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The Secret Reason Why Your Partner Won't Have Sex With You

Navigating the intricacies of sex in a long-term relationship is like unraveling a mystery, but one theory suggests that hidden anger might be the secret culprit behind dwindling intimacy. According to philosopher Alain de Botton, micro incidents of disappointment can accumulate into a kind of silent rage. This leads partners to unknowingly withhold affection, which can really suck for both people involved. These subtle annoyances, from forgotten chores to tardiness, can fuel an underlying frustration that sabotages desire. So to reignite your passion, de Botton suggests a simple yet radical solution: just talk it out! Weekly discussions to address and resolve grievances fosters open communication and often restores libido. So, forget the cliché gestures and dive into the candid conversations, your sex life might just thank you for it.


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