Navigating Sexual Fantasies and Self Discovery

Have you ever had a sexy dream or fantasy that you just don't know what to make of? Well, earlier this month on New York Post's Relationship Rehab, sexologist Isiah McKimmie gave advice to women looking for answers about a sexual fantasy that may be more common than you think. Research says that 59% of women have sexual feelings about other women, leading them to question their sexuality.  Drawing from her expertise, McKimmie offers reassurance to those exploring their desires by highlighting just how common it is for women to fantasize about other women. She stresses that fantasies don't always dictate behavior while emphasizing the diverse and fluid nature of sexuality. From therapy to engaging in the LGBTQ+ community, McKimmie suggests various avenues for self-discovery while encouraging women to practice patience and openness with themselves. So, if you're one of the 59% don't be afraid to get out there and explore!


McKimmie, I. (2024, February 4). 59% of women share this sexual fantasy — But what does it really mean? New York Post. Retrieved February 10, 2024, from

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