How to Stimulate Common Erogenous Zones For More Explosive Foreplay

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If you enjoy foreplay but aren’t utilizing you or your partner’s erogenous zones, then you’re missing out on what could make your sexual experience even more amazing! Read on to earn about why you should care about erogenous areas, 8 of the most common erogenous zones and the best ways to stimulate each of them.

What Is An Erogenous Zone

Erogenous zones are sensitive regions on a person’s body that provide pleasure when touched. Sometimes called “hot spots,” the reaction these areas elicit when stimulated varies from person to person. Touching a basic erogenous zone for some may result in goosebumps or chills. For others, it is an arousing experience.

Most of us are already familiar with erogenous regions like the clitoris or penis, but other areas such as the nipples, the scalp, and the inner thighs can be just as sexually stimulating.

Why Erogenous Areas Make Foreplay Better

There are several reasons why kissing, caressing, and massaging erogenous spots during foreplay can give you an unforgettable experience. Some basic erogenous zones exist because they have more nerve endings, making them more sensitive and likely to spark arousal. For example, touching your partner’s clitoris sends pleasure signals throughout the body thanks to the bundle of clitoral nerves found there. Other areas that lack regular stimulation because they’re covered up—the stomach, breasts, or lower back—may also develop a heightened sensitivity to touch that amps up your libido.

The act of being touched by someone you’re sexually attracted to also often amplifies your senses and arousal. Places that normally seem neutral can become electrifying when your lover’s lips or fingertips drag across them. Stimulating these erogenous areas can be an intimate experience that strengthens your connection with the other person as well as your own body. For many, it’s this meaningful connection with our own pleasure and the person we’re sharing it with that contributes to amazing foreplay that ends in great sex.

Common Erogenous Zones and Ways to Play

Most of us already rely on genital erogenous zones like the head of the penis, clit, and G-spot when we want to get in the mood or orgasm. Make foreplay an unforgettable event by exploring your other hot spots and following our suggestions on how to stimulate them!


There’s something exciting and intimate about allowing another person close enough to touch and caress this sensitive erogenous area, so when they do, it can be a very erotic, trust-filled experience!

Ways to Play: If your foreplay game doesn’t involve a lot of kissing, try to change that up when stimulating this basic erogenous zone! Move from your partner’s lips down towards their throat. Kiss, bite, and lick their skin. After licking or biting, gently blow on the area to bring some fun spine-tingling sensations into your play. You can also use your hands to massage your lover’s neck or trace a teasing finger down their throat. Include a wand massager to really help them unwind and relax before heating things up.


Located between the anus and vulva or scrotum, the perineum is another popular erogenous area you should get familiar with! This region - commonly referred to as the taint - is full of nerve endings just below the skin that offer serious sexual pleasure when stimulated properly. Whatever genitals you or your partner have, massaging this erogenous zone is sure to please.

Ways to Play: Want to really get your partner ready for a night of amazing sex? Go down on them and instead of focusing on their clit or cock, press your tongue against their perineum during foreplay. You can also give yourself a little treat with an edible lube in your flavor of choice. Try rubbing your fingers against this area as you kiss and bite their inner thighs. To drive them wild, slip on a finger vibe before you start touching this erogenous area.


Think about the last time your partner gave you a sensual back massage or vice versa. If you can’t remember, then it’s a good time to start with this basic erogenous zone! With the right tactics, you’re sure to get some arousing results!

Ways to Play: Giving your partner a rubdown to ease away a day’s worth of tension is a great way to get them relaxed and in the mood. Work out their knots and listen as their groans of pleasure turn sexual as you move on top of this erogenous area. Toys that offer powerful vibrations are great substitutes for when your hands get tired. If not a full-on massage, touch your partner’s back while the two of you make out. Sliding your hands across a basic erogenous zone like the small of their back and pulling them close is a good way to show your lover your desire. If your lover is up for it, drag your nails across their shoulder blades for some sharp, exciting sensation.


If you’ve ever gotten goosebumps from your partner playing with your hair during idle moments, chances are your scalp might be an erogenous area you should experiment with! This seemingly neutral zone can get you hot and heavy in an instant with the right kind of touch.

Ways to Play: It makes sense that our sensitive scalps are a basic erogenous zone for so many of us. Running your fingers through your partner’s hair during a make out session is an intimate act that can charge your foreplay session into something deeper and more emotional. Couples who don’t mind getting a little rough may also enjoy hair pulling to take things up a notch during foreplay as well. Want to get wet and wild? Start in the shower with a shampoo scalp massage! Have your lover spoil you as they soap up and rinse your hair. Afterward, don’t be afraid to bring out your favorite waterproof toy as you continue to explore each other’s basic erogenous zones!


Your inner thighs are often a very sensitive area and are an amazing erogenous zone to tease your lover with. Have you ever been turned on by a brief touch on your inner thigh as your partner makes their way up to give you oral? If so, this is most likely an erogenous zone for you.

Ways to Play: Falling in line with the question I just asked, the sexiest way to tease your lover's inner thighs is right before you're going to give them oral sex. Take your time making your way to their genitals. Start by lightly running your fingers up and down their inner thighs, this will make them squirm. Then start using your mouth. Give their inner thighs a few light kisses, maybe even give their inner thighs a few nibbles if that's something you think they will enjoy. Then it's time to pull out the big guns, run your tongue down their inner thighs as you make your way to their genitals. By this point they will be begging you to please them more.


This erogenous zone is not very well known, I mean we all know we have ears but most people don't know that they can be stimulated during foreplay. In reality, the ears are actually one of the most sensitive body parts we have because they are full of sensory receptors.

Ways to Play: There are a few different ways you can stimulate your lover's ears. The first is with your hand. Simply take their earlobe in your hand and lightly rub the area as you lock eyes with your partner as they do the same for you. Not only will this feel amazing but it will allow you to deeply connect as well. The second way to stimulate the ears is with your mouth. Many people get aroused when the receive kisses, wet licks and light nibbles on their earlobes, so give it a try!


I wanted to put these two together because they're right next to each other and if you're going to stimulate one, you might as wells stimulate the other. Our hands and fingertips have many nerve endings that will be stimulated when lightly touched or licked. Similarly, the inside of the wrist is also a very sensitive spot.

Ways to Play: I'm going to guess at one point or another you've probably seen in a porn or read in erotica about someone sucking on their lover's fingers. Well, there's a reason for that - it feels good! So tonight, give it a try. Take one of your lover's fingers into your mouth and have your way with it. See how they respond. Take it up a notch by stimulating their inner wrist first. Take your fingers and very, very lightly touch their inner wrist. This will probably send shivers down their spine, in a good way.


I figured I would end this article with a bang and go out with one of the most stimulating erogenous zones there is, the nipples. The nipples are typically an incredibly sensitive part of the body and the pleasure you receive when they are stimulated is usually tied to the genitals.

Ways to Play: When it comes to nipple play, it is really going to vary person by person. It definitely is possible to have nipples that are so sensitive that it almost doesn't feel good, so just be aware of that. However, the majority of people will get good sensations from nipple play. You can start by lightly running your tongue around and up and down your lover's nipples. You can also take the nipples in your mouth and suck on them, sucking sensations can feel amazing. Another option is to nibble or bite on the nipples. If this is something your lover responds too, you might want to invest in some nipple toys to experiment with later.

What Erogenous Zones Are A Turn On For You? Tell Us Below With An Anonymous Comment!


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    My favorite hot spot is just behind my ear where my neck and shoulder meet. If he does it right, I’ll be putty in his hands.

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    Than you for the expert advice

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