10 Standing Sex Positions

Sex positions should be as varied as the comedy selections on Netflix, and they should include sitting, laying and standing options. Many people do not immediately think of standing up to have sex. Sure, maybe for some kissing and over the clothes action, but not for actual intercourse. Well, let me tell you, there are a whole bunch of positions you can do standing (or partially standing) that will amp up your normal sex routine.

Netflix 'N' Chill Couch Sex Positions!

I am sure it seems obvious that a man can stand while his lover services him orally. Whether she kneels or sits, oftentimes when he stands this will put him at the perfect level to receive her oral attentions. But, did you know that standing oral will work for her as well. Have your man take a knee then put one of yours right over his shoulder. Perfect height to satisfy her oral needs too.

There are limitless variations of this position where the man stands, but the woman sits. Whether she sits on a countertop, the table, the washing machine, a park picnic table or any other appropriate-height surface, you both will be loving not only the way he lines up perfectly with you, but he will absolutely love the view he gets.

Do you practice yoga? Have you done the downward dog? Where you stand, then bend down, putting your hands on the ground, lowering your head, but leaving your butt up high? Well, imagine doing this naked with your man right behind you. Yep, there you have it. Forget Bikram, this is super-hot yoga. 

Have you ever done the dramatic, movie star run and jump with your lover? When the female runs toward her lover and jumps up and he catches her, she wraps her legs around his waist as he holds her up and kisses her passionately? Yeah, do that, just naked (and don't run and jump, gently climb up).

Just like the jump up, but facing the other way. The man stands and picks up the woman who will face away from him. He will grab her under her thighs, spreading her legs. She can move her arm behind his neck for support. Then, he just bobs her up and down a bit on his penis.

This position is dependent upon a few conditions. First, you have to be similar heights. Second, she has to be fairly flexible. For this position you will face each other and she will left her leg up (preferably put it right on his shoulder) and he will enter her. This position can be varied by bending the knee or supporting the raised leg on a chair or ottoman.

For this position, the man will lean against a wall, placing his legs out in front of him. The woman will lean into him, placing her legs back as if she is going to sit down. But, instead of sitting down, she will sit ON him. He can grab her hips and she can lean back and grab his, or he can hold her hands. When in this position it will appear like the two of you are an X.
As someone who has done this position I can tell you, it is possible and worth at least one try in your lifetime. For this one the man will stand and the woman will place her hands on the floor (as if she is about to do a handstand). The man grabs her legs (which are bent at the knees) and he will enter her while holding her up. Then they look much like they are about to do the wheelbarrow race. A naked, sexy wheelbarrow race.

Try Sex Positions in a Sex Swing!

This is a very popular and mutually satisfying position. She will lie on the bed on her back (although, you can do it with her on her stomach), and her butt will be on the edge of the bed. Then, he will stand and enter her. There are many variations of this position depending on where her legs are, the height of the bed, and whether extra pillows are placed under her butt. One thing is for sure, it is a fantastic position for both.

This is not for the woman who doesn't like to be upside down. For this position, the woman lays on the floor, her head on a pillow (for comfort) and the man will pick her lower half UP and enter her with her legs either straight up and flat, or around his hips while she maintains only her shoulders and head on the floor.

What's your favorite standing sex position? Let us know below!!
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