5 Ways To Enjoy Giving Him Head

You will forgive the stereotype that women do not like to give their men blowjobs, but the honest (and statistical) truth is that more than half of all sexually active women do not give their partner oral sex. There are various reasons for this from “it’s gross” to “it makes me gag” to the every favorite, “he smells funny.” Whatever the deterrent, it is time to get over it and learn to love giving your man oral sex because it is an important part of a sexual relationship that imparts intimacy and, well, it will make him happy.

To be clear, this is not a suggestion to do something that you absolutely do not want to do. That would only be awkward and he will be able to tell that you do not want to give him oral sex. However, if you find yourself having some issues with giving oral and want to learn to love it, here are some suggestions to ease yourself from HELL NO to Can I do that again?

Does your man go down on you? Does he say that it is gross? Well, why do YOU think it is gross? Yes, he uses his penis to pee. Yes, there is hair on it. Yes, it can smell a bit like musty sweat when it has been down his pants all day. If I told you to put on your big girl panties and suck it up how would that go over? I am kidding. I know there are valid issues with smells and such so how do you eliminate that? Have him shower (or shower with him) of course! Personally, I find the man’s smell down there to be rather intoxicating, as it is strictly male, as do many other women, but if you want him to smell like Irish Spring soap, then encourage him to do a little pre-oral wash. Then you can enjoy him without the distraction of smells you find unappealing. As for the fact that he pees out of his penis, that you will have to get over. Your vagina excretes many more bodily fluids than his penis does, so if he goes down on you don’t you think it is fair you go down on him?

Blow Him Away With New Oral Sex Tricks!

Yes, we adults have pubic hair down there. Yes, it can get in your mouth or wrap around your tongue during oral. This can be a distraction and feel sort of icky. I admit it. However, this is a very, very simple thing to prevent. Men can manscape just as easily as a woman can. Waxing is not the hair removal method for most men (OUCH) but careful shaving or even just a close trim can eliminate a lot of issues. If your man seems resistant to removing his pubic hair just remind him that his penis will look much larger without the hair down there AND you would be more willing to give him head.

Really? Come on now. Yes, oral sex can be a bit tricky if you are out of practice AND you can gag if you put it too far down your throat. However, there are many tricks to teach yourself not to gag and to give oral like a pro! Your man isn’t looking to get all the way down your throat, he just wants you to give him some nice oral attentions and enjoy it while you do. There are some simple steps to learn how to give gag-free head:

• Concentrate on the head. If you are new to giving oral, go slow. Try to concentrate on just the head of his penis. Swirl your tongue around it. Lick the underside and flick your tongue around on it. Suck it in with some suction power. Experiment with just getting used to putting it in your mouth.

• Use your hands. If you are prone to gagging (like, for real) then let your hands help. If you slick up your hands with spit and slide them around your man’s penis while you are sucking and licking on his cock head then you will give him more stimulation and it will feel like you are paying attention to his entire penis.

• Don’t forget the balls. A man’s balls will not make you gag so pay attention to them! Lick them, suck them gently, and get them wet and slippery

• Take it down your throat a little at a time. Find a position that is comfortable for you to be in charge (knees, on the bed, sideways) and take a little more of his penis into your mouth. Then retract. Do not force yourself to really take it in, just go slowly and get used to how it feels sliding in and out of your mouth.

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As you are doing all of these things listen to your man’s reactions. His moans of pleasure, the way he runs his hands over your hair, the little movements that indicate his pleasure. See how much he truly enjoys what you are doing to him. THIS, above all else, is what is going to make you love giving him oral sex. If you love (or generally care for) your partner and his pleasure, then this will be the biggest incentive for loving oral sex. Being able to give your man these wonderful and erotic sensations, make him weak at the knees, having absolute power over him while you give him oral is the absolute best high there is when it comes to sex! Everyone should love giving their partner pleasure – that is why he loves to go down on you – so take the time to really pay attention to your man and how he reacts.

Going off of the above point, when you realize the absolute power that there is in giving your man good (or, great) oral sex then you will know that you have such tremendous power over him! Being able to render him helpless with your mouth, putty in your mouth, shivering with the anticipation of the touch of your tongue – oh yes, the power can and should be absolutely intoxicating. Embrace it, use it, know that you are a sexual diva who can rock his world with your mouth. Do it for him – but do it for you! This will make you love it more and more and more each time you do it and with each new trick that leaves him breathless and saying, “Oh my God, thank you….”

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