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Dating App Do's and Don'ts This Valentine's Day Season

Are you feeling the pressure to secure a Valentine's Day date? Well you're not alone, just be careful not to fall into the trap of this new dating trend called "avalanching." In the quest for unconditional companionship before the most romantic day of the year, singles everywhere are tossing aside their usual dating criteria and swiping away frantically on dating apps.

While the surge in January swiping is understandable, dating expert Sylvia Linzaline warns against the pitfalls of "avalanching." Linzalone suggests that settling for a sub-par lover in a hurry may not actually lead to a lasting match. In a recent poll 79% of singles admitted to increased dating app activity in January, with half admitting to be less selective about potential matches.

Linzalone advices embracing "intentional dating" instead, focusing on real-life meets and not compromising on non-negotiables for more meaningful connection in 2024. So as you embark on your Valentine's Day adventure of love just remember to avoid the avalanche and stay picky, because you deserve the best everyday of the year.


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