5 Ways To Get Her Wet

 Nothing is sexier than snaking your hand down your woman’s panties and finding her wet, willing, and waiting for your next sexual move, right? When women get wet it signals their arousal and it is their body’s way of saying, “hey, I am ready for sex!” Since intercourse requires a fair amount of friction, lubrication is nature’s way of ensuring everything is smooth sailing! The wetter, the better I always say!

Sometimes a woman needs a little help in the wetness department. Don’t panic guys, this usually has nothing to do with you, so don’t be offended! A woman’s body is a delicate machine and anything from being dehydrated, to allergy medicine side effects, to hormonal changes can affect her wetness level! I am sure you know how to make your woman ready for sex – but – if you want some more ideas to make your woman a slip-n-slide of seduction, read on for 5 Ways to Get Her Wet!

There is a very powerful connection between a woman’s brain and her sexual organs so when you talk a little romantic or “dirty” to her, there is a reaction that starts in her brain and shoots down to her genitals! Just be careful to not use words or terms she finds offensive and start off slowly. When you've got a good sense of what she likes to hear, work up to something a little more down and dirty.

How do most sexual relationships begin? Kissing, of course. Kissing moves to groping and groping moves to, well, you get the gist. Sometimes in our relationships we seem to forget the fun and value of kissing our partner! Women loved to be kissed (as I am sure men do) and the deeper the kiss, the more aroused we become. Spend a little more time kissing your woman and she will become more and more aroused.

Another part of a woman’s body that can render fantastic arousal results are her breasts, and specifically, her nipples. There are tons of nerve endings in the nipples and throughout the breasts that feel fantastic when stimulated. If you have ever kissed or suckled your woman’s nipples and watched how they become erect – that is AROUSAL! That arousal translates to vaginal arousal, i.e. wetness! Some women can even climax with nipple stimulation alone! So, spend some time nuzzling her nipples, the moans and sighs will indicate her love of your attentions!

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While oral sex doesn’t ALWAYS have to be in your sexual repertoire, it is a great and powerful part of foreplay. For women, oral sex can be the only time they climax! Why? Oral sex concentrates on the clitoris and clitoral stimulation is how 85% of women achieve orgasm! So, if you want to make your woman super excited, wet and ready for intercourse, spend some quality time down south and see what happens!

No, I am not referring to her G-Spot. Although, stimulating this spot can cause her to become wet and, sometimes, to ejaculate. I am referring to her Bartholin Glands, which are tiny glands on the inside of her inner, vaginal lips that cause lubrication. Also, inside the vagina, toward the back there are other glands that, when stimulated, cause a much greater amount of lubrication. These glands all work in concert to provide a smooth and pleasurable environment for vaginal sex. The internal glands work DURING intercourse to ensure continued lubrication. If you are giving oral sex to your woman and you carefully finger these spots on both the inside and outside of her vagina, you are sure to make her EXTREMELY wet. In fact, if you hit her internal spots just right, you will literally hear a “wet” sound that will let you know that you are in the right area!

How Do You Make Her Wet?
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