What Is Foreplay? (9 Sexy Foreplay Techniques To Try Today!)

Two women on bed in an intimate embrace

What Is Foreplay?

By definition, foreplay is considered to be any sexual acts or behaviors that occur prior to having intercourse. This doesn't necessarily mean that foreplay has to be physical or require a sexual touch.  Foreplay can happen before you even take your clothes off. It's the sexy text you get from your lover, it's the intense eye contact you're making. Really, foreplay is something that helps build up the sexual tension until you or your partner can't stand it anymore.re.

What Makes Foreplay So Important?

Foreplay is important for both mental and physical reasons. Let's start with how it effects us mentally. Foreplay is an extremely intimate act you are performing with another person. So, if you are in a relationship then each time you make time for foreplay you are making time to deepen the intimacy between yourself and your partner.

If you're single, don't worry - there are still benefits! Foreplay is very helpful when it comes to really getting into the moment and letting go of any thoughts you're holding on to. For many people it can be hard to get into sex right away. Foreplay allows us to take the time we need to get fully aroused and let go of any inhibitions.

Now, let's look at the physical effects foreplay can have on the body. When you engage in foreplay, it's natural to get completely and fully turned on. And when you're turned on, your body reacts. So foreplay often leads to things like an increased heart rate, more blood flow to the genitals (causing an erection to form), erection of the nipples and lubrication of the vagina. Foreplay is the perfect way to make sure everyone involved gets insanely turned on before moving on.


For women in particular, foreplay is a way to “warm up” and prepare for sex. Our bodies operate on a delicate balance of arousal and preparedness (and a man’s body is much the same). When we become aroused, through sight, touch, taste – our bodies react accordingly, preparing us for the act of intercourse. For a man, this means erection! For a woman, this means lubrication (getting wet). Many times a man becomes ready much more quickly than a female. Women, usually, need a bit more of a warm up to prepare for the actual act of intercourse – this means FOREPLAY! When we kiss, touch, caress and stimulate each other’serogenous zones we are beginning that dance which is sex. We are telling our private parts – “HEY, wake up, get prepared! It is time to rock and roll!” This means a man’s penis engorges with blood and a woman gets wet. Both men and women respond favorably to physical touch – i.e. caressing or oral sex. So, from a simple standpoint of what will prepare us, physically, for sex, foreplay is a must!

Try These Fun Foreplay Ideas!


If I have said it once I have said it 100 times – 85% or more of ALL women NEED clitoral stimulation to climax! What does this mean? Statistically, women will have orgasms during oral sex or fingering and not during intercourse! So, if you skip the foreplay and go right to the main event, there is a chance that your woman may not have any orgasms! What a shame that would be, right? Foreplay can be the only time your woman climaxes AND she may be able to climax more than once during foreplay, thereby preparing her for the actual act of intercourse and arousing the male in the process. Most men report that giving their partner pleasure is a great source of pleasure for them. So, don’t skip it – enjoy it! Furthermore, if your partner CAN orgasm during sex, it will still take her longer to become aroused enough to have an orgasm. Foreplay successfully prepares a woman for orgasm by building her arousal. There really is no good reason not to participate in foreplay if you want your partner to have an orgasm – or more!


What man doesn’t like a blowjob? No, really? When men are polled as to the one sexual activity that they wish they could have or have more of the answer is always BLOWJOBS! Why is this? Well, unfortunately, many women don’t enjoy blowjobs as much as they could be, or, their partners are not performing oral sex on them, and therefore the BJ cycle stops. Guys and gals, blowjobs are a part of foreplay! So, if you want your woman to spend some quality time giving oral lovin’ to your favorite appendage then you have to spend some time giving her some oral pleasure too! Oral sex is an integral – and downright fun – part of foreplay. You can mix it up with different positions, try a 69 (simultaneous oral sex), or trade off taking turns. In either event, engaging in oral sex as a regular part of foreplay is a win-win for both of you!

Here's What Your Partner Actually Wants During Foreplay


Yes, sex is an intimate act in and of itself, but foreplay can be MORE intimate. Why? Usually in foreplay there is a lot of kissing, caressing and oral sex – all extremely intimate acts. Remember when you were a new couple? You couldn’t wait to kiss and caress and get your hands on each other, right? When an established couple stops kissing as a part of sex, this is usually an indication that there is a disconnection in their intimacy. Intimacy and sex should not be confused. For women especially, kissing is an extremely important emotional connection between love and sex. When a couple removes the act of foreplay from sex, they essentially strip the intimacy right out! This does not mean that sex is not intimate, it is. Nor does it mean that the occasional quickie is not intimate, it can be. It simply means that when we stop putting in the effort to emotionally arouse our partner, it can lead to less physical arousal and less intimacy. This can be the end to a relationship and a serious indicator that there are problems in a marriage or long-standing relationship. Now, let's get to the juicy stuff. Below are 9 foreplay techniques you can try tonight!

9 New Foreplay Techniques To Try

Have you heard about how when you lose one sense, your other senses become heightened? It’s true! Since foreplay is all about yearning for the sensations of sex, it makes sense to play with them all.

One way to increase our favorite sexual senses - taste, touch, and hearing - is to make good use of a blindfold. Now, a blindfold can be anything from a bandana to a shirt. However, if you want the most surface to play with and a super sexy accessory to add to your top drawer, silky smooth or soft leather blindfolds are a must. Blindfolds instantly increase you or your lover’s sexual awareness. Teasing with the tips of your fingers on their skin, feeding your lover dripping slices of fruit like strawberries and peaches, and whispering your dirtiest desires in their ear will have them squirming with sensation and begging for sex before you’re through.
This may seem like an obvious step in the pre-sex foreplay itinerary. However, you would be surprised at how many individuals avoid getting naked in front of their partners at all costs. Lots of couples have some quick kissing that speeds their heart rates and then it’s lights off, clothes off, get off. This can really be a waste of a potentially very intimate moment.
Great for both a serious tease and a relationship boost - get naked (and stay naked) in front of your lover! If you’re feeling frisky, greet your partner when they get out of the shower with your naked body! Play with a pair of fringe undies and burlesque nipple pasties when your partner gets home from work, and encourage them to watch you shimmy while they are in their birthday suit. Whatever way you decide to show off your goods, enjoy it! Enjoy the straight lines and luscious curves of your lover with all of the appreciation you’ve got to give (and receive).
Talking dirty has reached a whole new level of yummy with the ever-growing trend of texting. Sexting - texting dirty quotes, desires, even naughty pictures to your lover - is the perfect brand of foreplay for a busy couple. With sexting comes a full day of hot and heavy storytelling that gets the blood pumping.

What’s a better tease than a full day of sneaking nude photos to your lover? Even long distance relationships benefit from a book of sexts before launching Skype or FaceTime to watch each other on video in real time. You can create new personas and explore your fantasies before acting them out in the bedroom or on video!

Another seemingly taboo task to try during foreplay is mutual masturbation. Now, there are many different kinds of mutual masturbation that may be desirable to you and your lover. All are incredible foreplay adventures that will gear you up for an intense sexual experience. It’s not a selfish act if you are participating in masturbation with or for your lover. Heck, it’s not even selfish when you’re masturbating solo!

The first kind of mutual masturbation is what it sounds like - you both strip and stroke yourselves next to each other, letting your partner’s moans fuel your own self-pleasing orgasms. Try to keep your hands off each other. I dare you!

The second kind of mutual masturbation is to create a sizzling show for your lover. Invite them to watch you while you tease yourself, enjoying their eyes wandering all over your body while you masturbate.
Following up with the last tip, another idea is to bring a toy you use for masturbation into play time with your partner. Grab your favorite sex toy (vibrator, penis-stroker, butt plug) and have your partner use it on you. The visual stimulation they get combined with the realization that they're helping to give you pleasure is intoxicating!

It may seem obvious, but if you have not brought sex toys into the bedroom this is a fantastic way to up the foreplay activities! Whether you invest in one of our couple’s toys or simply use something you already may have on hand, using sex toys together is a new activity that often renders some pretty amazing results. 
This may seem a little counterproductive after that whole, “Get Naked” step above, but hear me out. Creating obstacles for your partner to get through before the real sex begins is a huge turn on! It’s like a challenge that fuels passion and anticipation. Flash your up-skirt goodies. Let their fingers weave between the buttons on your dress shirt.

There’s a reason why the line “slip the panties right to the side” keeps appearing in modern music - like Beyonce + Jay-Z's “Drunk In Love.” This clothing barrier can be so erotic and naughty! Think back on those times when you would cop a feel in a public area, slip your wanting fingers past a waistband and explore. You can still get that feeling of forbidden sex in your own home by savoring some strategic layers of clothing!

Maybe you like your foreplay the way it is. You enjoy that session of oral sex before intercourse. You know what, that is totally fine. However, there is a way to spice that up a bit. Have you ever tried ice during oral sex? Oh yes, you totally must! Using just a few ice cubes strategically placed during foreplay can render a one-two punch of arousal. This is a way to take “ordinary” oral to extra-ordinary heights!


Sometimes in our relationship we get…comfortable. This comfort throws us into a nice, safe place to be intimate together, but sometimes it also serves to take some of the heat out of lovemaking. As far as foreplay goes, taking a more direct route can be super stimulating! This means pretty much taking charge of the sexual situation. Jump right onto your lover as they lay in bed reading, throw the book to the floor, take their hands and place them above their head and kiss them with passion! Oh yeah, you see the light now, don’t you. It’s hot. It is very, very hot.


I know earlier I gave a definition for foreplay, but that's just the general idea behind it. Foreplay is different for every couple and can be made into anything you want it to be! You don't have to follow the flow of foreplay followed by intercourse - foreplay can be the whole damn meal! Just have fun with it, go with the flow and you both might come to a full orgasm before even thinking about intercourse.

What's Your Favorite Form Of Foreplay? Let Us Know Below!


  • Rhea

    I also love foreplay. I’ve found out years ago that the Listerine power pockets were it then and also foreplay. I would pop 2in my mouth while rubbing on him. And with a piece of ice I’d move it around his shaft and head. Then slowly out him in my mouth and suck it. He would moan almost instantly and look at me so different and then shake his head. Amazing sex afterwards. Hope this helps

  • deborah

    Why is it some couples are at such opposite ends of the spectrum in their sex lives? I so love an easy, slow, teasing build up and once the level has reached a high it’s game on. He on the other hand prefers to just jump in, get off and roll over. I’ve talked till there’s not another word to say. On occasion he’ll give me a good work up but typically it’s all about getting at it. When he’s done, he’s done. I like to be topped off, but not happening. Maybe I want too much. We have had great adventures but not enough.

  • John G

    She does not get into foreplay at all. Just a “Do you want it”, strip and spread.
    I would prefer to spend time with her breasts as they are full and magical, the nipples are sensitive to the point she asks me to stop because it “heats her up”. Of course I enjoy slipping a finger into her slit, not just to “feel around” butt also to be sure she is fully lubed up.

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