8 Signs She Is Enjoying The Sex

Any good lover will ask himself, “Is she enjoying this?” There are many different signals, both physical and vocal, that your partner will display if she is having a good time. So, here are eight signs your partner is enjoying the sex!

1. The Wetter, The Better

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A tell-tale sign that she is loving the sex is that she is WET. This is a pretty obvious indication of female arousal in any situation. Wetness is essential because it makes penetration easier and it enhances stimulation. Some women don’t become very wet easily, so if you persevere and make her super wet, it will pay off for the both of you.

2. Breathless Or Panting

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Sex is an aerobic exercise, and just like a workout, the better it is, the harder you breathe! If you are making her heart pound and overloading her system with lusty adrenaline, you’ll be able to tell by the intensity of her breathing. Great sex isn’t relaxing – it’s invigorating! So if her breath quickens or becomes rapid, you’ll know she’s enjoying the sex!

3. Position Picker

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Women who are really into the sex will often take the initiative to make it even better by choosing the sex positions and deciding when it is time to change. When she changes sexual positions, she’s telling you what she WANTS, and this is a good indicator of awesome sex. She wants to feel you in her favorite positions or even some new ones. Most would not put this effort forth for bad sex, right?

4. Outspoken

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Whether she’s moaning, talking dirty, or yelling your name, vocalizations are a sign that she is diggin’ the lovemaking! This is a way of expressing enthusiasm and pleasure. She might even make it more obvious with the occasional, “Oh yes!” or “Harder, faster!” This is a pretty clear-cut signal that she is having a good ol’ time.

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5. Grabby Girl

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If she’s reaching out for something – anything – she’s probably enjoying the sex! She might steady herself on a wall, clutch a blanket or bedpost, or grab your arms. If she’s really feeling passionate, she may even dig her fingernails sensuously into your back! This is typically a response to sexual excitement or immense arousal and is not to be overlooked!

6. Active Participant

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She might wrap herself around you, kiss you more passionately, tug at your hair, or thrust into you. There are a lot of different ways she can get more physically involved in the sex, and greater participation is a sign that she’s enjoying herself! If she’s overwhelmed by the sexual thrills, she’ll do what she can to make it better for you and express her approval.

7. Orgasm

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This is a fairly obvious one – if she has an orgasm, she’s probably enjoying the sex! Orgasm is the ultimate sexual release, and women NEED to feel pleasured in order to climax! So, want to know if she is enjoying the sex? If she cums right then and there, you have your answer. If you still aren’t sure, you can try and make her do it again!

8. Happy Dance

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This one is a little obvious too but if your woman is so content and happy after she orgasms that she just has to do a happy dance- you just had some pretty damn good sex! Also, in my personal experience, this could go the other way. If your woman cannot physically move after she orgasms because the sex and the climax were so amazing that she just needs a minute to lay completely still and enjoy the moment then congratulations you have given her VERY enjoyable sex!

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