How To Improve Oral For Her With Sensation Play

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Sensation play involves adding in different sensations (heat, cold, tickling) to your sex play. We, as sexual beings, should always be looking for ways to vamp up our sex lives whether with new or established partners and sensation play is a great addition to oral sex! Keep on reading and find a few great ways to add something extra to your next trip downtown.

1. Cool It Down

The first and most common way to include sensation play into an oral sex session for her is with an ice cube. Tease her with your tongue, then take the ice cube and run it over her clit. Then take the ice cube off and replace it with your tongue again to warm the clit up again. If she's digging the sensory play then this will feel amazing and be such a sexy experience as the ice cube melts all over.

If you are feeling like an ice cube pro, you can try one of my absolute favorite ice cold-related activities. Use a smooth Glass Dildo that your woman will enjoy penetrating her and dip it in cold, cold water. Right before playtime, take it out of the cold water. It is going to warm up quickly, so be quick with inserting this frigid friend inside of her while performing oral sex - I guarantee she has never felt anything like it!

Special Note: While using ice cream may seem like a nice, fun and tasty way to cool things down PLEASE DO NOT EVER USE ICE CREAM around, on or in your lover's vagina! The sugar in ice cream will NOT mix well with the vaginal environment and the result can be disastrous. Sugar + Vagina = NO NO!

2. Hot Rod

Along the same lines as the cold glass dildo I talked about earlier, you can take this tip in the reverse direction and heat things up. If your honey would prefer warm stimulation over cold stimulation, you can dip that dildo in warm water and use it to heat things up during oral sex! You will feel her body sizzle and squirm around the heat of this sensational sex toy.

Just be careful with this one, you don't want to use overly hot water for a few reasons. First of all, if you aren't using a glass dildo, certain dildo materials don't do well in super hot water. Secondly, you don't want to take a steaming hot dildo and insert it into her vagina. So, the key here is to use warm water, not hot water. That way you'll avoid any chance of ruining the toy and you'll avoid causing her discomfort.

3. Good Vibrations

It should not be a big surprise to anyone that if you add in some vibrations (like with a bullet or vibrator) that oral sex is going to go to the next level! While your tongue and fingers feel divine, adding in something more intense will drive your partner wild with pleasure. And don't worry; we don't want to replace you with the vibrator so feel free to lick and vibe at the same time!

Recommended Vibrator: The Pink B.O.B Paris Nubby
Image of hand holding bright pink paris nubby clitoral stimulator

4. Lustful Listerine

I once had a lover who used Listerine as part of his bedtime routine. One night after his Listerine routine he came to bed and instantly went down on me! The sensation was crazy amazing. The coolness and menthol-like sensation really brought all of my nerve endings to life and I had such an amazingly intense orgasm. All he was doing was blowing on me! So, not only could you have great oral hygiene but you could give some great oral too with this tip. Another option is to put an Altoid in your mouth before giving her oral.

5. Erotic Lube Play

I know we've already touched a bit on cooling and warming sensations with dildo play, however, there is another way to experiment with these sensations. There are lots of different cooling lubes and warming lubes you could experiment with. While she does love the sensation of your warm, wet mouth – adding a little extra heat to the mix can make things steamy! Just make sure that if you choose a lube that is NOT edible that you stick to using your fingers once you have applied it.

6. Tap That

The clit is such an amazingly sensitive part of the female anatomy! It engorges with blood and comes alive just begging for attention when she's aroused. If you have never tapped her clitoris during oral sex, give it a try! Wait until you have gotten her all hot and ready and then take your finger (preferably two) and tap her clit, gently! This will drive her wild.

Then, if she is agrees to and wants it, you can move on up to a four finger slap - and a full palm slap. The sensation of having your very aroused clitoris thumped in this way is a sensation that is quite surprising and sends shuddering waves throughout her whole body! Just make sure to not do it too hard, the idea is to stimulate, not cause pain.

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