Top Roleplaying Ideas For Couples

Just about everyone has a sexual fantasy. Living out your sex fantasy is a fun and adventurous way to bring a little more excitement to your boudoir. There are lots of different kinky bedroom scenarios out there, and you've probably heard of (or even tried) a few already. Read about some of the most popular roleplaying sexual fantasies for couples to discover how you can try it out in your bedroom and what props you'll need to turn your naughty fantasy into a reality!

You’ve heard this one before I’m sure, but there is just something so sexy about REALLY being taught a lesson. Break out the white button down and short skirt for this one ladies; whether you’re playing the teacher or the student. With this scenario, you can incorporate all kinds of things to amp it up, perhaps some spanking with a paddle. Or, switch roles so instead the handsome professor has asked you to stay after class for detention. Become the sweet, submissive pet you KNOW he hungers for by letting him dominate your every desire. Who knows - if you are VERY good, you might get a little extra credit! Convince him you deserve an A this semester by showing him what a meticulous student you are.

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Imagine: you’ve stopped for a drink and you look across the bar, and you spot a perfect stranger; attractive and they can’t keep their eyes off you. This is a good one for any couple that really likes to add an element of fun and mystery into their sex routine. The cool part of this is you can reenact it in your home, or be take it a step further and go to a bar to try it out. Go to your favorite bar in town, one of you should arrive 10-15 minutes before the other, then once your partner enters, approach and interact as if you’ve never met!

Heros and heroins are cool, but what about taking over the world together as trouble-making villains? The iconic comic book character Harley Quinn surely made being a villainess sexy and an excuse to dress up in really short shorts, so ladies you can take advantage of this for your getup. If costumes are your thing, this is a really fun scenario to try. Even if you don’t want to dress up, (but really why wouldn’t you?) you can pretend as though you’ve conquered the world, and you're going to celebrate your successes in the bedroom.

It's the fuzz! You'd better run! But no one is above the law in this county, and you were caught red-handed with stolen goodies. You're going to the station, but first, you've got to be cuffed! There is no way you are slipping away that easily! Because of your soft, supple flesh, the officer will cuff you using Charlotte's Fetish Wrist Cuffs! Whip out the cuffs for this one, and hold your honey overnight for some steamy questioning. To make bail? They have to pay price in the bedroom first. You can also incorporate some sexy costumes to add a twist!

“It says here that you came in for a full body check up today.” This is one of those kind of dom/sub scenarios that can really spice things up. It’s a fantasy of a lot of guys have; to go in for an appointment and encounter a super-hot nurse. You can explore each other as if you were getting a check up, and a skimpy nurse outfit to bring it all together.

Ever imagined in high school what it would’ve been like to be the popular cheerleader, lusting after the all star athlete? All you need for this one is a matching skirt and shirt for the outfit and throw in some pom poms for the finishing touch.

Ahhh a massage. Still an iconic form of foreplay. Getting you and your honey all warmed up before a session can be extremely erotic. So why not incorporate it into a roleplay. Have your honey/client, lay down on the bed or another service in your home and use some massage oils to give them the rub down of a lifetime. Oh and yes, this one does come with a happy ending.

Another fantasy that is sure to making things hot and steamy. This one is easy; parade around your house in a maid outfit while you clean (but not actually clean) and give your man a show! Become the submissive house maid that will do anything to please her boss!

"Mr.Grey will see you now." This goes without saying but this one is good for anyone wanting to really get an introduction into the BDSM world. Don’t be afraid to switch up the roles either as you go. No matter how far you want to take it, you can also turn up the heat with some bondage! Just remember to do you research ahead of time to get a better idea of how to do it safely!

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Similar to a few above, pretend as if you’re going for a job interview. You’re wanting to look your best and make a great first impression, but you heard the boss has a major hard-on, I mean, is a hardo. Have your man or your lady dress up in smart business attire, and take turns coming in for an interview. This is another great scenario to switch up the roles and really find out who’s the boss in the bedroom.

Disclaimer: Here at TooTimid, our mission is to enrich the lives of women and men to improve their sex lives, but we also take pride in the safety and well-being of the individuals in the community. If you and your partner decide to engage in any sexual activity, it is crucial that you get clear consent before continuing.

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