her. If my partner alternates this gentle flicking with some wide licks and a little suck I will be in HEAVEN!

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A majority of the time oral sex is given when the female (i.e. ME) is on her back thereby giving ample access to her vaginal area. I am a HUGE fan of being spread open via either my own fingers or my partner’s. When I am spread open my clit gets very tight and thereby very sensitive to touch. If, while I am spread in this way, my partner sucks my clit into his/her mouth and suckles it gently I will explode like a wet rocket! I absolutely LOVE the intense sensation that this offers. Truly amazing!


I have written many articles about how adding insertion (via fingers, toys or tongue) into oral sex will cause a much more intense orgasm and this holds true for myself. There is something truly magical that happens when oral sex and fingering meet. That full feeling that is caused by a finger or two (or a toy) in my vagina combined with the amazing oral talents that are concentrated on my clitoris - WOW. There is really nothing quite like having the best of both worlds during oral sex. I am sure to have quicker and more intense orgasms when these techniques are used together.

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