7 Best Sex Swing Positions

Sex swings are sexual enhancement products that can be a whole lot of fun! Sex swings come in a few varieties such as the back of the door swing (doesn't hang free but against a door), the more traditional free hanging swing which is usually mounted from the ceiling or a large door opening and has a seat, stirrups and perhaps hand loops, and finally, the more sophisticated swing with has two seats, multiple stirrups and more hand loops for stability.

There are many positions that you can use with a sex swing, so if you are a lucky couple who has a sex swing, or you are thinking of getting one, then read on to discover the best sex swing positions!

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1. Standard Standing

Let's get the standard sex swing position out of the way first and foremost. With this the woman will climb into the swing with her legs through the side holes so she is naturally spread. The male gets between her legs and enters her while he is standing. Then, the swing can be swung to aid in penetration. The female can hold on to the handle loops and recline or sit straight up. Experiment to find the best and most comfortable way to adjust for proper penetration.

2. Swinging Oral

Sex swings can also be used for oral sex and, honestly, should be! No matter who is sitting in the swing, the height of the person sitting is usually just perfect for some oral sex receiving. Simply take a seat and either leave your legs hanging freely and place them on your lover's shoulders or place them into the stirrups. When giving oral to a male it may be easier to lean over him as he reclines in the swing.
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3. Teeter-Totter Swing

Who said that only one person can be on the swing at a time? Not me! However, keep in mind that if two people get onto a sex swing that the swing must be properly anchored to be able to support the weight of two people. If you have a secure swing, then both of you can get on. The best way to accomplish this is for the male to sit down first, then the female will mount him while facing him with her legs extended behind him. Then, the couple just teeter-totters back and forth for a nice, slow, easy penetrative ride.

4. Back Up Baby Swinging

Sometimes you want some variety or, perhaps, he wants to sit in the seat of honor. For this position he will sit in the swing with his legs dangling freely, then she will back up against him and allow him to penetrate her from behind (anal can be done this way too). Then, she will either hold still as he "swings" into her, or, she can buck back against him.

5. Fidget Spinner Spinning

The great thing about a sex swing is that it can be lowered or raised to a variety of different levels. If you lower the swing to nearly floor level, the female can literally hang directly above the male while he lays beneath her on the floor. This allows him to penetrate her, and then spin her around or rock her back and forth. The hardest part with this position is finding the correct swing height to make the spin work.
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6. The Swinging Doggy 

Sitting is not the only option for sex swing play. A very popular and fun position is to have the female bend over the swing so that her abdomen is against the swing and her butt is up and exposed. Then, the male can enter her from behind and swing her back and forth for extra gusto.

7. The Double-Pleasure Oral Swing

If both of you can safely get onto the swing then you can try to achieve the 69-oral sex position via the swing. The male should lay down on the swing, using both of the swing pads so that his head and his butt are supported. Then, the woman gets on top of him matching up their genitals for pleasure. The natural movements will cause the swing to rock as you please each other.

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